Hayes: The Only Way To End Forever War Is To Stop Bombing Other Countries | All In | MSNBC 1

Hayes: The Only Way To End Forever War Is To Stop Bombing Other Countries | All In | MSNBC


“Each individual action or reaction has some kind of plausible justification. But when you add them up to the aggregate, you get a kind of collective madness, which is us at war for 20 straight years,” says Chris Hayes on the U.S. tradition of forever war. Aired on 02/26/2021.
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Hayes: The Only Way To End Forever War Is To Stop Bombing Other Countries | All In | MSNBC


  1. I am very very up set Biden has been a month what the hack is he bombing Syria are kidding this country is destroyed please don’t do it again please Biden.

  2. War machine is back mean while people losing their jobs but no money for that but war machine both side of the fence approve billions in a blink of an eye

  3. Forgiving student debt. We got no money for that. Bombing other countries and killing their citizens in their own country. Sure we got money for that.

    Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe these militias are firing rockets at US troops because they don’t want us in their countries?

    Wow, would think it’s common sense to anyone with half a brain that if a foreign power brings in an army into your country the people of that country would want to fight them off, right?

  4. I agree… bring them home to help around America. Let EU and Asia take care of their own hemisphere. We need to become independent again before the whole world goes mad.

  5. EXACTLY. Stop messing around with other countries internal affairs and focus more on helping the AMERICAN people. I couldn’t care less what is going on in Asia or the Middle East right now.

  6. If the troops are brought home and are no longer in the Middle East, then there would be no need to “retaliate” against attacks on American troops in the Middle East. Why are we still in the Middle East in the year 2021 again?

  7. Wow, a month into his presidency and Biden is off to bombing Syria while simultaneously abandoning $15 minimum wage. Oh, and where are our relief checks?

  8. Bombing another country “doesn’t seem crazy”? kind of like Trump’s self-serving actions don’t feel corrupt to his cult

  9. It seems like the weasels that occupy the WH feel safer with all armed guards around them only if they bomb another country of their choice, presumably

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