Hayes: If Race Isn’t Central To U.S. History, Why Is CRT Fueling The GOP? 1

Hayes: If Race Isn’t Central To U.S. History, Why Is CRT Fueling The GOP?


Chris Hayes: If you think white backlash and moral panic over "critical race theory" is so powerful that it will be the key to taking over Congress in the midterms—you are conceding the central premise of critical race theory itself.
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  1. Republicans are dropping out of bipartisan deal guess manchin and sinema were wrong thanks moscow mitch

    1. @Laura Bealmear wow… please stay in Kentucky and never come to NYC .. your stupidity is honestly offensive

    2. Pelosi said she will hold the bill hostage in the house until they agree with the second bill, which is even more trillions in spending. Biden agreed with Nancy on this.

    3. Those two moderates always were in the wrong assuming the GOP had any intention of governing.

    1. @James Shelton Are you a “structure”? Are you “whiteness”? If not, why would you personalize the study of those things to a) mean you as an individual person, and b) conclude that you are be personally being label a racist? Misinterpretation of the definition and these concepts is exactly why CRT is not taught until the post-graduate level of studies. And that means not until a student has completed 4 years of undergraduate college work. If the teachers in your K-12 system are attempting to teach CRT somebody needs to fire them.

    2. ​@Goldie Crear That doesn’t make sense CRT claims whiteness is a property I have as a white person. You either aren’t reading CRT or do not know how to read. I’m suspecting the latter after the hardly veiled insult.

    3. @Jackie Paper Why do some minorities do very well in the educational sytem and businesses? Maybe it’s because of cultural values and the way they are raised. You also can’t expect immigrant communities that came to the country with nothing to become affluent over night.

    4. @James Shelton YOU are the one who wrote that one of the subcategories of CRT was the study of “the structures of…”. I was just wondering if you were the one with the trouble reading comprehension.. If you know that you are not a “structure” then you clearly are looking to feel insulted….by CRT and me. You go right ahead wrestling with your self-assumed hurt feelings over the “structures” that your ancestors built.

  2. Why does Bannon get quoted on air when Florida prisoners didn’t even have the right to vote?

    1. The bill in Florida was for for the right to vote for former felons who have done their time, not actual prisoners. I believe these citizens should have the right to vote, as well as former felons across the US, as they have already paid their debt to society.

    2. Uh…because he’s still a defendant and not YET a prisoner for fundraising for wall building money and then putting it in his own pocket, fraud.

    1. @Kory Ogden nothing is 100%, close is a term that can be loosely used. if things could be changed with one simple comment, then all you have to say to the alternate fat people is your wrong and here’s the proof. That’s not how it goes oh, it goes like this the very very root of the problem, is white people hate black people more than I love anything else. Accept reality, then take the next step to make it better. You working on your mind that you’ll be okay

    1. @Michael Knight It’s not that you are disagreeing. It’s that you are, as Shakespeare said, protesting too much. I know several family members who quite often say, “Those n—-ers keep saying I’m racist! Those n—-ers are the REAL racists!” You act as if left leaning people don’t have right wingers in their families. (I’m white as white can be, and I’ve never been called a racist by anyone, ever. I don’t take offense to the notion that many of my fellow white people are racist. I know they are. Everyone has conscious and unconscious biases, but using racial epithets to call out those who are calling you racist is worse than unconscious–it’s brain dead. But less than that, getting extremely upset about anyone mentioning that many white people ARE racist suggests, once again, if the shoe fits… Actively seeking the anger of those people who seem way too upset about a problem they claim to not even have suggests, as Chris points out, the racists are freely conceding their racism. “We’re not racists! All those stupid minorities just THINK we are! Let’s fight against them in every way we can!”)

    2. @Michael Knight
      Nice straw man argument.
      If educators and others want to teach the real history of discrimination against Natives, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Irish, and other races/cultures/nationalities here in the USA, and a group of rich white people want to stop it from happening,……..
      there is no other explanation for it.
      It’s a group of people who’ve historically been oppressors, trying to squash the facts and actual history.

