Hayes: Right-Wing Engineers Outrage Over Vaccine ‘Coercion’ 1

Hayes: Right-Wing Engineers Outrage Over Vaccine ‘Coercion’


“This is an active choice by an almost incalculably cynical set of political actors to harness the power of backlash politics in pursuit of more sickness and more death,” says Chris Hayes on the right-wing mobilization against the vaccine.
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    1. @Mark Robinowitz he probably expected them to take better care of him and get him well faster 🙄

    2. Did u know that there r more options then just a drug vax in your vein? Antibodies, Ivermectin. Vitamins. Sun. Good Heath. Immune boosting foods. Exercise etc. take a vax and live a pigs life but remain on higher ground cuz u r EUA vaxed. But only the vax is pushed. Why?

      Did u know that the EUA can only be used if no other options r available? Can u see why cheap available drugs were gaslighted? Our gov at work.
      Full blanket immunity to vax makers means no help for vaxed humans when complications come. Is that Fair?

    3. Let’s have a different Covid Variant right around Election time, This is getting really obvious.

  1. I don’t think it takes much research for Republicans to take the pulse of their army of the braindead. All they have to do is keep track of what is trending on social media. Crowd surfing, and the mindless mob is their mosh pit.

    1. @Its me Quenten This gets old. The anti-fascists are the real fascists. The guy who calls out you out for racism is the real racist. Freethinkers are the real sheep. Like getting into a excrement fight with a troop of monkeys. Anything you accuse them of, they throw back as you. Even the term “projection.”

    2. how would you know? Thinking conservatives are banned from Social Media. I can’t even post about vaccines here.

  2. America has zero future if those are it’s college kids. Guy sounded like he huffs model glue.

    1. If those conservative creeps manages to get into positions at school boards and such and erasing history then yeah the kids are going to learn the wrong things or not learn the important stuff. America’s education is already bad as is.

  3. Seriously, let em. It’s called natural selection. There’s a lot of ways for evolution to weed out the weak. Wanton ignorance and denial of reality and disregard for ones basic health is a good way to get weeded out.

    1. Liberals graduating college between 2021-24: invites parents & grandparents

      Conservatives graduating college between 2021-24: maybe 1 parent to invite, the rest are dead from covid…

    2. @Brandon Yingling Did u know the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission? Therefore it can’t stop mutations. So vaxed or unvaxed this virus is here to stay.

    3. If you look at the numbers from the CDC, the most likely outcome for the non vaccinated is they’ll get the virus, recover, then go on living their lives.

    4. Natural Selection is what’s happening in the streets of Chicago. Too many Roaches in one place. As Biden calls them.

  4. I don’t see how this is a winner strategy. The GOP is killing off their voters And the family members of their voters.

    1. @Harry Cooper Says the sheep. Calling others poorly educated when he takes a media context and runs with it. Listen to what he said. Perhaps you may want to look into light therapy and what chemicals are in many shots commonly injected. Why don’t you throw out the “Good people on both sides” snippet you fools like to promote as well?

    2. @Victor Singery 🤣😂 Trump bragged about how poorly educated his base is. Why are you blaming me? 🤣🤣😂😂

    3. @Matrxmonky You’ve probably heard of the Darwin Awards. As to changing facts, the Representative who said 1/6 was like a normal tour is in a pic helping to barricade a door. Trump has said there was only hugging & kissing. Now he says those PATRIOTS are being treated unfairly. And the delusional Retrumplickin cultists BELIEVE that garbage. That’s the SCARY part.

    4. Wait & see what happens if the the psycho-freak Trumpists ever make good on their threats of civil war. That could easily reduce Republican voter rolls by 10% in a few months.

    5. @潘卓Pan_Cho Nobody wants a civil war. Only the globalists want this so they can come in and mop up. Get out of here with your crap and worry about your 3rd world crap hole you live in.

