Harris County, TX Judge Lina Hidalgo On The ‘Collective Anxiety’ She’s Hearing From Voters | MSNBC 1

Harris County, TX Judge Lina Hidalgo On The ‘Collective Anxiety’ She’s Hearing From Voters | MSNBC


Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, the chief executive of the county, joins MSNBC’s Craig Melvin to discuss massive voter turnout in her state and what is driving Texans to vote early this year. Aired on 10/15/2020.
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About Craig Melvin: Craig Melvin is an MSNBC Anchor and NBC News Correspondent. He currently anchors “MSNBC Live” on Saturdays and Sundays, contributes reports for “TODAY,” and fills in as host for Lester Holt on “Weekend TODAY.”

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Harris County, TX Judge Lina Hidalgo On The ‘Collective Anxiety’ She’s Hearing From Voters | MSNBC


    1. @David How do my claims have no basis in fact? They are all in the public record or based completely on critical thinking and logic. You have done nothing but throw insults and claims based only on feelings.

    2. @Keith Jacobs Insults based on feelings? Oh no don’t play that card when that’s all democrats do. Back to the subject, you haven’t proven your claims so they are void.

    3. @David funny, sounds like projection on your part and you continue to throw insults based on feelings lol . Whatever man. Clearly there is no point in this conversation since I will only get feelings from you.

  1. This is why republicans are focused on the court. They are depending on the court to do their biddings! To use is to their advantage.

    1. No, because when lawsuits happen over Mail in, we need to make sure votes are correctly counted and not fraudulently done

    2. exactly that’s why we have to vote them out starting from the top and work our way down. vote out trump, conservative senate, and conservative house. it’s time for some deep cleaning.

    3. Exactly. As Senator Whitehouse pointed out, dark money interests are paying to pack the courts with conservatives including Amy Barrett for the supreme court.

    1. @Ann Ferguson Unfortunately, Joe is heavily implicated in those emails and caught in multiple lies, including that he never took a meeting with the head of Burisma. Joe is dirty, too.

    2. @Babba Ganoush 100%! Some of us remember Texas before the radical “Christians” took over. Those were good times! I am sure most of us want to see buffoons like Ted Cruz, tRumps, etc. to see their way out. We can & will do better 🙂

    3. @Kevin Davis Biden son is smoking crack and trafficking really young girls on video. The FBI has hunters laptop

  2. They never anticipated that all those people that are not working (no fault of their’s) can go to the polls and “VOTE” and wait as long as the want!

    1. The Republicans fear massive turnouts; historically they always lose when the people turn out in these numbers. This is why they reflexively suppress the vote.

    2. In Texas, the governor has shut down all but one drop ballot box per county. Harris county has over 4 million people and they are furious with the Republicans, hence the right wing voter suppression.

    3. @David Republicans are indeed conspiring to suppress the vote. They are going to send out armed “volunteer poll watchers” which historically are nothing but armed vigilante thugs trying to intimidate and scare people away from the polls.

    4. @Mainely Let’s not even waste time or energy on people who don’t have anything to say besides slinging insults.

    1. Everyone is watching very closely, don’t worry, if there is anything fishy, the world will have to make decisions on the
      future relations with the States. As a native European, I get most of my info from European news and documentaries. they’re a lot less biased and barely influenced compare to what we get here in America.

    1. CMON Dems get your story and Social Engineering platforms straight! When the “Free Press” is radicalized and weaponized they become the enemy of the People.!

  3. This country has been in a constant state of chaos & crisis since Trump took office & the world is exhausted from it.

    Please Vote!

    1. @David No drama. The fact is republicans are trying very hard to suppress the vote, to keep people from exercising their constitutional right to vote. Simply because republicans know that the more people that vote the less chance they have of keeping control.
      You are just as brainwashed as I am. We you and me believe what we believe. You aren’t going to change your mind, I’m not going to change mine.

  4. I want racist to feel shame. I want politics to know they are not above the rest of us and they are there ti serve us. They are not gods. Vote Biden

    1. @Jerry Hate
      . You’re not fooling anybody Karen.
      Go munch on an another bonbon, you’re screwed up and pathetic.

  5. The GOP does NOT even attempt to conceal the fact that they are eliminating Ballot Drop Boxes in Texas; and placing FAKE Ballot Drop Boxes in California. How can this be legal? Most of the “fraud” seems to be coming from The Right.
    The Democrats need to get busy with new Federal Election Laws once we have all three Houses.

    1. @Mozz Sega From what I have seen, Omar is far more rational, reasoned and intelligent than 75 % of the Republicans in Congress.

    2. Agree. This is why we need uniform federal standards for how states conduct elections. This voter suppression and political dirty tricks crap has gone too far.

    3. @Rob she is far-left though, kinda negates “rational” and “reasoned”…. intelligent, maybe… cuz you ought to be to push those agendas, esp the hidden ones.

    4. @Babba Ganoush who do you think have the cross bars to Antifa? in courts and congress rooms maybe not, but the streets…

    5. @SoNotDown for sure friend… San Francisco lost it’s cleanliness, Los Angeles lost her Angels, San Diego is Mexico, Hollywood is a heaven for disgrace, Silicon Valley is crumbling… I can go on. Plus California leaned so far left it’s just about to fall off the map into the Pacific.

  6. LOVE TEXAS VOTERS!!!! Vote Blue straight down the ticket. VOTE BIDEN HARRIS 2020
    Take your lawn chair, a good book, a thermos of coffee, and lots of time with you and VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE

  7. Vote Blue …It’s time to end this GOP conspiracy to defraud the REAL results of the intent of the American people. We need to charge these GOP with conspiracy , it’s in plain sight, and it’s on record. No more EXCUSES!!!

  8. We are serious, we are sick & tired and we are bringing in the blue votes in Texas!! BLUE BLUE BLUE Vote Blue!

    1. Thank you from Oklahoma! I’m so proud of TX and its people. I wish Oklahomans would wake up! Maybe some day. TX gives me hope.

    2. @Ashlee Cantu hi Asher my is Brandon Carson I was born in oklahoma Enid my grandpa and my dad moved to Texas and 83 because of the oil drying up no jobs come to Texas it’s awesome there’s so much more to do here in Texas than there is in Oklahoma

  9. Vote Biden Harris – Trump has made drop boxes hard to reach in Texas. Republicans are not for Democracy but have cheated already. Trump is the scam artist. Vote this criminal out of office please.

  10. I voted yesterday in Lavaca County for Biden, because a vote for Trump is a vote for Putin TEXAS4BIDEN

    1. I’m a former Texan…i want my home state to stop disappointing me….come on Texas…stop giving us these damned republicans.

    1. Trump is gonna lose bigly because he’s destroying this country. These everyday working people can see that, they aren’t stupid.

  11. The woman with the three grand daughters and her wish that she wants to protect their ability to be anything they want to be when they grow up should be such inspiration to every American! She knows that she is doing that with her vote! Every American should wish the same thing! We are all in this together!

    1. Trump doses not just want suppression , trump want slavery back which will never happen , and what’s so sad if your poor whether any race : he would try to make your so poor that you would be depended if you don’t believe in Jesus the rich mans slave. See the devil will make thing seem one way and do the opposite . There are just as many poor white people as any other race, just look at his base . The rich would never ralley they just give money and sit back and wait , hoping they win. Trump is being used he is broke as a joke himself but dumb enough to try to make the rich man wealthier hoping they will help him get back on his feet jokey joke

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