      They don’t want to be associated with creating a system that treats those not like themselves as slaves, serfs, and 2nd class citizens.

    3. @greyeyed123 I think you miss the point. They are not saying “many white people are racist”. They are saying EVERY white person is racist. You don’t even understand the people you are defending, or you are dishonest.

    4. @LoboKhan1 that is not what they are trying to teach. That is already being taught. I wonder if people like you are ignorant or dishonest.

  3. The GOP’s recent culture war topics are about appealing to white rage, since President Biden doesn’t generate the same level of animus as President Obama.

    1. @TheViralSpiral – CourtesyOfTheCCP Do you even know what CRT is? It’s not even something taught in K-12 schools so I don’t know why anyone is freaking out about this. It’s really not the boogeyman the GQP is making it out to be.

    2. @jerry jerry I suspect @
      Mhambi Musonda has animus toward *rump, and gets it; at least his comment would suggest so.

    3. Where’s Bidens “white rage” ?

      Or Pelosi’s ?
      Or this “reporters” ?
      Or rachel madcows ?


    4. @The White Rabbit We’re not all raging to maintain the status quo, widdle wabbit. Hope & Change, whiskers! Namaste.

  4. The weirdest part is that critical race theory is only taught in graduate school, not grade school or even high school.
    Most people don’t even know what it is. Because..you know…schools aren’t teaching it

    1. @yurei8 which is why it’s at the college level, because they are adults. That subject would be to heavy for most children.

    2. Ironically it seems you and no one else here knows what CRT is, considering you’re all calling it “history” lol

    1. @Michael Knight
      Name one change based on CRT. You can’t. There is a whole UNIVERSE of ideas surrounding issues of the history and lasting effects of racism in this country – CRT is a tiny part of that. I can only think of ONE change, and it was decades ago, and not tied to CRT, that could be legitimately argued as possibly racist – Affirmative Action. I would say I think you are wrong, but at least a good case can be made for that.

    2. Here’s a REAL fact for you. Obama Judge Cynthia Bashant ruled that MSN are hyperpartizan fake news.

    3. @Pat Doyle and yet that is all you posted.

      Let’s see if you can do this.

      Provide an example of an identity based idealogy that has NOT led to death and misery.

    4. @DontBelieveTheHype Yet the people who are trying to continue to rig the election for the third time can’t win lmao. Check your head for a brain. It’s missing.

    1. That’s straight out Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett, only the protagonists wrote ‘Ignore this Sign! By Order!’ LOL

    1. @Noel Grassy lol. You posted a one word meaningless comment devoid of intelligence and you are completely unaware of the irony. Lol

    2. @Michael Knight You have to understand Chris’ explanation to understand why I thought it was amusing.

    3. @Charles Huguley I don’t think you can explain it. I think you are simple virtue signaling, the online version if “amen”.

    4. @Michael Knight Chris points out that by putting the emphasis of their political efforts on white backlash against CRT and other theories that describe endemic racism, Republicans are tacitly admitting that race is the central issue in American politics.

    5. @Charles Huguley that is absurd. The left injected it into politics, law, and policy and republicans are challenging it. Your entire premise is based on CRT being true, legit, healthy, etc. People disagree.

    1. @Warren Harrison Exactly the people don’t realize how close they are to religious fundamentalism

    2. @Ray Bin I want someone who has debating skills past Kafka traps and ad hominem. I want someone who states facts as opposed to opinions. I want someone who isn’t a race hustling, pushing false narratives about the system in which we live in. I want someone who doesn’t cave to mob mentality and special interest groups.

    1. I don’t think any normal person would want to have that conversation….
      Especially since critical race theory is a tool of the KKK and Nazis…

      It doesn’t matter who the victim is the outcome is mutule hatred to one another….

  5. The question should be, why aren’t we teaching an introduction to CRT in high schools, and why isn’t it a course offered in every college and university?

  6. Taking “the sheets” off CRT could be a problem for the “folks” at the top, when more “folks” in the middle realize en masse that they are at the bottom.

  7. after “cancel culture” “the big lie” “witchhunt” …. it seems americans only learn one word/expression at a time …

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