Hand-washing help set up for those who are homeless | Humankind

These portable hand-washing stations are giving people who are homeless a better chance to stay healthy. 🧼💧
Boy donates 1000 hand sanitizers:

Terence Lester set out to install portable sinks around Atlanta to give the homeless population better access to wash their hands amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. دوله كبرى. وفيها ناس تنام في الشوارع !!ويجيبوا لهم مغسله مؤقته !! سكنوهم اشرف لهم. الرئيس والحكومه مليارديرات كيف يرون هذا في بلادهم ويسكتون ،

  2. It’s a great idea and most people will comply.
    Good luck with that. I know a place they have shelters with showers and hand washing stations. Some will go and do their number two on the floor before they would clean up and have a shower.
    I can see these being vandalized and stolen.

  3. From a personal perspective, most homeless people just want to stay safe 🙏💙🙏 thanks for all your doing to help them ❤🤗❤ God bless n stay safe everyone 🙏🙏🙏

  4. That’s a great idea. Putting these vulnerable folks up in motel rooms, across the country, could give them a place to self-quarantine, away from each other.

  5. Thank You People for thinking outside the box, and to help those who have a hard time helping themselves. I’m truly grateful

  6. It’s a decent idea to get things started, but those tiny water bags will require CONSTANT refilling all day long. Who’s going to do that and where will they get the water? From the public fountains?

  7. The cities sanitation dept or private port a potty Companies have those and need to step up…AND supply those to homeless areas!!

  8. Father God, bless these beautiful souls who helped these vulnerable people. This really touched my heart seeing the response from the homeless people. Washing their hands brought them pure joy. Glory to the Most High God.

  9. Give me a break! Homeless want to do more than wash their hands why don’t you legalize them so the government can see them as being real human beings.

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