Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Faces Anti-Vaccine Protesters At His Home 1

Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Faces Anti-Vaccine Protesters At His Home


Emergency room Dr. Josh Green is the Lt. Gov. of Hawaii, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss the impact Covid is having on Hawaii as well as protesters who have turned up to his house to publicly oppose new state mandates.
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  1. Tell them if they think they have covid, and they’re over 18 and unvaccinated, don’t go to the hospital. Doctors and nurses are there to help people that need, and want, help.

    1. @Katie L that is such a good point. They certainly are tougher on smokers and other risk takers. Funny how insurance can drive social change. Katie your point also avoids the ‘don’t treat them’. Excellent

    2. @eL jetson All we have is life. You may dream of heaven and a god in the sky, but until you have REAL evidence, you are wasting your time dreaming.

    3. @Non Sibi when a political group takes away your life, your work, travel and religion. Doesn’t sound Heavenly to me. Biden did lie he said 70% compliance and happy to see it’s only 52%

    4. @eL jetson Ehh, Dude, THAT needs some explanation. Are people seeking a fair & just society being mean to you? I’m listening…Such a ‘SNOWFLAKE!’. So much for the rugged individualist. What have you done today to make it better than it would be without you? Hmmm??

    5. @Non Sibi Israel saying there should be a booster shot every 6 months. Since 2019 us printed 80% of all currency in circulation. How much is a rental car in Hawaii, inflation is here. What happens when the government can’t pay for your shOts? I believe the left used to embrace Darwin. Lambda variant coming from South America. I wish you the best with your compromise immunity, modified antibody. My favorite leftist saying my body my choice

  2. I think that the Lock down, brought to our attention how many mentally ill.people we have in this country!!!

    1. That’s the result of a lousy education and so many drugs. I use to say..in that penthouse nobody lives, those brains are empty

    2. @Willo Allen yes, you are..it’s a matter of comun sense. It’s supposed everyone wants to live, people who wants to die better take stricnine or any other poison but don’t have the right to spread the death amoung other people who indeed wants to live

    3. @Willo Allen I guess you will feel the same way when you got cancer rejecting all care, medications, treatment and we know cancer treatment is poison. Covid-19 2 shots in the arm and your done. Wish it was that easy to prevent cancer or lower its affect.
      Mentally ill you are not just reckless.
      Wear your mask evey time you are out and get tested regularly even if it’s inconvenient.

  3. The goal of these people is simply to disrupt. They will gladly die if they can get away destroying other’s lives.

    1. @Jeweled Bird Then, when they finally figure out that they are likely lying on their own death bed, they are begging for vaccine! From the same “criminal” government and pharma they despise, hoping that a vaccine they refused to take, manufactured by those “criminal enterprises” they sneered at two days earlier will save their lives.

      Go to a hospital ER with COVID19 and, if I had my way, the advice would be: “Go home, take two aspirin” and don’t call anyone in the health care professions for assistance. Having made the bed, its time to lie in it. For better or worse, test your own immune system since that’s often the advice, without risking the lives of others and using up critically needed supplies and resources which are already stretched to the brink. Go home.”
      I’m not bound by an oath to care for people who are too stupid to care for themselves or others. Too selfish also.

    2. @Dino There are rights and privileges. Neither one is absolute. Both are — and can by law be — limited.


    1. Alexander The Great was killed by a tiny virus. …..Similar for over 600k Americans in the past 20 months.

    2. @Ken Albertsen So what’s the great moral of your story? If he would have just stayed home and worn a mask for his whole life he might have lived to the ripe old age of 50 instead of 33? There is a reason why he has the name “The Great”. Who are you to look down on our past heroes simply because they died?

    1. Rebekah Curial-Alessi….It’s called the “Aloha Spirit”. If anyone living in Hawaii does not understand or doesn’t care about the Aloha Spirit shouldn’t live there. We live by love and with Love, not Hate, Anger and Evil.

    2. He believes in the goodness and decency of humanity. I wonder what good doctor thinks about people who are so reluctant to get vaccinated but will turn around and take horse and cow deworming medicine just because the Fox News pundits told them to?

    3. @Stacia Smith
      Yup, called 5 Tractor Supplies, they are all out of horse dewormer. Don’t want to see anyone die, but rather see an anti vaxxer die at home from dewormer than tie up a hispital bed with delta variant Covid.

  4. “Vaccines are a hoax!” screamed the anti-vaxxer who has had the polio, mumps, measles, and chickenpox vaccines coursing through their bodies for 50 years.

    1. @Boran Theki It’s so exciting to see ‘realities’ where no one else has! So special. Such insidious conspiracies you see. And so disconnected from a healthy relationship with people & reality. Time to be an adult, and THINK!

    2. @Phillip Rice Do explain how mrna is not real.
      Apparently you have somehow failed to register, but science has evolved. Try to keep up.

    3. @Boran Theki The seat belt comparison is a bad example.

