Harris Walks To The White House For First Time As Vice President | MSNBC 1

Harris Walks To The White House For First Time As Vice President | MSNBC


Vice President Kamala Harris tells MSNBC's Mike Memoli she is "just walking to work" as she heads to the White House for the first time after being sworn in. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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Harris Walks To The White House For First Time As Vice President | MSNBC


  1. Plugs, may want to continue, smelling, hair, but, first, he needs, to find, “corn pop”! His childhood, fantasy, about, rusty knives.

    1. It took as many American lives lost in the Plandemic to get these people in power as it American lives lost in all of World War two.

  2. just a matter of time before they REMOVE the likes and dislikes on ALL platforms…. WAIT FOR IT!!!!!!! 🙁

  3. Get ready for the media to constantly run defense for this admin. No matter how bad they screw up, you will see articles like: “Biden has a tough road ahead because of the damage Trump caused, it will be rough”. NOTHING will be their fault.

    1. But when the common news watcher starts seeing things changing their lives or constitutional rights being stripped . Hows the lamestream media going to cover that? This should be interesting

    1. @Harry C “I don’t want my children to go to school in a cultural jungle.”
      Joe Biden, in reference to desegregation of schools.

    1. Jim it goes to show something is not right. Democrat or republicans doesn’t matter just look right in front of your face the data is right here

    2. @Rodger Woods I don’t know you or anything about you. I’m not here to argue I’m just saying to look at everything in front of you and if you not incompetent you should be able to realize something is not right.

  4. You Tube is going to switch the like/dislike numbers in the middle of the night. Switch votes to help Joe look good.

    1. A laptop full of pro biden thumbs up votes will be taken out from under a table with a tablecloth in the middle of the night. Check back in the morning. The people love this guy. He is the best-est leader ever, in American history. The polls all prove it.

    1. Even while being sworn in her name was mispronounced. Her own party doesn’t respect her enough to bother trying to get it right

    2. she had only 1% approval ratings in the Dem primaries, literally anyone else would have been acceptable as a VP at a minimum besides her, she’s evil.

  5. “The road ahead for Biden will be tuff” translation “if Biden screws up even worse somehow it’s really trumps fault”

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