Hayes: A War With Iran Is Madness, And Don’t Believe Anyone Who Tells You Otherwise | All In | MSNBC

Hayes: A War With Iran Is Madness, And Don’t Believe Anyone Who Tells You Otherwise | All In | MSNBC 1


Chris Hayes ends the show with this message: "A war with Iran is madness, and it is strategically and morally a disaster in the making. And don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise." Aired on 01/07/20.
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Hayes: A War With Iran Is Madness, And Don’t Believe Anyone Who Tells You Otherwise | All In | MSNBC

43 Comments on "Hayes: A War With Iran Is Madness, And Don’t Believe Anyone Who Tells You Otherwise | All In | MSNBC"

  1. Mister Quantum | January 8, 2020 at 12:30 PM | Reply

    I’d rather go to war with Russia, or Alabama personally.


    • @zdwade you know why Pelosi is holding the articles right? Trump keeps losing court battles and more and more info comes out each time. Eventually you will know how crooked he is. Anyone old enough has known for decades, and the Republicans said the same when Trump was campaigning for the Republican nomination.

    • @Q Wins shhh, go back to sleep.

  3. Konstantin Polyakov | January 8, 2020 at 12:32 PM | Reply


  4. I agree with you 💯% !

  5. Justice Boofer | January 8, 2020 at 12:36 PM | Reply

    Send in the Bone Spurs Brigade 🇺🇸🙋 🇺🇸

  6. 👍☺👏👏.

  7. In a democracy it’s important that your leaders leaders listen more than they speak. Governments should have more forethought and better impulse control than gang leaders. The world needs to grow up and WAKE UP!!

    • Speedy Chicken | January 8, 2020 at 1:56 PM | Reply

      Shut ur butt or ill shut it for u w

    • @Speedy Chicken good comeback, kid. Don’t let wisdom fool you.

    • You’re right, but it’s less the world, and more so the US that needs to learn this lesson. Although the other problem there is that the US sold it’s democracy to the corporations, and rich elite decades ago, and is now just an oligarchy that some try to call a democracy, as regardless of which party is in power, they both all too often are clearly taking their marching orders from big business, and other rich groups/individuals.

  8. Timothy Harrison | January 8, 2020 at 12:59 PM | Reply

    Since becoming president… walked away from the deal with Iran promising a “better one”… now facing an escalation to war, walked away from Paris agreement… climate change is more obvious and he is left with egg on his face, offered legitimacy to N.Korea and they continue to spit in his face , attempts to solve the immigration issue by locking up kids and families… america is more deeply divided on the issue, insulted and turned away his allies… NATO is in jeopardy, cultivated foreign election interference… impeached and awaiting removal from office – who thinks this guy is any good? can absolutely believe he went bankrupt multiple times and had two failed marriages… add crappy president to the list and move on

  9. Andie Isabella | January 8, 2020 at 1:21 PM | Reply

    How long before we impose a draft again? I imagine the trump’s have their doctors on standby. Then again, they will get Americans killed either way. I am sorry Germany wouldn’t take traitors back, we got stuck with them instead.

  10. josie faubert | January 8, 2020 at 2:01 PM | Reply


  11. Put this message in a loop in every room in the white house!

  12. Roger deCanterville | January 8, 2020 at 2:43 PM | Reply

    MSNBC, “thanks ” for these little 10 second video crumbs.
    I learn just enough from them.
    As you know, full segments are just too taxing for my poor brain.

    • You could click on the channel and watch longer videos from the actual shows in the show’s playlist, or I don’t know actually watch the actual MSNBC channel where these shows are because that’s all this YouTube channel is for is posting small clips and highlights from the actual shows on the cable channel as an incentive to get people to tune into the channel. They are never going to post an entire show on here, that’d be like complaining that the CW doesn’t post entire episodes of The Flash on it’s YouTube channel.

    • I think you poor little brain could not handle a longer show….

    • What happened to this YouTube channel?! It’s absolute garbage now.

    • @Jason U OH look a whole playlist of longer clips from his show that wasn’t hard to find. It’s almost as if they felt this one specific moment was important and would have gotten lost in a longer video and is absolutely something they have done numerous times throughout the years this channel has been a thing. Yep absolute garbage. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDIVi-vBsOExDwCvqcjMvaaKPHw-e_3XA

  13. That’s why there will be no war with Iran. Time to go back to impeachment MSM!

  14. Laura Lafauve | January 8, 2020 at 3:56 PM | Reply

    Excellent comment! You go, Chris!

  15. GermthaVicious | January 8, 2020 at 6:37 PM | Reply

    What was the point of this 20 second clip

  16. What’s the highest I.Q. you can have to send the enemy pallets of money?

  17. PreMeditatED Noise | January 8, 2020 at 7:30 PM | Reply

    Trump wants War……I know this because he said he didn’t want war!

  18. Sellinga coerwa | January 8, 2020 at 7:52 PM | Reply

    A 10 second clip of a single sentence? is this a fu*king joke MSNBC?

  19. This YouTube is truly dead.

  20. Mudabbir Ahmed | January 8, 2020 at 9:53 PM | Reply

    Absolutely… also great to see Sam Seder there.

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