  5. I bet they’re all vaccinated. Without hypocrisy and double standards Republicans would have no standards at all.

    1. CNN before January 6th: “show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful”

      CNN after January 6th: “TERRORISTS REEEEEEEEEEE😭”

    2. @Oppressed Speaker of truth Yes. They endanger themselves AND others for no good reason, except, maybe, not wanting to be told what to do. Same way you would be mad at your child not listening to you when you tell him/her to watch both ways before crossing the street, only to have the child responding’ ‘why should I do that ?’ Would that mean you hate your child, now? It’s out of concern. And at this point, exasperation, frankly. Do you get it now?

    3. @Ganiscol Q. Good one! Like that’s a THING! IT’s another ghost fantasy, like White Supremacists and Systemic Racism! Doesn’t exist!

    1. ​@Louis Gunn People like me (that is, scientists & those who think like them) understand claims like a paraphrased quote “on Nova” and “from a scientist” just fine. We just don’t give them much credence unless they’re worded like: “On Nova Episode #(episode number), first broadcast on (broadcast date), scientist (Firstname Lastname), said “(exact quote.”) Because if you can’t verify your claims, or you’re not willing to bother, it’s not science.

    2. Gravity the magical force that is so strong it can hold u to earth. Earths Gravity has a pull on the moon but not too strong we need it in orbit. Moons gravity has a pull on our oceans. So gravity goes in 2 directions simultaneously. Also gravity can’t be replicated in a scientific experiment. Most science relies on experiments that can be done over and over with similar outcomes. Gravity is a theory and widely accepted, except by Nikola Tesla, who said they go off on calculation after calculation to arrive at a place that is theory backed by theory to justify the science. Basically gravity as described is nonsense.

      If gravity is so strong how come a ball doesn’t sink to the oceans bottom? Hot air balloons overcome gravity even with heavy equipment. Why? Buoyancy and density may describe it better then gravity. I don’t have all answers.

      Final thoughts. If I go up in a hot air balloon for 12 hours should I land about halfway across the globe? If the earth is spinning at a 24 hour revolution why can’t we just hangout above earth until it spins underneath us then drop at the correct time to get where we going? That doesn’t happen. Why?

    3. @Robert Hartford liberals are way more likely to be convinced by evidence and science (simply from the fact they are less likely to be brainwashed fundamentalist magical thinking religious zealots which most, but not all, republicans are). You need to take a university level course on journalism and how it works. They go into multiple credible sources required before you publish a story, publish retractions when you get a story wrong, anonymous sources aren’t “made up” sources as trump believes, and you have to investigate if a source has an axe to grind with the subject of the story etc etc etc. Read Woodward and Bernstein books or some other reputible journalists at the very least and learn something about ‘fake’ news which has emerged in the stories on right-wing ‘news’ in the past couple of decades.

    4. @Bill Keon Or journalists could go the Rachel Maddow route- smear OAN reporters as being paid by russia without having any evidence of the claim. And when she gets sued, msnbc will claim that her slander was for entertainment purposes only because no rational person would believe that she was a credible source of news

    5. @Duramax Dad Buoyancy, density, air pressure, momentum, and the behavior of matter in a gaseous state are all inextricably linked to gravity. Please study the material covered in a standard high school physics class, which should answer all of your questions.

  6. “The Republican Party is the most dangerous criminal organisation in human history. The world has never seen an organisation more profoundly committed to destroying planet earth.’
    –Noam Chomsky

    “Has there ever been an organisation in human history that is dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organised human life on Earth?”
    — Noam Chomsky

    1. @gizzy guzzi And you get your news from Fox News? The liar’s lying network for republicans? LOL

  7. I got 2 Pfizer vaccines and what FOX News is doing is where are you hiding this hesitancy must stop

    1. a this point, if i were an american, i wouldn´t lift a finger to prevent them from doing so

    2. @Justin Tyme gonna go out on a limb and say they ain’t listening to me. Pardon my hyperbole

  8. Next election your what you’re going to hear the Republicans whine about is. “Not enough dead voters voted” …Hmm!

  9. Tucker Carlson was tricked into taking the Moderna Vax in capsule form by stuffing it into a Chicken McNugget. That’s called “Doggy Style”.

