Harry Reid reacts to colorful anecdote in John Boehner’s book

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) talks to CNN's Jim Acosta about how the current Republican Party compares to the one he worked with during his time in Congress. Reid also reflected on his relationship with former House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).
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  1. Let’s go We all New It.. this is So Simple I’m surprise Alot of Everyone is Not Seeing What is going on…

    1. As long as sinema and manchin stand in way of getting rid of filibuster, and thus voting rights, they will retain power

    2. @William H “fascist left” is a contradiction in terms. The dictionary definition of fascism is “a system of extreme RIGHT-WING dictatorial government”. Educate yourself.

  2. The filibuster must go. The minority that it protected was the Southern slave holders. They’re gone now, but their legacy lives on with gerrymandering and voter suppression measures that specifically target the poor and or minorities.

    1. @everintransit: You are absolutely right. I don’t know why it isn’t illegal in some part of the constitution. It is an affront to every person of color IMO.

    2. 😆 you’re ignorance is far larger than your virtue, your siding with majority rule, 51% of the population would get to make all the rules under the system that you are advocating. You need to educate yourself

  3. Wow, The whole basket of Redumblicans are literally gone bad, Because they were already showing blemishes and spots, But l guess it took some one like Don to spoil them to the very core ! 🤮

    1. @Roy Batty typical drive by shouting “you’re stupid “🥴 out the window. Go clean your room.

    2. @Roy Batty I’m not a Twitter Blue Check mark… yes…

      Please either go read 1984 or find the audio version if you don’t understand why your comment is incredibly naive

    3. @Susan Teeter Well from my understanding, Karen basically REEEEfers to people who whine for a manager or are Blue Check Marks on Twitter.

      But hey, if you can show me otherwise, then I welcome it!

      And also, “you don’t understand X, b/c I said so,” isn’t an argument accepted by actual adults.

    4. @Roy Batty Ok. Instead of being a 12 year old trying to call people who see the world differently than you names…. could you try this thing called debate?

      Go read 1984 or check out the audio version. I honestly don’t care what type of learner you are.

      Explain to me after you’ve reached past the entire hour worth of work either one takes, why going to the “establishment” for “approved opinions” isn’t a bad thing

      Or go watch Demolition Man. A movie from the 90s trying to warn you why your current mind set is naive.

      Or just call me some more names if that makes yourself feelz better

  4. Where is Rudy and Sydney Powell, the Kraken? Oh yes, I remember now. They’re being sued for spreading bullshit 😂

    1. @druu jenkins

      Jimmy Dore ? Thats where you get your information ?

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    3. Before you go calling bullshit about Rudy and Sydney. Because Dominion has sued a lot of people and haven’t won one yet. Dominion has also tossed around the idea of dropping their law suite against Rudy and Sydney. They also claim in their court filings that there is no evidence to show there machines and software did anything wrong. But we’ll see when the forensic analysis comes out in court and it will, since Rudy and Sydney submitted it as evidence in their defense filings. So I’ve said it since the election, the democrats shouldn’t be so sure and confident that there’s no evidence. Also keep in mind the courts in Arizona made the election officials turn over all ballots and voting machines to the legislature. And they have 4 different outside companies doing forensic audits in the software and machines. And keep in mind they was court ordered to turn all if it over right after the election but refused and said they’d turn if over after Biden’s inauguration. But didn’t and the courts threatened to arrest them if they continued to refuse to comply. You know what they say it only takes one domino to knock the rest down.

    4. @Sun Dial How so? He’s not the President so please explain your weird, conspiracy theory laden reality to the rest of us sheeple here on planet earth.

    5. @CLASSIC ROCK FULL ALBUMS & CONCERTS I’ve seriously responded to your last comment roughly 4 or 5 times now. But our corporate overlords at YouTube keep censoring for some reason… even though I’m trying to be super nice.

      Well… I do have to admit a few times I wasn’t perfectly nice, but either way this is getting ridiculous.

      Ok. I’m going to keep things super basic and to the point.

      Check out Jimmy D and his info before you mock him

    1. @MrJooxman You do understand that claiming “X denies Y b/c deflection” is actually deflecting? Don’t you?

      Dig a little deeper instead of being a 12 year old trying to justify while your favorite pro should win, even as they rob you.

    2. @druu jenkins I guess by your rather muted logic I could accuse you of doing the very same thing.
      Sit down. You’re not as smart as you think you are.

    3. @MrJooxman That’s how mirrors reflecting into mirrors work. Yeah…

      Or any streamer trying to look at how their stream is going on their own PC

      But I’m not a mirror like yourself. Sooooo the analogy falls short.

      I didn’t start with calling you names. I started with asking “why are Democrats any better than the Orangeman even though they took Epstein’s money while the Orangeman didn’t” and you never explained why my question was foolish.

      Whereas whatever question you ask me, I can actually explain instead of calling someone who disagrees with me a name.

      Don’t get me wrong. I grew up League of Legends servers so I can trash talk with the best. But if you approach me with respect, then I will give it back. HOWEVER, if you approach me with disrespect, then I will return it on you ten fold.

    4. @MrJooxman it’s not deflection. Your view of Trump support comes from a blinky blue screen that does your thinking for you, as opposed to being bothered thinking objectively.

  5. Thanks to Twitter Donald Trump is mute. He is screaming and pounding his Neanderthal chest, but no one can hear him 😂

    1. @CLASSIC ROCK FULL ALBUMS & CONCERTS ok blue anon, how did the Russian collusion hoax pan out for you.guys?

    2. @Green party of Wakanda ,They had Miss Lindsey and Cancun Cruz check on them being the good little clowns they are.

    3. @Blue Eyes I heard Robert Mueller and Collin Powell, AKA the main Republicans who lied the US into Iraq supported Biden, do you care to explain why?

      Well… whatever I guess. We got Lindsey and Cruz to make fun of while we do a lot of copium trying to deal with a Orangeman-less world

  6. I remember when ‘Q anon’ meant not coming out of the closet. How strange things have become.

  7. Farron Cousins from Ring of Fire said the exact same thing😂😂. You don’t have to know anything about policy or legislating all you have to do is just have an R next to your name in a deep red state or district and you’ll go to congress.

    1. @Todd Theisen not entirely true. Try looking at what’s happening in congress. Look how many policy ideas the Democrats are proposing and what have the Republicans proposed? They literally all just voted no on a widely popular Covid relief bill and I can’t even remember one policy idea Marjorie Taylor Greene or Matt Gaetz has proposed since they’ve been in congress

    2. @Donato Davis exactly, its all about beating the other team, not about good policy. Why? Because that is what gets person re elected. Gotta stick with what works.

  8. And yet they stood there, and not only did they not stand against the crimes they denounce, there has been footage of them actually encouraging and defending the actions. Is there any wonder why there are calls to violence?

  9. Good to see Harry Reid. Too bad he didn’t have the foresight until it was too late to see what they’ve become now.

    1. D,O,N,T,,,,,F,O,R,G,E,T,,,,T,O,,,,S,U,B,S,C,R,I,B,E

  10. Your welcome everybody for a safe weekend! No bad news. Lots of bad behavior as usual but those stunts were put to an end very fast. Your welcome!

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