'Have You No Shame?: Biden Criticizes Restrictive Voting Laws 1

‘Have You No Shame?: Biden Criticizes Restrictive Voting Laws


President Biden delivered remarks on the importance of voting rights and criticized restrictive laws being put in place by Republicans in several states across the country as "an assault on democracy."
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    1. *Many leftists want voting done online which is absurd with China hacking and online viruses. 1 frauded election is enough.*

    2. @Nick Davis and once again you have no evidence. None of you ever do. You all say exactly what you’re told, yet show no evidence. Really?

    3. @Mike McIntyre OBiden as well. Did you enjoy your $2000, um, I mean $1400. You’re probably kind of person that thinks it’s a good thing that they’re taking all that money back. Trump had another tax break for us that would have made the economy even better then it was in 2019. When is your side going to do that? Y’all never do, duh

    4. @Mike McIntyrein 2019, according to census .org, lowest poverty level for blacks in American history. All because of Prez T economy due to his tax breaks and taking away wasteful spending and giving us back our own money. When is your side going to do that? You’re new Prez is making blacks poorer right now. And that’s a fact because I’m more than sure you’re feeling the money being taken out of your pocket right now especially with gas. They have cars too you know and they buy food just like us from the same places as us. Clothing it’s all more expensive because of your party. It’s affecting them the most right now and those are the people you claim to support. Support to make them more poor?

  1. “The vote, the power must always be will the people…”however the SCOTUS has already ruled that “Corporations are people, too”… Big Money still goes unchecked.

    1. @MJL 1.) Logical Fallacies are literally everything..


      2.) Did you just throw your own party member under the bus? What a team play lmao y’all are crumbling under your own weight of excuses

    2. @Jock Young That’s why we need to return to having a nonpartisan, less ideological media that will present the arguments to public disagreements more fairly. Not like NPR which constantly uses Democratic party talking points, Democratic jargon, and slyly denigrates what Republicans are saying and their spokespeople. We do not have an independent media and today’s reporters don’t function as true journalists. NPR for example to a good extent puts out what is basically leftist propaganda.

  2. All this talk is great, but we need the protections of the original Voting Rights Act- reinstatement of these rights is a priority!

    1. @Jock Young because they had no evidence of voter fraud. But the affidavits from hundreds sworn under oath stating the irregularities, the absence of watchers or watchers being kicked out. Of vote counters being told to go home the count is done, but they kept counting…I could go on and on, but theres multiple videos you can get the same info…all that evidence was never looked at.
      Also the lady in Michigan whos job was to verify the votes, saw numbers that didnt even up, so she said she couldnt verify. HER LIFE WAS threatened, as well as her daughters.

    2. @Leroy Johnson I have a really nice only slightly used bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you really cheap.

    3. @Devin Smith *Many leftists want voting done online which is absurd with China hacking and online viruses. 1 frauded election is enough.*

    1. @Garrett Ludlow

      this comment is just…….useless

      Pres.Biden has certainly given up any semblance of any kind of a private , relaxed retirement life

      Yes…he likes the political arena….but he is not young…and yet ….Pres.Biden was willing to step up, with V Pres.Harris & created a team to try and repair and recover some of the collosal, nightmare that dt ( who seemingly has no soul) quite intentionally left, in his wake

    1. @aida aston property is seized & owned by the state in communism. (Joe’s 30/30 plan is just the beginning. Open your eyes & observe what we’re slipping into. Don’t support it.

    2. @bone kollektor open book and read book to learn about these economical systems. Dont watch news to learn, then you lack in knowledge!

    3. @aida aston I watch alternative media & I have friends who live near the southern border. Stay away from CNN & the MSM. I agree.

    4. @bone kollektor i have family members who live close to border when trump was in office, they say how trump administration was hiding truth on the other side as if border was better under trump. He couldn’t even completed the wall he promised before 2024 election. Same materials i can find at a junk yard.. Oan, Newsmax, and fox tell truth lol especially watching fox anchors thats too hilarious ( especially tucker carlson is the clown of them all).

  3. Amazing speech that gives me faith democracy and truth will prevail.
    The younger generation will step up, begin to vote and if republicans don’t grow a spine they will be VOTED OUT!

  4. How is requiring an id hurting elections? It is helping in the security of the elections. An I.d is required for so many things..to verify u r who u say u r. Dont understand

  5. what a contrast to trump’s spew of lies and hated, people watch “HOW TO BECOME A TYRANT” on NETFIX , scary how much it parallels trump.

  6. No E.O. out of him? He’s upset because he would actually be forced to work? Not just sit in the office, enjoying a pot of coffee?

    1. *Many leftists want voting done online which is absurd with China hacking and online viruses. 1 frauded election is enough.*

    1. *Many leftists want voting done online which is absurd with China hacking and online viruses. 1 frauded election is enough.*

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