Have extremists infiltrated the protests? The answer is complicated 1

Have extremists infiltrated the protests? The answer is complicated


While authorities seek to figure out who's responsible for the destruction in their metro regions, CNN finds protests across the country are made up of a vast majority of non-violent demonstrators, but also an unorganized combination of looters, troublemakers, protesters and those that don't seem to fit any category, like the Boogaloos. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.
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  1. CNN face it….. it’s not white supremacist…. it’s your buddies Antifa that you always protect stop trying to deflect. Report real news for a change.

  2. Love seeing people with BLM shirts on looting and beating store owners plenty of videos of it…. real peaceful huh.

    1. Better than you hiding that you comment on every one of their videos while living off welfare…

    1. @Wayne-O 5169 you mean the article they wrote that isn’t allowing comments on it? it will get pushed to the back and no one will read it.
      Also, non of their talking heads have talked about it.

    2. Wayne-O 5169 Thanks for sharing the link, I couldn’t find it anywhere in the site. It’s quite a short article, 17 paragraphs, the comments are disabled and at least a quarter of it is focused on criticizing Trump. They really could’ve done a better job.

    3. He was killed be a murderous thug , not a peaceful protester. Your attempt at diversion is infantile

    1. Hopefully they will pay the ultimate price for their deceptive propagandizing, and I suspect they will. They foment revolution, while sitting pretty in their ivory tower. But towers can topple too! And pretty things are the first to be destroyed during conflagration.

    1. @d bc you all are constantly calling Trump a dictator whilejumping in line to be controlled, and you apparently have no idea. Who wants to take our guns, ban & censor everything, etc? Everything the left pushes is to control you! Stop being manipulated by the lying media! They have you all hating Trump so much you ignore facts! And people calling him racist for no good reason, but ignoring everything Biden has saod and done throughout the years! It’s unbelievable. Do you even know Trump has done more for the black community than Obama & Biden did in 2 terms?! Dont take my word, search for facts from multiple sources! Its not easy to find because they’re purposely keeping the good he’s done from you! Dont fall for it!!

    1. George Floyd had cronoviris is CNN done saying everyone that’s died and had it died from it? According to CNN two weeks ago george Floyd died from cronoviris unless the narrative has changed.over the same weekend in St.louis 19 shot 4 dead all in the inner city.when will black lives matter to black people. End black on black violence.

    2. He was killed be a murderous thug , not a peaceful protester. Your attempt at diversion is infantile

  3. The answer is only “complicated” for the leftists activists disguised as journalists at CNN. The answer is very, very, very simple — YES!!!!!!!!!! But, always remember, Orange Man Bad, Orange Man Mean, Orange Man Makes Us Cry.

  4. Wow.. It’s clearly Antifa..- skinny white beta males dressed mostly in all black.. This is a joke

    1. Trump’s been Talking Antifa, but so far, the majority of the insurgents are members of the Boogaloo Bois extremist movement. Members of the boogaloo movement say they are preparing for a coming second American Civil War. And Identity Evropa, an American neo-Nazi White Supremacist Organization. — Do your homework. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

    1. BLM has nothing to do with Black lives. If it did they would be in Chicago attacking beating and killing Black’s over the 500+ Black children murdered by other Black’s. BLM murdered this cop then stood there recording him bleed to death. Need to classify BLM as a terrorist organization also.

    2. C B It’s a disgrace. I can’t believe nobody is reporting what has happened. CNN is literally ignoring Mr. Dorn’s story. By them neglecting this it’s going too force more people to suffer the same faith. I’m disgusted. #StopTheLootingAndViolence

    3. @Mike McGlock I just found about him yesterday. Why isn’t Tony Timpa being covered by the news????!!!

    4. He was killed be a murderous thug , not a peaceful protester. Your attempt at diversion is infantile

    1. Pushing a racist narrative is now more important than demeaning people who don’t social distance. To the left it’s all about the political game.

    2. Yeah an Italian doctor has come out and said coronavirus mutated or something and “no longer clinically exists in italy”. Look at all of the infection rates dropping instead of rising

    1. CNN did not INFILTRATE the protest. CNN covered and will continue to cover the protests because, guess what–reality check, protests are NOT FAKE NEWS!

    2. @Zebra Zagadore when did they cover the protests? they are covering trump. thats all they do.
      they are not real news either. do you even see them report on the attack on they building?
      they didnt report on David Dorn did they?
      considering their agenda was collusion and trump for three years, maybe you should open your eyes. that didnt seem to pan out.

    1. riiiiight, a giant profit driven corporation supports a bunch of anarchists and communists.
      where do you ppl get this sht?

    2. @d bc CNN is liberal left and they will take down Trump at any cost. Antifa loonies who have infiltrated far left in democratic party also looking to take town Trump. They are in bed together. Cowards that run CNN have refused to condemn any of the violence and rioting that continues. Wake up.

    3. d bc Try to look at the big picture, they’re on the same team. It’s called aligned ideology

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