Hayes: How Trump Wields ‘Power Of Disinformation’ To Stay In Office

Chris Hayes breaks down how Donald Trump has used the power of disinformation to try to influence the 2016 election, the 2020 election—and now the 2024 election.
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    1. @GratefulHippieChic I am a Naval Academy grad, veteran of Operation Desert Shield, and I voted for Biden, Clinton, and Obama. I don’t know how you so drastically misread me. Try again. And apologize for being so disrespectful of me? JFC

    2. @SavageMind
      Why are democrats so afraid to drag out 4 years and spend a fortune on an election integrity investigation to put the argument to rest like the fake Russian Collusion debacle or the shameful dem Brett Kavanaugh embarrassment ? Lets investigate everything republican but dare not question democrats roll in the election.
      No investigation necessary only because they say so isn’t supported by equal stupidity.

    3. @Kurgans R us The Andronovo stuff was interesting, but apologies maybe I missed something early on. What point are you trying to make with that history lesson? Something about genetic bloodlines, clearly, but I’m not seeing the connection to the rest of the conversation(s) being had here.

    4. @Watogo Every step of that investigation is simply confirming what has already been proven time and time again. There was no widespread voter fraud, the election was free and fair, and the only fraud that is occurring is the coming from the Republican leaders who are knowingly deceiving their electorate.

    1. I suspect this fraudit will only end when the money dries up. They’ll still be counting and recounting when the next election comes round unless the money stops flowing in by then.

    1. It seems the GQP clowns are trying to silence the truth by farce. But that’s what you should expect from a clown circus, I suppose.

    2. @ThinkLonger – You are against the censorship and you are for “Free Speech”, yet your Profile is promoting Rumble !
      Rumble – A platform that blocks harassment, racism, antisemitism. Isn’t that censorship?

      So the question becomes, what is censorship ?

  1. This person if we can call him that… should go away for a long long time. So we don’t see him or hear 👂 from him….

    1. True.

      But it has done so much damage, (I won’t call it a person either), that this nation might not survive.

      It is a demon that looks like an old man with a blonde wig on, having orange skin.

      Do you recall Nancy Pelosi saying:

      “I don’t know what that is in the white house”.
      She actually said that.

  2. Trump: “Where is the Server? Where is the Server, I want to order already! I’m hungry!” Me: “Sir McDonalds Don’t have table server’s sir” Trump had no Idea what a server was until somebody told him what it was that same day. If you noticed all the time trump learned a new word he will go haywire with it.

    1. @Elaine Brooksbank Come to think of it, I seem to recollect Hank Williams Jr. had a song about that a number of years ago. I guess Hank Jr. was quite fond of them there routers, because the tune was something about all his router friends . . . . .

    2. @Ollie Ox The Dumb Trump supporters all say “we need the routers, we need the routers”
      Yet failed to understand that the data is encrypted before being sent, so the routers would have no way of altering the encrypted packets as it passes through the routers.
      If these Cyber Ninjas knew anything about Cyber Security, they would know this.
      Yet the Cyber Ninjas role is not to do an actual audit, its to keep the Trump lie going and to drag this out for longer so they can reap in the money.

    3. @jones and let’s not forget the Rolling Stones singing about getting their kicks on router 66.

  3. Q: Could you tell me anytime in History when the group sponsoring Censorship and banning books 📚 were the GOOD GUYS? (sorry for the pronoun)

    1. There is one political party in the US right now that is trying REALLY hard to quiet it’s opposition. Only one. They’re scared of what might happen if people are left to discuss things in the open.

    2. @Captain D You’re so blinded by your stupid “news.” QAnon is the fringe. They’re a tiny fraction of a fraction of a percent of the conservative voting populous. Jesus Christ.

    1. @bitflogger not much longer as every day more sane republicans are opening there eye’s to the trump and fox Lies.

    1. @Gail Patterson and you remember the time Trump hiring hookers while his wife was giving birth,
      yea, Trump is your type of guy Gail.
      How very Christian of him

    1. @ConspiracyClownsGFY *BREAKING NEWS*
      The Trump Presidential Library has burned down. Tragically, the fire consumed both books, and Trump hadn’t even finished coloring the second one.

    2. @jones The. Question was when did you hit your head so hard your brains came out your ear…. When did that occur? Obviously, the brain is no longer between your ears……

    1. @Vote Fraud Joe yes these people are Satan worshippers. All you can do is pray for them. Statistically 6 out of 10 democrats have mental health problems. So they truly likely don’t have the ability to see reality as it is. They can’t do basic math and lack comprehension skills. As MamaKat has so very well demonstrated.

    2. @Love Transcends every time you open your mouth 💩comes out.
      You need to change your YouTube channel name because you speak anything but love.

  4. Still talking about “the server” in Helsinki in 2018. Putin: Yes, yes, talk about the server.

  5. “I thought they weren’t going to go with it, but they did… Let’s milk this for a few weeks, instead of days…”
    “…they’re still paying…Let’s keep milking this for months…

  6. It’s so his voter will still have hope and keep on sending him money ..What a con you are Don you know you lost fairly.

    1. Agree and yes and those fake truths become a delusional reality in the minds of conspiracy theorists who would follow Hitler, I mean trump.

  7. The worse part of this whole issue has been the lack of accountability, letting so much disaster, death & chaos prevail.
    Ur Work is really appreciated.

  8. Sounds like someone’s missing their town idiots , you know they are still counting ballots!💤🤡

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