1. It’s depressing watching people in movies I grew up with getting older and/or passing away. I still miss Robin Williams. πŸ™

    1. @The Unknown Commenter Whatever you personally think about it’s quality, the movie performed worse than it should have. “Bad” isn’t just personal taste…

    1. @BTone Major
      Are you a veteran or are you currently serving? Are you a police officer? A fireman? Do you at least Vote? I didn’t think so.

    2. @An American You’re thinking, that’s a great start. Now put down your weapons, connect with your government and go out to improve your multi-ethnic community and country. Hug your loved ones πŸ’―πŸ’―

    3. @An American What’s it like beeing addicted to weapons? What is your core-motivation to own a weapon of death in civilized society? Do you have many mental issues that come with the disease you are ailing from called gun-mind? Your symptoms are portruant and it’s vital you see a doctor ASAP.

  2. That’s an entirely different Harrison Ford presenting this fifth installment of Indiana Jones, than the Harrison Ford dragged on stage to present Star Wars back then. I guess it shows where his heart is doing these, for him, so iconic roles. Good on him to have that experience, and good on us too.

    1. For better or worse, Indiana Jones was his leading role franchise. He is the character and the character is the franchise. My understanding is that he always saw Star Wars as just a secondary role in a sci-fi B movie (which it kinda was, only with a very decent budget), and just never grew out of that thinking. Star Wars was always just a gig to pay the bills, Indiana Jones was his baby.

    2. He’s been Bamboozled by Hollywood in the green piece movement yelling about how we all need green energy but yet driving around in flying around his cars and his private jet not the Harrison Ford I remember

  3. Remember the time this movie was in the cinema ! It was spectacular ! A great movie ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. I enjoyed watching Harrison Ford get emotional about the Indy movies. The rest of this clip is empty public relations puffery.

  5. Indiana Jones is tied with Middle-Earth for my favorite film franchise of all-time. This last Indy film will be bittersweet because it’s Harrison Ford’s last hurrah as Indy & Steven Spielberg is not directing the finale which hurts so much to think about.

    1. ​@The Unknown Commenter Never going to happen. If the film is, quote, bad, unquote, it will be in spite of their absence, not because of it.
      Neither of them has ever made a decent film and their initial successes of Star Wars and Jaws were only good because in both cases saved by the editors who had to work overtime to make up for the short comings of the directors.

    2. @Sam Lowry Troll harder Ruin Johnson.

      YOU have never made a “decent movie”, while Spielberg and Lucas are masters of their craft who have made masterclass films that changed the cultural landscape and will be forever remembered and cherished long after they and us are gone.

      And stop giving the editors more credit than they deserve. The editors are employees of the director, so whatever good they do, it is under the director’s direction and approval.

    3. ​@The Unknown Commenter Oh grow up. The pathetic defence that you have to have directed a blockbuster movie before you can be critical of one is what you expect from a child.
      Masters of their craft – don’t make me laugh – have you seen the prequels or Ready Player One. You are confusing ability with talent.
      Just because there are millions of overgrown children who like to play dress up and think lightsabres are cool and more important that a story that makes sense does not make their opinion of ‘cultural’ significance correct.

    4. @Sam Lowry The Prequel Trilogy is a masterpiece of a story, just like the original trilogy.

      I never saw Ready Player One, but I did see Schindler’s List. ‘Nuff said.

      Keep your trolling snobbery to yourself. No one wants to hear it.

  6. With all honesty, without hiding a single thing in my mind, all I could think of is being upfront and genuinely express my desire to voice out my opinion no matter how hard it is, knowing some people may disagree with me. Without holding anything back, I confidently say I absolutely have nothing to add to the conversation.

  7. I love Harrison Ford and I have seen and love all of his movies!… including all of the Indiana Jones movies! He is an exceptionally talented actor and a damn good looking guy!

  8. It’s nice to see Harrison show how he feels about a story he’s been the lead in and thrilled the rest of us for so many stories.. Why would we deny I.J. the Crystal Skull… It was a hit in our house…loved the scenery, and artistry involdes in making them…

    1. @The Unknown Commenter I AGREE, the CGI was PHENOMENAL..
      If they made the Waterfall and the collapsing tower into a ride at Disney I’d be willing to pay their outrageous fees just to ride that…

  9. Ofc he will never know or probably doesn’t care… But I’m pretty emotional about Indiana Jones to πŸ™‚
    Early childhood memories include Indiana Jones in movies and games. I have forced my children to re-watch them with me… My son when he was learning piano played the theme once and although it for him was just another music piece… for me it was a surreal moment to listen to my son play the theme of a movie franchise that I loved as a kid πŸ˜›

  10. Indiana jones movies will always be special to me because I was a kid when raiders of the lost ark came out. It drew out all sorts of imagination in me and for a while I wanted to be an archaeologist when I grew up. So many great memories of that time. Every time I watch it, it brings me back.

  11. I love Harrison Ford and I love Indiana Jones. I have had the theme as the ring tone on my phone since the first movie came out, and it always turns heads and gets people to smile and laugh when it goes off in public. It rang once while I was going through customs at the airport. I turned it off really fast, but while waiting for our baggage, I heard people all around me humming the tune. πŸ˜„

  12. I love how this dude got real about crystal skull!! Now that’s the hard hitting journalism I come to never except on 24 hour news, ever. Well done sir, well done.

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