Hayes On HHS Officials Undermining Science To Boost Trump Politically | All In | MSNBC

Hayes On HHS Officials Undermining Science To Boost Trump Politically | All In | MSNBC 1


Chris Hayes says Michael Caputo and others in the Trump admin. “are working in positions of authority to undermine the science we need to fight a once-in-a-century pandemic in an attempt to cover up the illness and death the president is responsible for, and to boost the president politically.” Aired on 09/14/2020.
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Hayes On HHS Officials Undermining Science To Boost Trump Politically | All In | MSNBC

69 Comments on "Hayes On HHS Officials Undermining Science To Boost Trump Politically | All In | MSNBC"

  1. Laura Zaboraski | September 14, 2020 at 9:47 PM | Reply

    Another “the best people “ and most” qualified people you’ll ever see” appointment. This isn’t surprising…it’s par for the course!

  2. Hey, If Trump really wanted Hillary to go to jail
    he should have just hired her.

  3. Fire him. What’s wrong with this country? Put him in cuffs and take him away.

    • @Dianne m Dianne, I’m not here to argue with you or anyone else…all I’m saying, is that we need someone who will unite us all again…in one cause, for the good of all of us. That’s all I was saying. Stay well & stay safe. Blessings to you & your’s too. 🙏

    • Ask where the senate republicans are. They are now trumps fascist party. So sickening.

    • DONALD JUDAS DRUMPF he have Jev. last name

    • Janet Browning Unfortunately, the majority of the Republican Party now mirror Trump’s behavior. And so they have no empathy! There’s no sense in trying to be nice, they don’t care.

    • @GinaCas525 I’m seeing that a lot now on most of these news sites…unfortunate, but we do all need to unite again…it’s going to be an uphill battle though, I can see that already. Such a shame, when we all could unite for the sake of what this virus has caused so many families, at least. 🙏💖

  4. There was a time when Conspiracy Theorists were harmless.
    Now that POTUS is a conspiracy theorist…WE ARE ALL IN DANGER!!!

    • @Awakening Aquarius , so you’re not a Christian but you believe in THE CREATOR…
      What is your religion or religious beliefs? Does it have a name?

    • Awakening Aquarius | September 15, 2020 at 9:24 PM | Reply

      @Gary King Oh, so you think if you’re not Darwinian, you’re on the wrong track, huh?
      If you look around and contemplate the genius of what’s been required to create the unbelievable intricacies of everything, it’s impossible to deny there’s a Creator. LOL.And Darwin himself said, “It’s only a theory.” Einstein concluded there is a Creator. It took an unbelievable intelligence to create all this. I like the expression “Intelligent Design.” No, I’m not a “bird of the feather.” Not a member of a flock.

    • Awakening Aquarius | September 15, 2020 at 10:05 PM | Reply

      Oh, Dear, I didn’t realize you wrote this. Yikes! Well, ok, here goes. Is this accurate first of all – my assumptions now are you’re a leftist, right?
      And you are a graduate of some American college/university? And you don’t believe there’s “a Deep State”?

    • Awakening Aquarius | September 15, 2020 at 10:07 PM | Reply

      Oooops that last reply was to this post.

    • Awakening Aquarius | September 15, 2020 at 10:33 PM | Reply

      @Gary King Truth.

  5. All I can say if WTF, sending sympathy from Canada

    • @UniqueVoid And ANTIFA is a real thing. They’re a group of people who have declared that they will stand up against fascism no matter what it takes. They are Anti-Fascist. Does that make you PRO? Your grandparents went to war to get rid of Fascists and here you are defending them.

    • If Twittler wins I think there will be entire States wanting to move to Canada. All we have to do is just re-write some borders, get you used to Poutine and saying eh and give you some universal healthcare. I think you could put it on a ballot all down the West Coast.

