Half of America Now Fully Vaccinated , Yet Cases Still Climb In Parts of U.S.

Half of all people in the United States are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19, according to data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Morning Joe panel discusses this milestone and the latest coronavirus news.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Half of America Now Fully Vaccinated , Yet Cases Still Climb In Parts of U.S.


  1. “I’m a realist …” Well you go you go but you don’t have to take everybody around you down.


    2. @J M M I had my covid shot and I wear a mask in public. I have done everything I can to protect the public. It is up to them to do the same thing.

    3. @mike brigs it’s what the guy said at Sturgis. Did you watch the video? I think you lost the plot line buddy

    4. @Elmosweed I have had the C bug and got over it in 3 weeks. I have BETTER immunity than the jab. I don’t wear a mask but you can!!! Live in fear…Death comes for each of us. It’s your thang..Do What you wanna do!!!

    1. @S. L. Nicholson About your comment above Elon Musk, is it safe to assume that you are saying that because he seems to have a record of accusing people of being pedos?

      I suspect that’s where you were going with that and researching that, does support your comment.

    2. I’d say we let Darwinism get to work on Florida so that the Dems can take over the state during the next elections.

    3. @成龍李连杰 Blacks also are not vaccinating at high rates. If I was an evil republican I’d make that observation about southern states Biden won. It works both ways you sociopath

    4. @成龍李连杰 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      It’s the only way to save lives.

  2. tRump: “I really believe in somebody’s choice, somebody’s freedom” – ‘just don’t let them vote. But if they do and vote ‘wrong’ we’ll just change or invalidate their vote’.

    1. @Moms MADD yeah, Republican leaders are all getting vaccinated in secret. People can say what they want about Democrats, I mean we have a few bad apples. But Republicans are just morally bankruot.

    2. That’s hilarious! CDC Fauci and Gates who have such a great track record and Gates is on record stating the world needs to lower the population and the CDC has for one instance Tuskegee Alabama Experiment.

      Which party starts mass chaos every election? Crams their way of life down others throats until they accept it as their new way of life. Wants the wealthy who put start up capital and are taking all of the risks to pay 60-70%!taxes then corporate tax increases??? Wants all the free stuff they can get from government, equal pay but do less work. Which supporters are majority of trades, goods and machinery transport? Who works endless hours to just be left alone to support their families?

      The Liberals are so far out of control and no matter they are never satisfied! They still spew hate, give me give me give me more more more.

      It’s not hard to understand what is happening and actually it’s genius in a sick and twisted way.

      Make Trump the most hated villain and have the propaganda machine Ram it hourly. Have A celebrity’s, athlete’s, people White massive followers pander and attack. Offer Liberals all for free. Spread wealth and the list goes on.

      Connecting the dots yet? It’s not a crime against humanity if you get the idiots to run and take an unapproved, untested experimental vaccine and they die because the information is available to find and if the vaccine isn’t potent enough they push the mutation for another vaccine then call the next stronger cocktail a booster.

      It’s complete reverse psychology and the art of war. The problem resolves itself by demanding the vaccines the entire time feeling they are the hero’s and the unvaccinated are the enemy. While taking their lethal injections they are also depopulating the planet like the elite are in record stating needs to happen. The unvaccinated who survive are the new workforce to build back stronger and take the economy to new heights more than ever before and the vicious cycle of whining, give me, we want free, the wealthy must pay is all but exterminated.

      I would bet money they are all involved in this including Trump. For the elite this is a win win and huge weight off their shoulders

    3. @kare more As it turns out, there’s a counter of how many crazies.

      Right now, 100,00O DAILY.



    4. @Mr Drake what are you, a little kid? What do you think maturity is? It’s about being able to control yourself. When you go to the store do you park anywhere you want? Do you drive up to the door and just park there? No, of course not. And why don’t you? Out of respect. You’re not an island.

    1. Exactly. That’s where the lines are drawn! He has no right putting others in danger. I’m sick of these clowns!

    1. Gina, same here. I’ve actually stopped watching the live shows in the morning now because I can’t stand that arrogant mouth piece when he CONSTANTLY interrupts people, especially Mika.
      While what he says is right, that doesn’t give him a right to just talk over everyone.

      I wonder how many other people have fallen away from the main show?


      In that way, he is still very much a republican.

