Half Of GOP Voters Support Removing Rep. Cheney From Leadership Role

Half Of GOP Voters Support Removing Rep. Cheney From Leadership Role 1


  1. Snakes are turning on each other !!
    Great , just sit back and enjoy .
    Cheney voted with Trump 95% of the time .

    1. @Rampage Phoenix ” Take me in oh tender woman take me in for heaven’s sakes….said the snake .”

  2. Remember Game of Thrones when Varys said of Littlefinger, “He’d burn it to the ground to be king of the ashes”, that’s the republican party at this point. They have no interest in being on the right side of history, they only seek power.

    1. I fear state Republicans have already figured out how to legally block votes and rig elections in 2022 and beyond, to ensure power in perpetuity, democracy be dammed

    2. @Paul Copland but one has to be concerned with the smoke and debris that’s going to contaminate the environment that is our democracy

    3. Oh & democrats don’t care about power ???? Wow what kind of comment was that. Piglosi & dimenta Joe are all about power. Lol

  3. The House GOP will fail to get rid of Liz Cheney and I will not be silenced if we are not going to do anything about it!

  4. This is just shocking. Liz Cheneys politics are bad, she loves war. Yet she will now be remembered for ever, she will be in history books of the future as a voice of reason and an example of just how low the Republican party has sunk. They are so insecure that they have to remove her for telling the truth…SERIOUSLY?…WHAT IS GOING ON????

  5. Imagine your party turn their backs on you, the other party which you hated is supporting you 😂😂😳

    1. The other side is supporting her for calling out the lie and making it her mission to say it over and over again. I could imagine that since several Republicans lost their seats because they would not support Drumpf and the lies.

    2. Hate is a pretty strong word. I don’t think she hates Democrats. You can disagree with some one. But, save hate for people who are really evil, not just someone you disagree with and don’t assume others hate anything!

  6. “Everywhere there’s lots of piggies, Living piggy lives, You can see them out for dinner, With their piggy wives, Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon.” – G. Harrison

    1. @olrik parlez Small correction. One can make a point anywhere in the Free World. Except in Trump’s GOP, apparently. Then you become the “bacon” on the Donnie Burger.

    1. yeah liz just have your war criminal daddy help. fact is her dad and bush were much worse for the USA and world then trump was

    2. @howdareyou41 I am not all that sad about seeing a Cheney fall from a leadership role because her family’s influence on US history is disgusting. Good riddance to all of them.

  7. The American people are going to have to give the. big lie a knockout blow at the 2022 midterm elections. These arrogant politicians needs to eat humble pie.

    1. @Danny v Why do Democrats think that Republicans love their politicians? Because only love and blind admiration explains the absolute foolishness that people go to hold onto an OBVIOUS lie. NewsMax has admitted that they were lying and that the election was valid. Fox’s legal argument is “only a fool believes Tucker Carlson as factual”. That was ALSO the legal argument made by Lindsey Powell.

      Just TODAY McCarthy said “no one questions the election’

    2. There are far higher priorities than validating the insolent petulance of a dying race with focus on revenge; crush then with blatant, glaring, enduring successes of high achievement… and allow their testimony to simply fade away. (be ever-mindful of “He who is without sin…”)

    3. Well said! While I agree wholeheartedly with your comment, I believe it’s wise to keep exposing nonsensical bleating (from either side), lest we forget what it can lead to. Tumors must be monitored even after treatment. Thank you for your positivity and heartening reminder!

    1. They have become an outright fascist party and they’re not even trying to disguise it. This is what really worries me about their voters.

    2. @Pprdro Lshfgh come on, seriously…
      Anti democratic fascistic movement is on the way in GOP. They spread the lie of a stolen election, absolutely far off reality.
      Just take a look at Paul, Jordan, Cruz, Graham… Just loyal henchmen of their god…

    3. @Pprdro Lshfgh Only side pushed for the assault on Congress. Only one side will not abide by a constitutional process that formed the elections. And only one side is making the US out as a laughing stock in the eyes of the world. Did I miss anything?

  8. I think if we work within the Constitution and not only that work within the legal system monetarily especially these people will be put to rest. Remember all these people care about is power and money.

  9. Yes this Lady show how a strong conviction to the truth an the voters can not accept they have been played for fools an the rest of the GOP are in on the big lie.

    1. Indeed. I really hate that I’ve been manipulated by the stupid Republicans into feeling sympathetic to *Liz Cheney!*

    2. @ eyeheartyou …I’m from Wyoming & Proud of it…and am 99.9% convinced by your comment, that you’re NOT from Wyoming, or Conservative or Republican.. Question: Who are these “People” from your Comment? National Polls on the Topic don’t mean SHYTE and are NOTHING but a complete MSM SMOKE SCREEN….
      Liz Cheney (Rep.at-large congressional district for Wyoming) and the Only US Representative from the state, was elected by, and to represent the Citizens of Wyoming ( Whom Recently in the 2020 Election,, Made their views known publicly, by Overwhelmingly Voting at 70% for TRUMP, the highest Percentage of any state in the Country, in the 2020 Election)…Now Imagine, Being a Wyoming Citizen, who actually voted for Liz Cheney, whom no longer represents the Will/ or Opinions of her Constituents, and Instead, Publicly represents only her own Personal Opinions & Grudges with the former President (whom is still the Overwhelming Leader of the Republican Party)… She should actually be Recalled for turning her back on her Constituents…
      WHAT DOES IT MATTER THAT 62% OF DEMOCRATS (THE MAJORITY OF WHOM ARE FROM NEW YORK & CALIFORNIA, THE MOST MISMANAGED STATES IN THE COUNTRY, THINK ABOUT THE CHOICE OF LEADERSHIP FROM THE OPPOSITION PARTY? I’m quite sure if surveyed, 100% of Republicans, would support Dumping Pelosi and Schumer as Democrat Leaders, but who Cares???????

  10. “they had come to a time when no one dared speak his mind, when fierce, growling dogs roamed everywhere, and when you had to watch your comrades torn to pieces after confessing to shocking crimes.”
    ― George Orwell, Animal Farm

    1. Exactly. We conservatives get attacked by fascist leftists just for exercising our 1st Amendment rights.

  11. More importantly, a supermajority of her constituents disapprove of her in Wyoming.

    1. Amazing, they had no problem supporting her or her father, he is a war criminal and responsible for the atrocities in Iraq. As long as they kept the oil prices high and the war machine going they were on a pedestal I guess they have others working now to keep them in power. Just wondering if it isn’t just a very convenient time for this oil crisis? Especially when there are surely going to be investigations and hopefully regulations after the fiasco in Texas left people freezing to death. We need to have renewable energy instead of being dependent on fossil fuels. Our planet is crying out for help.

    2. How do you know that? Because 8 people on TV said their don’t like her. Republicans are a strange lot. They will stay silent to avoid castration, as they vote the other way! That’s why Trump lost, because many Repubs (small percentage)voted Dem or didn’t vote SILENTLY.

    3. @Alvin Johnson I seriously doubt you can find any honest news on TV. Corporate news casters must say what they are told to and since they are owned by just six corrupt companies.

    4. That is okay, she has property in Washington DC also….She can Move there and run for the Senate…When DC becomes a State…

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