Half of Canadians under 30 have given up on owning a home 1

Half of Canadians under 30 have given up on owning a home


For the vast majority of young Canadians, the dream of owning a home is no longer a given. In fact, for many, the likelihood of becoming a homeowner is becoming a more distant prospect the older they get.

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  1. My best advice….move out of Toronto. Your quality of life increases more the farther you get from the GTA.

    Especially as the cost of everything increases & we enter into food & energy poverty. Being in a big city is a bad idea. Merry Christmas.

    1. Why do I want to move out of a city where I can get everything from a short walking distance or transit ride rather than having to take a car and waste more money on gas to go anywhere outside lonely, isolated, cookie-cutter suburbia? More of the North American population than ever are actually moving OUT of the suburbs, NOT in, and are actually moving closer to the cities! Even if it was cheaper to live in the suburbs, it is falling more out of favor with younger generations nevertheless.

    2. At this point it doesnt matter where you move. The job markets can barely support the real estate prices anywhere. I would love to get out of the GTA though. I value fresh air and a little bit of elbow room.

    1. Toronto and Ontario are run by the conservatives… You mean thanks a lot Ford and Tory? Can we stop pretending like these parties are any different and unite and overthrow them?

    2. @Paul Hinsky , you must be a liberal back bencher. It was not just the housing markets. Money was printed backed by no value and borrowing on debt for a lockdown that should have never happened. On top of that billions handed out to pharmaceutical companies for stashes of vaccines not used and now some thrown out.

    3. @Paul Hinsky pandemic…. you think the pandemic caused this? Trudeau has been spending non-stop since he got into power. He flooded our Country with immigration and has goals of a population of 100 million. He literally said everyone is welcome.

      This is ALL Liberal, NDP and the Bloc ganging together for their Marxist views.

    1. @Paul Hinsky all that spending was going to catch up with whomever is in power. The only difference is we don’t need to keep pouring gas on the fire with more spending, which is the only thing liberals know how to do.

  2. It all comes down to leadership. Toronto was always expensive now it’s just extraordinarily expense. And when you spend with no regard and continue to do so, expect inflation to go from transitory to permanent, and that’s where we are for the next few years at least. Just because you can say the budget will balance it doesn’t make it okay or help every hard working Canadian in the long run. It’s a mindsets that no one should follow.

  3. This has been going on for decades, and nobody has done anything about it then. The realistic market is to big to let it fail.

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