Harvey Weinstein reacts to ruling on his extradition 1

Harvey Weinstein reacts to ruling on his extradition


A judge has ruled that former movie producer Harvey Weinstein can be extradited from N.Y. to Calif. to face rape and sexual assault charges.

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  1. He’s gonna need that walker for how much fun the inmates are gonna have with him if he doesn’t become a PC.

    1. He has a strong case to win the appeal. If you look at the evidence presented at the trial, it did not support the conviction. He didn’t get a fair trial

  2. If found guilty I move to have it cut off. Stronger punishments are needed for these kind of crimes to deter others.

  3. Wonder if that’s the sane walker Cosby and many others have used? It should be placed in a museum.

  4. I wonder if he’d be walking upright now if his legal troubles hadn’t come up…. Oldest trick in the book – look as sick and pathetic as possible in front of the judge and the public! Does he think we’re all idiots?

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