Harris blasts Supreme Court for abortion draft opinion, calls it ‘assault on freedom | USA TODAY

Harris blasts Supreme Court for abortion draft opinion, calls it 'assault on freedom | USA TODAY 1


  1. It’s an assault alright. An assault on the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of the child. Not the mother who wants to end it.

  2. If a person doesn’t care about human life, then it’s just selfish motives which motivates that person. What is more precious than Life?

    That’s why Jesus Christ came to earth…LIFE… JESUS lived as a man giving His life as a ransom for ALL sin (past, present and future) then rose from the grave with victory over sin and death to give Life abundantly on Earth and much greater eternal Life with Jesus in Heaven after we leave this earth. Yes, people do Vote for one issue. To choose LIFE, because each day is a gift from God. For tomorrow is NEVER a quarantee.

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  4. It’s not about your body, if it were “YOU” would die during the abortion. GOD says that HE knit you together in your mother’s womb, “&” that HE will call into account ALL innocent blood shed. Jesus Christ died on the cross of Calvary for forgiveness of sins and eternal life. 🏹🤠👍

  5. “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:36!

    “In God we trust.”
    “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” Hebrews 10:31!
    “For our God is a consuming fire.”
    Hebrews 12:29!

  6. Why haven’t the Democrats put this into law when they’ve had so many opportunities? It seems like it’s always needed to be codified into law and yet their has never been a democrat controlled congress since Rowe that showed the courage of their own convictions to bring this to the floor of Congress. 🤔

    1. @Kirk W. McLaren I’m not arguing the issue, but the stupidity of leaving this up a contorted interpretation of law (which both the left and right have agreed is a fact) instead of writing a bill supported by the people and signed into law by the POTUS. That is their job not the job of the SCOTUS, but instead they continued to kick the can down the road and leave it to the view of the judiciary. That is a mistake if you believe you have the support of the people. Perhaps there are not so many in support as they would like you to believe. 🤔

  7. “You still have the same heart that began beating in your mother’s womb” Remember to thank your mother this Mother’s Day, for CHOOSING to let YOU live (By the way, what about the unborn women’s rights? It’s hypocritical any way you look at it)

  8. I am glad we live in the Free World where a woman has the right to decide, oh wait we don’t.

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