1. They don’t, not compared to the US where sleepy Joe has way more than he can handle. What to have for breakfast and deciding when to nap are the biggest decisions he can handle.

    2. @BlaQ Bay17 a leftest conspiracy to have them something to blame besides trump. These people believe anything their political religion tells them

  1. They don’t know who did it, but they know the cause. They make a big microwave gun and shoot them from the adjacent room. Easy to do and it basically destroys their life with brain damage. That’s why they do it to diplomats.

    1. Thomas, Biden has actually had his brain 🧠 removed and put in a microwave and parts went back in his head randomly!!!!

    2. Yes I did a weird drug for four years and it gave me brain damage. Reality feels different like I’m in a dream or something but very intense. Brain damage is scary. I would never be diplomat for this reason.

    3. @Josh Colburn i doubt it’s 5G. we’d all be affected i have a ton of 5G towers near me and i feel great plus there’s no proof 5G tech causes health issues, the havana syndrome tho on the other hand i see it’s basically only affecting politicians and government agency workers it’s obviously a weapon used against them the question is. Who is doing it?

    4. @Wisconsin Man Wow really? And he still is doing such a great job. Can you imagine what he could accomplish if he didn’t get microwaved? Btw, your nuked burrito is ready…

  2. 4 hour delay to load up the plane with detection equipment. My guess is the signal is probably coming from a Russian satellite.

  3. Trump’s friend putin in the action. Somebody else wants putin- trump back? Then you are definetly belong to the Russian ruling party.

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