  10. Of course those at Fox spewing their vile rhetoric are vaccinated but of course there is so much hypocrisy from them on a daily basis that how does all of this surprise anyone .

    1. What hypocrisy? Give me an example, I’ll wait. In the mean time, I COULD sit here and provide countless links to examples of democrat media’s hypocrisy, but you’re too far gone. Here’s a single one: CNN’s Cuomo condemned the January 6th riot, while simultaneously DEFENDING BLM TERRORISTS with this quote: “show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful”.

  11. Tucker Carlson refuses to say whether he himself got vaccionated. This means, of course, that he did get vaccinated, but it doesn’t serve his propaganda campaign to do a reveal.

    1. @Marc F. Nielssen Facts seem to be: Media reporting dec 18th 2020 that Murdoch received the vaccine on the previous Wednesday (dec 16th 2020) at a British General Practioner surgery as a National Health Service patient. For some reason he seemed to have jumped ahead of the Queen in the queue to have the vaccine. (She and her husband did not get vaccinated until Jan 2021.) First US vaccine was on Dec 18th 2020 and the first 3 million US doses were supposedly reserved for health professionals and elderly people living in nursing homes — ie. Murdoch would not qualify.

      Not sure how Murdoch, as a non-UK tax payer prior to 2020, qualified for his treatment in a “socialist medical system” Sincerely hope that by residing in the UK for 5 months before his vaccine tourism, he is made to pay UK income tax for the 2020/21fiscal year.

    2. it’s his business. Just like taxes are not public information, health records are not public information. Non issue.

    3. @Marc F. Nielssen You mean the Democrats that locked us into our homes in complete isolation for a year and a half? Yes, that caused a lot of death and destruction!

    4. @Brenda Cowling heaven forbid anyone should be making informed decisions about medical procedures. Discussions are not allowed on tech platforms. Actual scientists and experts banned. And Brenda Cowling says ‘take the jab’! That’s all I need to know!

    5. @The Northern Spinozist what if the aborted baby is a woman’s body? I guess she doesn’t get a choice?

  12. This must be how natural selection works, the dumber they are the quicker they fall, and never a tear shall I shed

    1. The dumber people are, the more they believe they have a superior immune system. It’s a type of Dunning-Kruger.

  13. When 99% of the people dying from Covid 19 have not been vaccinated, it hard not to opine that the anti-vaxxers suffer from terminal stupidity.

    1. @Matt Smith That’s true for all vaccines, they don’t fully work for everyone. But most people who are vaccinated are protected, and just about all are protected from the more sever stages of the disease.
      So what is your point?
      By the way, people wearing seat belts die in car crashes.

    2. @Dave Moss I’d reply again with my counter statement but the free speech hating YouTube nazis will delete it again.

  14. GOP backlash politicians: Just remember, before you die from the results of believing my misinformation, please vote for me again.

    1. Well, those gqpers keep going on & on about dead people voting, so maybe that’s their strategy?

    2. @LeafHuntress Yeah, after all their other attempts fail, that will be the last one they try. lol

    1. @DaddyAl37 thank you. I’m a liberal from Portland but I also do research. I have my reasons for being skeptical, but the reaction is like they’re Republicans, the name calling, wishing death and evil on people…it really is two wings of the same filthy bird…😔 the hate is real. And all you have to do is disagree…they both go full on hate. 😔 and I thought we were better.😔

    2. If the Dem’s play this out right. They can have a different Covid Variant around Election time.

    3. @humbugs100 Again, you let them play us against each other. Red or blue, crip or blood, it looks as stupid in your world as it does in the street.

  15. When a student dies their families don’t get the student fees back. This is how they cash in.

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