Hand Foot & Mouth Disease – No Need for Alarm | HELP – Vendors Appeal #TVJMiddayNews – June 2 2022

Hand Foot & Mouth Disease - No Need for Alarm | HELP - Vendors Appeal #TVJMiddayNews - June 2 2022 1


  1. Waste of time with all these cameras because even if they caught the killers they give them 6 years and let them out

  2. We need pray in Jamaica all types of disease.taking over the country when is not one ting is the other

  3. Chang what you need to do right now is to ensure that all Police wear body cameras. Why are the police not wear body cameras in Jamaica when it is already financed for.

  4. So, until the new arcade is constructed why can’t the Parish Council construct temporary accommodation so that the vendors can continue with their businesses.

  5. It needs to be corrected it is not the faults of the Athletes, Jadco is at fault, JAAA need to take legal action against Jadco

  6. Look up because our redemption draweth nigh, the Bible speaks of these things but before people repent and get their life right they take it one day at a time like it’s normal

    1. The word of God cannot lie. Just like in the days of Noah so shall it be. People rejecting the God who created then for them to worship Him. OmG Jesus is soon to come. Signs of the time are everywhere.

  7. It look bad to release all these murderer at once, so they are suspended the trial so when they reopen the case they can release more criminals.

  8. Remember we share the planet with all types of microbes, so we need to learn to live with them.

  9. Jamaica does not have a NRA, yet there are so many guns. Is there no way to curb all these multiple guns entering the country? So many hungry people are there, so why not send food instead..

  10. No need for alarm ?!!! Like seriously ?!!!!
    Hand foot and mouth disease is highly contagious !!!! It is painful and uncomfortable for the person who has it , so to be telling the public not to worry is a lie , be worried , be very very worried . It spreads very quickly and its highly contagious .

    1. He’s a bootleg doctor running the health ministry so we got to pay close attention to these false information!

  11. If I laugh what he said when it comes they have system to deal with it lol lol not in Jamaica it must be another country he talking about that’s a lie

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