Half of Canadians say cost of living a top concern: Nanos 1

Half of Canadians say cost of living a top concern: Nanos


Nik Nanos, founder and chief data scientist of Nanos Research, discusses the rising economic concerns among Canadians.

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  1. how much more tax is the fed collecting and then going to raise fuel tax that will increase the cost of everything shipped and the cost of keeping warm

  2. It is NOT a top concern of our government. The Finance Minister’s mandate letter was just released last week and there was not one reference to inflation.

  3. Seniors who were just getting by on GIS before inflation hit are having to make choices between taking their prescribed medications or food.

  4. Bloomberg: N Africa: “hospitalizations fell 91% on the Omicron wave compared to Delta.” What is horror for?
    All the rest are curly hairs and green horses

  5. And our government isn’t helping Canadians!! We need our government to give all Canadians house hold with a food card monthly to help Canadians in this challenging time, but no help from our government this is a disgrace

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