Harris: Giuliani’s Involvement In Ukraine Policy Points To Personal Political Benefit For Trump

Harris: Giuliani's Involvement In Ukraine Policy Points To Personal Political Benefit For Trump 1


Sen. Kamala Harris says House impeachment managers are doing a good job emphasizing the point that President Trump was using a political operative, his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, to try and achieve his goals in Ukraine. Aired on 1/23/20.
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Harris: Giuliani's Involvement In Ukraine Policy Points To Personal Political Benefit For Trump

43 Comments on "Harris: Giuliani’s Involvement In Ukraine Policy Points To Personal Political Benefit For Trump"

  1. Ignorance Is Strength.. That is the mantra of this administration and it’s loyal supporters.

    • @Ken Rimmer Rupert Merdoc Propaganda Machine And Trump was with Merdoc at the Deovos forum, ! Cuddle Buddy’s, !! Hanitty was probably hanging out of both there Bums, !

    • Monster in the Mirror not for devotee Fox and friends, the masses are watching it alright. Where do you think they get their talking points.

    • Mondo Gaming Its better to teach the wrong way and give the wrong information to keep succeeding. Its time these People are held liable for that greedy practice.

    • Richard Pepper | January 23, 2020 at 10:33 PM | Reply



  3. AMERICA!! Is Donald Duck Trump WORTH destroying the Binding FABRIC, that took decades for our ANCESTORS to implement for every AMERICAN?? The REPUBLICANS need to part ways immediately!!

    • We’re Are BETTER THAN THIS AMERICA!! We Lead by Positive EXAMPLE!! Leadership isn’t tearing down our Values, Morales, Spiritual Values, Too accommodate a Spoiled Wealthy BRATTY fictional BILLIONAIRE-TRUMP

  4. Rudolph Colludiani admitted he was pressuring Ukraine to announce an investigation into Biden for Trump’s personal political benefit. He admitted it.

  5. G👁👁LIANI ISN’T THAT 🇷🇺 RUSSIAN 🇷🇺????????

  6. What’s so disturbing is that this is the 2nd time that Trump has asked another foreign country to interfere in our elections. And if he gets away with it this time, he will absolutely do it AGAIN!!!  Because a sociopath like Trump, with no impulse control, who doesn’t know right from wrong, and believes he’s impervious to consequences, is 100% incorrigible, and completely incapable of being corrected.

  7. I like presidents who don’t ask foreign countries for favors involving American elections.

  8. Trump was caught bribing Ukraine into opening up a bogus investigation into Biden and his son, while he and his own family members are engaged in real crimes in the White House.
    There needs to be a special counsel investigation into Ivanka and Jared’s business dealings (GRIFTING) while being members of Trump’s administration.

    In 2017, Joshua Harris, a private equity billionaire started paying regular visits to the White House. Harris, a founder of Apollo Global Management, met on multiple occasions with Jared to discuss a possible White House job for Harris.

    The job never materialized, but later that year, Apollo lent $184 million to Kushner’s family real estate firm, Kushner Companies. The loan was to refinance the mortgage on a Chicago skyscraper. It was one of the largest loans Kushner Companies received that year.

    An even larger loan came from Citigroup, which lent Kushner’s firm and one of its partners $325 million to help finance a group of office buildings in Brooklyn. That loan was made in the spring of 2017, shortly after Kushner met in the White House with Citigroup’s chief executive, Michael Corbat.

    Apollo executives, including Harris, had tens of millions of dollars personally at stake in Trump’s massive  tax cut for corporations and the most wealthy that was making its way through Washington that year. Citigroup, one of the country’s largest banks, was trying to get the government to relax its oversight of the industry.

    Kushner also had multiple interactions with potential investors from overseas. Kushner’s firm has sought investments from the Chinese insurer Anbang and from the former prime minister of Qatar. One of the largest investors in Apollo’s real estate trust is the Qatari government’s investment fund, the Qatar Investment Authority.

