Halse Hall, Clarendon Flooded | TVJ News – August 26 2021


    1. @Claudette Wilson Government collect taxes & state they’ll represent the people. Where is the representation? Prior to all this, are they in the communities and help bring awareness to those issues that make the matter worst? Part of representation is education, since you know that those things affect the drainage, make sure you inform or remind. Yes there are many who do things and don’t see the cause and effect of their actions. So Do better MP, do better, don’t just sit in your office and give pretty talk now.

  1. Am sure no one will remember this when election time comes around even the same person’s who is talking about the problem right now, u Wil see them up and about getting lunch/dinner 🥗. Then the process continued..

    1. Yep! Most of them vote for a food(election day meal)and not long term development. When has the JLP ever done anything but pay lip service to poor people’s needs?

    2. Nothing wont be done as long as they keep on voting for deadbeat mps and counsellors. Year in year out same problems. False promises etc. Stop being so loose with uno vote. Theres no progress!!

    3. it is necessary to combine forces, ideas, our thoughts for survival in order to find a way out. if we fail now, then our planet will simply die! why is nobody talking about it! Global crisis. Search. look – This already applies to everyone. International online conference 07/24/2021… I really want everyone who cares about the future to wake up. there is an exit. you need to build a CREATIVE SOCIETY

    1. @Dancehall Zone lol, d man didn’t even bother to visit the community, he said a team will be dispatched, but when it’s time to receive the votes he will present himself there, or his face will be on the box of an Easter bun😂😂😂😂

    2. @Andrew Blake lol man dont want to get him feet wet “oh oh yeh and we will send the team out with packages” and a blame building material that it block drain not saying cant happen but come better solution

    3. @Brandon Webb vote Because a promises and vote because or generational politics because me mother a pnp so me a pnp to so on and on it goes long time

  2. Y’all keep blaming politicians when y’all gonna see that politicians don’t give a dam about y’all.

    1. They only care about the X on election day. These ppl are too careless with their vote. No progress. Pure empty promises year in year out.

  3. In life everything is not left up to politician ppl have to do there part .We can all come together and clean up the mess that we brought on ourselves . If we don’t dispose our garbage in the right place this is what will happen. Politicians are not living in the same area where we live. We all need to do the right thing so life can be easier for us .

    1. @Brandon Webb what the heck are you talking about? Who gives a crap about PNP/JLP I’ve never put on X against nobody’s head my fingers are too precious to put them in ink or whatever they used to mark the X so please stop from talking crap because you don’t know me neither I don’t know you . I only dropped my opinion on the way how to better our country.

    1. Yes you will! The people will take whatever is being handed out and rush to the polls to return the same bunch into Office. Sheep!

  4. Get u facts straight. After Mr. Brown died and Ruddy resigned u ever go there to maintain the drain cleaning?
    Well, mark my words u will see the results of your work the next election

  5. These are the same people that throws garbage out of their car windows, out of their handbags and wherever they can get the garbage to throw on the ground, then turn around and blame politicians. Politicians can only do so much,we as a people have to do our part.

    1. Mrs Mrs is best you never seh nothing is long time bottom halse hall a suffer from this so please nuh start 🤦

  6. Nothing no happy in Jamaica that the prime minister don’t know about,he only come around when they pick on him so therefore he come for it not to look bad on him.

  7. Charles food is important but not all the people need a drain revamping that’s what they’re asking for , sand and building material, yes, but was the drain clean, were they ever clean by you ?

  8. Pernell talking about delivering packages after packages done water comes back on the people that are suffering from poor drainage.

    1. A so them out of order and not looking at the real problems. Always coming with sweet mouths full of empty promises.

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