Hansle Parchment & More Athletes Return Home from Japan - August 10 2021 1

Hansle Parchment & More Athletes Return Home from Japan – August 10 2021


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  1. They all represent the country well black , green and gold all the way.
    But before we celebrate our great moment with them they still need to qurantine because Tokyo is not the best place with this virus.
    I just can not understand how these corporate people allow that to even take place, lower class people will want to break the law because that is the example our leader set.

  2. The Minister quick to talk,question,what is Jamaica Government doing for our Athletes and not just a few,all, this has been questioned for a long time…

    1. If the Minister did nothing you would chat . dam if she do and dam if she don’t . what is the matter with you

  3. And get support for the struggling athlete..They can not be calling and begging money for bills…do something man..vouchers.. percentage off basic stuff etc..that will go a far way..

  4. So these athletes and support staff coming in from Japan where the covid cases are so high do not head straight home and quarantine? There is no quarantine for athletes. I see them up and about directly after their return.

  5. Thanks for representing us well. Blessing always and we will always love you. You are all special, we salute you. We likkle but we Tallawah

  6. Trust in the almighty first and fore most. Eat well, sleep well, train well. Have some fun when you can. Weather you won or lost that’s my encouragement for you.
    Eat as much organic food ad you can, eat plenty of vegetables, drink vegitable juices. Eqt home cooded meals, leave out the fast food.
    Some of our athletes looked weak as if they were under nurished. Drink up ypu sour ssp juice callaloo spinich carrot and any juice you can make. You hz d to have strength to keep you going and winning. Don’t pay the negative put downerd no mind. They cant do what you have done. They cant even run from dog if one come after them.

  7. We continue preaching reparation and yet still heading to the commonwealth games. We a confused nation, there can be no bigger statement than boycotting….

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