  3. “did you want to run around the playground wearing a mask”, no dummy, I was not living through a pandemic when I was in school, just like you weren’t either. I am sure there are kids who want to run around naked, should we let them because they do not want clothes? Oh that right, its on the PARENTS to make those kind of decisions for them…Parents should have the right to put babies in the front seat, no car seat, and no seat belts for any one! Our rights! /s

    1. I remember how excited I and my first grade classmates were to get the polio vaccine in 1961. Ok, maybe it was the sugar cube the vaccine was in, but still, we took it gladly and our parents were relieved.

    2. Yeah, I thought being in a pandemic now vs. then would have been obvious but I forgot about the denial of logic from those people.

  4. “If it’s my turn it’s my turn. I’m a realist”. Probably still takes his medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol etc, maybe even uses sunscreen and never ever uses a toaster while in the bath.

    1. Question is…….. how many people is he going to take with him against their will.
      Fact- 619,000 people died from covid-19.
      Also a fact- 619,000 people were killed by another American from covid-19 who gave it to them.

    2. “Toaster inda bath”…beautiful…really makes the point that you are talking about a frekin’ self centred donkey bottom.

  5. Wearing masks and in almost every case getting vaccinated is an inconvenience, dying of Covid-19 is a personal catastrophe. Our freedoms as Americans do NOT include killing other Americans by infecting them with a deadly virus.

    1. But killing them with high powered weapons and drunk driving are because of 2nd amendment and freedom

    2. But its ok to have the freedom to rip a baby from ur womb. That freedom does involve killing other people. Ones without a voice. What about the border? Nothing at all talked about how people are pouring into this country that are sick. No, it’s Florida’s fault. It all stinks. They love to keep us divided. White black, Republican or Democrat, vaxed or unvaxed. United we stand, divided we fall. I think its creepy an obvious what they are doing to us..

    3. @Mark Watney Something else Republicans make as deadly as possible for financial gain and political coin.

      The 2nd Amendment was written to reflect national security needs over 200 years ago. It’s not a license to be a death wish vigilante which is what Republicans have turned it into.

  6. When the guys says: “I’m a realist when it’s my turn, it’s my turn”. No sir you are a danger to those around you if you are infected, despite thinking it will only be your turn.

    1. @World of Fools because you are not 100% safe if vaccinated. No one ever claimed the vaccines were 100% effective

    2. @eme de martin
      Sorry, but your example doesn’t falsify science.
      Your argumentation is a little weird:
      Children under 12 can’t be vaccinated so long. Children and adults with health problems like asthma can’t be vaccinated.

    3. @Thomas Kremer look mate this kind of… well, i have no interest whatsoever in “falsify science”. And as for the weird argument…
      Please Thomas, as simple as i can be. Tell me honestly. You know under 12 are waiting a decision. Waiting for data.
      Tell me honestly, let’s say the raw data, meaning that the only variable is age (under 18), will determine a 0,05% death risk.
      Would you support the vaccination?
      I am using 18 years as a line between adults and non-adults.
      So once more, if the death risk in vaccination is 0,05% (under 18 years old), would you support mandatory vaccine?
      Be honest and sincere and please don’t take offense by asking you so.
      Best regards.

    4. @eme de martin
      Ok. Last response.
      We don’t get the lowest common denominator.
      In Germany we also had and have discussions. But at least our common sense is different to your country’s.
      Result is USA has a nearly doubled deathrate caused by covid-19.
      Nevertheless to Christmas ours will reach the number of inhabitants of my hometown. Scary.
      Good luck for you and your family!
      (so if all goes wrong: take the next UFO 😜)

  7. That “realist” who’s fine with it being his turn better not go to the hospital and take up a bed from someone who isn’t fine with it being “their turn”

  8. “So what if our kids or others get sick, maybe suffer for weeks, or maybe die because we can’t force someone to wear a frickin’ mask, but we’d better tell women they can’t get an abortion under any circumstances.”

  9. “I’m a realist”
    Me too! Who are you leaving your Harley to? I can probably pick it up for half-price from them…

    And an eight-year-old girl knows more than the entire Republican mafia.

  10. The infected anti-vaxxers are quickly changing their tune from “when it’s my time to go…” to “Everyone should go out and get the vaccine; this is serious.”

  11. In the interest of Humanity, It’s OUR responsibility as humans to be HUMANE towards each other

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