1. Imagine being the poor McDonalds employers receiving the order and knowing you have to make it ASAP

  2. One way to shorten the party. Seagulls will be having a blast with all the French fries 🍟.

    1. @Rupert Periwinkle Clearly you haven’t heard about the deadly shootings that occurred in April 2020.

    2. @Puggalug Clearly I’m talking specifically about them reporting on a couple ordering $800 worth of McDonalds for their wedding reception as somehow being “news”. Get off your high horse Puggalug. Enjoy typing into the void now 😉

  3. I like McDonald’s food but I hope this was the late night snack not the main menu. You reap what you sow.

  4. I went to a wedding where the food was KFC. Lots and lots of KFC. It was awesome cause I had not had any for a long time lol.

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