      However, since you brought up vehicles (seatbelts). Turn signals should be used. Why? Because it helps protect the driver when the driver changes a lane or makes a turn. It also helps the other driver/drivers identify when someone is switching lanes or making a turn, it protects other drivers by avoiding merging collisions. I am not sure about every state but here in Florida, it is illegal to change lanes without using a turn signal. Using a turn signal will not eliminate all car accidents and injuries but it is a good safety precaution. While many people do not use turn signals consistently, you can be ticketed for failing to use it. I know you see the mask connection here. But of course you seem to be looking for a fight.

      Regarding the vaccine, it is your choice. If you become sick enough to need medical attention, I urge you to put your money where your mouth is and stay home. Do not take up an ICU bed from someone more deserving. Enjoy your day, World Heavyweight Anti-Vax Champion!

    4. @Pinwheel ART There are vaccines specifically for adults: to prevent shingles (chicken pox redux) and pneumonia (several variants) and tetanus and pertussis.

  5. Blessings to Dr. Green, his family, neighbours and all those fighting to educate and save peoples lives. Shame on those trying to hurt those risking their lives to keep others from illness and dying.

    1. @Stephanie Hutchinson … “Not accepted” by who, Stephanie? The same entities with financial ties to the highly disreputable, but powerfully manipulative pharmaceutical industry who’s insinuated themselves into every major network in an effort to control what’s reported and what isn’t. The sources these unconscionable ghouls are disparaging are the ones you should be heeding because they’ve long realized “peer reviews” can be made to say anything when the donors of their research pay enough. As someone pointed out not long ago, ” Self-regulation is worse than no regulation.”

    2. @Mary Halverson I’m happy to discuss data, scientific process, infection rate, vaccines modality etc… but not conspiracy theories or politics. I’m out. Best wishes!

    3. @Stephanie Hutchinson Those doing the conspiring are in your court, Stephanie, and the only ones with strong motivation to do so. You are getting rigged data when you rely solely on disreputable sources who are funded by the subject of their studies.

    4. @Mary Halverson conspiracy is disbelieving visible inormation with the truth being purposefully hidden…. it isnt believing the visible information with the truth being hidden. So your application of the term is inherently wrong….if you would like to present a specific issue or instance where data is rigged by those owning the collection of that data, please do so. If not, I respectfully wish you a nice day.

  6. Attacking healthcare workers and teachers doing just doing their jobs is disgusting and heartbreaking at the same time.

    1. @A. Garza There you go! Denying facts!

      Such as Trump’s incitement / provocation / foment of anger and rage which resulted in the attacks on Capitol cops as I have noted, above.

    1. YES. I’m so sorry this man & his family are having to deal with this non-sense. I pray for them..

    1. Trump tells us repeatedly “I’m a stable genius.” My question to him: “Which stable?” …..the goat stable?, …..the donkey stable?

  7. As a New Zealander, I find this behaviour quite bizarre. Kia Kaha Hawai’i.
    “A pandemic among the unvaccinated” says so much.

    1. That must be why Iceland is locked down again, because them being over 80% vaccinated has worked so well

    2. You are so lucky to live in New Zealand. Stuck in Florida. As you see, people are losing it. Stay safe, mate.

    3. @Caroline Kong We don’t mind our protective custody. We know from experience that it works. In a few weeks we’ll be back to normal life, what about you?

    4. @philosophyofthestars The vaccination rate for Iceland is 69%, why did you make up that figure? The Iceland situation, in fact, advertises how effective the vaccines are at preventing the virus’s most severe impacts. They have 1300 infections, almost ALL of which are asymptomatic, with only TWO cases hospitalised and NONE in ICU. The vaccines have never been claimed to prevent all infections, they work by preparing the immune system to effectively fight off the disease if you are infected.

    5. @jaygee truly sorry… for we the US right now is dealing with a lot of ignorance, past narcissistic Trump division, and anti-vax misinformation! (ugh!)

      Stay Safe and Well!!!

  8. When people say a “small vocal minority” it tends to land on deaf ears because the fact that these people draw so much media attention makes them gain more followers. It’s dangerous that there are no counter-protestors to show the difference in size of these populations, because with no real rebuttal except from individuals it gives the appearance that the anti-vaxers and anti-maskers are the majority. I also noticed that most if not all the protestors in that crowd were white rather indigenous Hawaiians. While it might be harder for indigenous people to get the vaccine it is clearly not because they don’t want it.

  9. Remember the old saying, “Ignorance is bliss”! Well, it ain’t so! Actually it quite often leads to death!!

  10. Fight back Doc and get your own private security. You deserve protection! Step up Hawaiians! they have no right to harass you. Screaming at you one minute and crying for you in a few days…

  11. If you don’t want to wear a mask or get a vaccine, don’t do it. Vaccination is a choice, just don’t expect the world to accommodate the unvaccinated. They will be banned at many places, including foreign countries.

  12. The governor should walk amongst the protesters and tell them that he’s got Covid LOL I’d be interested to see if they would run

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