Halifax police chief: Officers responded 'appropriately' to protests 1

Halifax police chief: Officers responded ‘appropriately’ to protests

Halifax Police Chief Dan Kinsella claims a number of officers were assaulted and says they acted appropriately in dealing with protesters.

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  1. Just _once_ I wanted him to say, “Please like & subscribe to my channel.” This _is_ Youtube afterall. lmaoooo

    1. It’s not just on Youtube though lol Imagine people’s reaction watching on TV if he says like and subsribe

  2. Nothing better than sending the thugs with badges to attack the most vulnerable of society. Cops just LOVE when they can bully the most vulnerable citizens, because there are no consequences for doing so.

  3. breaking apart a homeless camp just moves it so it doesn’t fix anything but get them more angry and pissed off. Send troops there to help keep piece and try to bring enjoyment to there lives so they want to get off the streets instead of going in like a Gustapo…

    1. Put them in labor camps 90% of homeless suffer from crippling mental health/substance abuse issues.

    2. The homeless problem is extremely bad in Toronto and just getting worse. It’s everywhere – in the Parks, in Parking lots, alleyways, etc. No decency in this country anymore.

  4. I watched the video, about the home less, and there are just a hand full speaking up for them, so why don’t they take a homeless person home with them, and help them get a job and get on there feet, they will not, they just anted to a fight with the cops, that are doing there job,

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