Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano eruption draws Native Hawaiians | USA TODAY


  1. FACT: humans have been on these islands for only 1/60,000th the time these special islands have existed… and those first humans are no longer here.. they were enslaved tortured and KILLED OFF by the 2nd invaders who came 300 yrs later… FACT: the descendants you see today are for this 2nd group….. iow no one here has entitlement, no one here now is directly related to the indigenous settlers from Nukuhiva Marquesas, period!

    1. Yeah the new invader and current occupiers are the Japanese settlers that have overtaken the properties and economy of Hawaii and Mauna Loa

    2. Bro they’re all the same people. Instead, redirect your energy to what really matters: the fact that the marquesas, as well as Hawai’i and Tahiti are under their colonizers, namely the French and US government.

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