    • @Kevin Ross twittler, lmfao!! Kinda like the Point Roberts border mistake

    • God bless you. David. Thank you for your compassion. I apologize for the hateful people who comment. Our social media has been infiltrated by Russian hackers who are trying to encourage violence. It’s hard to tell when an ugly comment is made by a Russian Bot or a misguided American. The citizens of the US love Canada, and are envious of how conscientious and respectful your government and citizens have been while dealing with the pandemic. Trump has brought shame on our country. I am so sorry for any deleterious affects his policies may have had on your country. We will be rid of this criminal in January 2021. Please think good thoughts for us until then.

    • Traci Schmidt I am Canadian & no we don’t think we are immune to either Climate change fires & extreme weather nor are we blind to Putin’s interference with your election or ours. I am not being sarcastic when I say I wishing you best of luck. I have family living on your west coast.

  6. There should be a limit of how a person could crawl. This thing called caputo does not go as high as crawling.

  7. his mentor is roger stone. that explains a lot.

  8. About a month ago, the USA was doing 1 million tests per day. Right now it’s down to 600,000. “Slow the testing down”

    • @Brian Ramsey ; Yes I live by O’hare airport in Chicago it hit everyone late Jan through March half the people here had the symptoms everyone I know kept it to themselves do to the BS stigma. NO one died that I know and the one case I know, a customers friend 82 was already half dead in the hospital, they wrote her up a s covid death one of the 94% who died with covid not from it. For me I was very tiered for 4 days, slight chills, 1.2 degree temp then 3 days of a mild cough. No sore throat a dry cough it was very contagious symptoms mild for most, most never stayed home so it spread easily. Yes our immune systems both innate and acquired recognize it corona viruses not new and yes herd immunity in populated areas has already had very good coverage. Like the other Corona strains it will be in the mix with other bugs each flu season however now its ability to spread has been greatly diminished. Note; its the flu and not a bad one.

    • Aristotle Stagirus | September 15, 2020 at 3:51 PM | Reply

      @Brian Ramsey ROFL. Yes, ignorance is the killer here, specifically the ignorance of Trump and his followers.

      I’ve never believed in the shutting down of the economy as the answer, but the difference between Trump’s response and the Democrats response is still night and day. Trump’s response was very bad and the democrats response was bad, a good magnitude of difference.

      Just because someone shows exposure to COVID-19 does not mean they have developed an immunity to it. This is all the more true because we have taken steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to about 1/10 of what the typical flu infects, thus many exposures are so mild as to not be strong enough to build an immunity.

      Just being exposed to a virus will result in signs of that exposure, but if the exposure was mild then it will not have been strong enough to provide immunity.




    • Ricardos Travels | September 15, 2020 at 4:41 PM | Reply

      FACTS are all that matter. Never Before – have so-called health experts ignored so many well known scientific facts (1) In February 2020 the data from Asian and Europe showed 99.9% would recover, 99.9 of children are not at risk, the death rate would be around 0.1% or less, and the high-risk would be 70+ with multiple comorbidities. (2) The Task Force knew we had inexpensive, safe, and effective prevention and treatment drugs from Studies back in 2005 and again in March 2020 – Dr. Fauci’s own NIH Study showed HCQ works/inhibits SARS-CoV-2 in just 5 days https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32205204/#&gid=article-figures&pid=fig-2-uid-1 > they knew in Countries where HCQ is allowed Over-The-Counter the CV19 Death Rate per million is around 2.5 avg compared to 450+ per million in Countries where HCQ is NOT ALLOWED Over-The-Counter (3) From the medical and scientific history from the other 6 Coronaviruses – they knew SARS-CoV-2 was 80% the same “yet health officials act like they have never seen a coronavirus before ” therefore recommended the entire world be shut down. (FACT – If the so-called health officials would have recommended HCQ be issued for free to everyone in the beginning, quarantined the high-risk, and not panicked the world with criminally incompetent pseudoscience… this Pandemic would have been over in 30 days or less.)

