Harris Speaks On U.S. Restricting Travel To India | MSNBC 1

Harris Speaks On U.S. Restricting Travel To India | MSNBC


Vice President Kamala Harris speaks on the U.S. restricting travel to India.
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  1. I just, if they had done that when they first started having problems that would make sense but it’s here now. It might make people feel better but it’s not stopping anything.

  2. My best wishes for India to a speedy recovery. Seeing Indian patriots volunteering to aid the ones in need that recently got tragically hit hard with covid was inspiring. Glad President Joe Biden alongside other Nato Alliance Members are aiding India . “India was there for us, and we will be there for them” – President Joe Biden

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    1. I’m investing in psychedelics….I could care less what form of banker controlled currency we’re using

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  4. Why wait until the 4th? If they are so concerned to stop people from spreading the virus to the US why give them 4 days for as many as possible to leave?

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  6. That’s racist. It’s a Hindu ban. He’s trying to ban Indian people. Such a racist. Am I doing this right ?

  7. I would be alright with Kameltoe going to India for awhile. I mean she so special of a person, she could solve the problem there.

  8. Notice how they say “U.S RESTRICTING TRAVEL” you see if trump did this it would be “Trump administration restricting travel xenophobia” it’s so plain what they’re doing

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