    Kushner’s firm previously sought a $500 million investment from the former head of that Qatari fund for its headquarters at 666 Fifth Ave. That year, Jared’s father, Charles Kushner, pressed a Qatari official for the $500 million loan from a government-controlled investment fund. Weeks after Charles Kusher’s request was denied, Jared backed a punishing blockade of Qatar, which was enacted by Saudi Arabia. Kushner’s family, which had struggled to get the financing to save their underwater skyscraper at 666 Fifth Ave, were suddenly bailed out by Apollo, which had business ties to the government of Qatar, one of it’s largest investors. Two weeks later, Sec of State  Pompeo told Saudi Arabia that enough was enough, and the blockade was lifted.

    Shortly after Kushner Companies received the loan from Apollo, the private equity firm emerged as a beneficiary of the tax cut package that Trump championed. Trump backed down from his earlier pledge to close a loophole that permits private equity managers to pay taxes on the bulk of their income at rates that are roughly half of ordinary income tax rates. The tax law left the loophole largely intact.

    China approved several Ivanka trademarks at the same time that Trump was agreeing to drop sanctions against Chinese telecom company ZTE. Days before Trump’s decision, China agreed to invest half a billion dollars in an Indonesia theme park resort linked to the Trump Organization through a licensing deal. A major Israeli insurer loaned Kushner Cos. $30 million just days before Kushner visited Israel to work on a peace plan.

    In June 2018, Charles Kushner attacked ethics officials for questioning Jared and Ivanka’s shameless and egregious grifting, by calling them “j€Rks” who can’t get a “real job.” He also talked about the “sacrifices” his son and daughter-in-law had made.  😲😂😲😆😄😂

    • Brigitte Scott | January 23, 2020 at 10:11 PM | Reply

      Don’t talk to twitter, call your Republican Senator to demand first hand witnesses in the impeachment trial. 202-224-2131. It’s not hard and only takes a few minutes. Demand the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Together we stand. “We the people…”

    • David J Way too much wrong to not question the reasons for such bold moves.

    • @Brigitte Scott Thanks for the phone number . I call my Senator TRUMP 2020 LOL

  9. The fake president is a traitor.

  10. Elizabeth Nash | January 23, 2020 at 9:45 PM | Reply

    I’m stunned that Collins was stunned about NADLER’S approach, considering how disdainful, condescending and rude Cipollone and Sekulow had been! Not to mention the flat out bald-faced lying that Sekulow and Cipollone had been doing!

  11. Lordy I’m looking forward to Senator Harris getting a chance to ask questions.

  12. Fair and impartial justice won’t happen in the Senate…

  13. I love this mess !! Can’t wait to see how most American’s treat these GOP of Russia in the future!!😄😄😄

  14. Lynda Sutherland | January 23, 2020 at 10:01 PM | Reply

    Susan Collins is feckless! I hope she loses her Senate seat sooner rather than later..

  15. let me guess… the GOP will spend their 3 day’s talking about the Bidens, the whistleblower and Adam Schiff. It’s gonna be ugly

  16. USA ALL THE WAY | January 23, 2020 at 10:03 PM | Reply

    Giuliani is going to jail. Lock him up🤗🤗🤗🤗🇺🇸💙💙💙🥶

  17. I’d just like to hear what the witnesses have to say under oath

    • You know as well as I do The Cult won’t allow the Truth to be spoken in a Trumponia Court system, !

    • Rascl Fru Under oath these People cannot recall anything. Not even when they got dressed or how they got to the Court. Pitiful.

  18. Aaron Hemmingway | January 23, 2020 at 10:15 PM | Reply

    It might be in giuliani’s best interest if he checked himself into the hospital and have a complete physical because he’s getting ready to go through some things he need to make sure he’s in perfect health

  19. Did Giuliani step in to replace Roger Stone’s role?

  20. SAD Trial to see if breaking the law is legal or not. National Disgrace. Lock trump up today.

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