    • @Aristotle Stagirus President Trump shut down travel from China on January 31st. Joe Biden proclaimed that he was a racist for doing so. Five Democratic party governors forced nursing homes to accept Covid-19 patients. This predictably wiped out the elderly residents of those facilities. Thousands died.

      No Republican governor committed a similar abhorrent act. The difference between the parties is night and day, with far too many Democrats truly deep into darkness.

    • @Dan Wipper I do believe that it is not the flu. It does cause permanent damage to the body. That is why it is critical to not get a bad case of the virus. Antibodies do fade, but the immune system learns to recognize parts of the virus’ RNA sequence and react much faster the next time the body is exposed to the virus. I am glad that you had a mild case. But many tell doctors they feel fine while their lips have turned blue and their blood oxygen levels are near causing them to become unconscious.

  9. I never would have thought our democracy would be in trouble.

    • @James Thomas Can you point out one election anywhere ever where 1 vote made a difference? I mean a real difference, not that one corrupt control-filed candidate got on the gravy train versus another. I’d just like one piece of evidence please.

    • @momentinpassing If we all thought like that it would be disaster. I get your point though often think the same

    • We are not a democracy/mob rule and never were. Our foregathers warned of past democracies and gave a Republic which protects the individual and minorities. As noted in these three protections; A, individual)100% vote required to put one to death,,,,, B, minorities) 2/3s vote required to make laws,,,, C, electoral college) protects smaller states or all states from being ruled by a few of the largest. Our forefathers knew history very well and studied the word democracy is not in our constitution.

    • @Jim Lester ok but you didn’t study political science apparently. A constitutional republic is a form of democracy. Soooo why you yelling silly things? 😂🤷

    • @momentinpassing you won’t find a 1 vote made a difference anywhere on the planet hun. That’s a paper lion approach.

  10. Get Every MOFO You can to VOTE!!

    • 120% voter registration 😂 😂

    • @OWINGS FAMILY Owings TRUMP FOR JAIL 2021 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA

    • @Jenny J TRUMP FOR Prison 2021 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ever wonder why there are no conservative posts on MSNBC ? Why there are however so many comments by Trump supporters on other leftist’s posts? MSNBC/corporate/fascist/state sponsored media removes conservative posts. MSNBC is one of the last that can afford to do so so CNN, NBC and the rest seem to lost control of the fake narrative. Trump 2020.

    • @Dan Wipper if they allow debate and discussion then they might lose viewers the 2 gang system is perfect for the public to pick a team and walk the line..it is no coincidence that they agree on nothing, they have it all figured out to where they will flip flop power while indoctrinating both sides what we need is more viable political party’s but since the lobbyist and big donors control all the candidates they will never allow it, until we weed out the career politicians on both sides, and I do not mean just elect a new corporate mouthpiece in their place, we need term limits as well the longer in Washington the more corrupt you become

  11. “One thing that humbles me deeply is to see that human genius has its limits while human stupidity does not.”
    Alexandre Dumas

  12. Trump isn’t even trying to hide his disdain for science, as concerns his election.

  13. And laughter was heard coming from the Kremlin.

  14. Daniel Schaeffer | September 15, 2020 at 2:07 AM | Reply

    Our society is being destroyed by what Walter Ong called “The Barbarian Within.”

  15. He’s completely paranoid. He needs to be removed NOW

  16. This man probably owns guns and that does concern me.

  17. All jokes aside this man needs some serious mental health care immediately.

  18. Look at how DISGUSTING this entire government has become!!

    • (R)eally. I know what you a(R)e talking about. I wonde(R) who is behind the decline of Weste(R)n civilization. Could it be T(R)ump or is it the waite(R)’s fault? Who is the p(R)esident anyway? Is it Joe Bi(D)en? It must be Joe Bi(D)en. Si(R), (R)ight si(R)?

  19. Clearly he’s projecting, he’s forming the hit squads and buying ammunition

  20. Sad part nothing will change the minds of the Trump cult.

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