Hannity 8/29/16 Full: Trump New Ad, Clinton Cash Author, Hillary Pay to Play

Hannity 8/29/16 full episode: Donald Trump new ad, Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway talks to Sean Hannity, Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer talks to Sean Hannity about Clinton Corruption evidence of pay to play in Clinton Foundation emails, Over half of the people Hillary Clinton chose to meet with privately while Secretary of State were large donors to the Clinton Foundation, Ben Carson talks to Sean Hannity about Hillary pay to play with the State Department.

Fox News – Hannity – August 29, 2016 – Full Episode



  1. Killary and her handlers have got to be working on a way to dodge the
    debates. She is going to get destroyed!

  2. I don’t mind negative comments for my comment, but there are still some
    STUPID folks who would vote for HRC and continue to support her after all
    this. These are people who do not like their country.

  3. we don’t win with NAFTA, and many others. but Mexico gets the companies
    Illegals from all over the world not just Mexico get paid lower wages &
    with cash not taxed and get all the social benefit does this sound fair to
    the hard working tax paying Americans

  4. Maybe Hillary Clinton is NOT doing rallies for her constituents ( yeah that
    would be YOU who are voting for her ) is you little people are NOT giving
    her enough money.

  5. Of course Hillary knew what she was doing WAS ILLEGAL hence the private
    server , And when told she HAS too turn over ALL email’s she side stepped
    and drug out as much time as she could in order too cherry pick WHAT EMAILS
    she would turn in , the rest SHE had scrubbed. NOW how does this NOT show

  6. When your SECRETARY OF STATE , it’s not a MISTAKE too be associated with
    the enemies of your country IT’S CALLED TREASON PERIOD!!!!!

  7. IT’S definitely TIME TOO wake up ALL AMERICANS those that are in power
    right now ( democrats, Obama and his administration ) are selling OUR
    COUNTRY into global slavery .

  8. That’s all she has is the race card, which is very ironic considering a lot
    of people consider her a racist.

  9. NEITHER have said anything except to down each other. Where are their ideas
    on foreign policy, public safety, economic policies, and ALL the really
    important issues????

    1. I encourage you to watch his speeches. The one in Phoenix yesterday was
      full of substance. Your seeking the Truth is encouraging. Seek and you will

  10. Well done Sean . The myth that only the Dems support black people needs to
    be debunked . That KKK ad could backfire on Clinton big time.

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