Harris Meets With Guatemalan President During First International Trip 1

Harris Meets With Guatemalan President During First International Trip


Kamala Harris took her first international trip as vice president to Guatemala to “reestablish” the U.S. relationship with our allies, and to discuss and advance shared priorities with migration, education and the farming community. 
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  1. So good to have functioning adult (actually highly intelligent and educated) WH officials meeting with world leaders over solutions to our shared problems.

    1. If you call telling American Businesses that they need to move operations to our sister north american countries a solution, then yeah I agree. If you think telling American businesses to create jobs in another country is good for America then you are as sick as she is.

    2. @A Fridge Too Far I imagine the conversation is simple. They’re hammering out the details of how much money we send down their to prop up their country and the wiring instructions for the 10% to The Big Guy

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    1. @Jaco Rodriguez That won’t bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr STEVEN CHARLES

    1. Reporter to Harris: “when will you be going to visit the border?”
      Harris to reporter: “not today, hahahahaha.”

    2. Hunter flew with her to give his expert advice and to squeeze a couple deals out of local Guatemalan businesses.

  3. Meanwhile, somewhere at Maralago, the Stable Genius needs help pulling his stretch pants over his adult diaper before heading down for the Pancake Buffet.


    1. @James Smith lol ok. Is that cos the Biden Administration said so? They were cramming migrant kids in the facilities in awful conditions and said everything’s fine, until the photos leaked to show what was really going on.

    2. What do you love most,her lovely kacklin? Republicans:What about the border crisis. Kacklin Kamaltoe: kackle hehe kackle haha kackle tehehe.

    1. he campaigned on cleaning up trumps mess, the fact ya snowflakes are melting at a faster rate means he must be succeeding

  4. Democrats are such hypocrites. They called Trump immoral for stopping illegal immigrants and yet here they are….

  5. Corrupt Latinamerican Politicians (and the culture in general) always blame others for their own corruption and always act offended towards anyone pointing out their hypocrisy.

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