Hayes: We Are Seeing The Effects Of The Toxic Legacy Of Donald Trump 1

Hayes: We Are Seeing The Effects Of The Toxic Legacy Of Donald Trump


“We are seeing the effects of the toxic, devastating legacy of Donald Trump right now in the places that supported him the most,” says Chris Hayes. 
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    1. @Michael O’Neal I’m good with that.
      I was thinking more like 20 lifetimes, but 15 years is OK.

    2. @Rusty Shackleford Yes. And Merrick Garland should have had him charged and jailed for that already, and so should EVERY state AG.

  1. Trump doesn’t care about anyone unless he can use them to serve his own needs. He exemplifies every single horrible characteristic that we despise about humans.

    1. And his followers are probably don’t have even the common sense to realize they are in love with the US version of Hitler. Very sad but if that’s the case I give up on them.

    2. @Roy Batty white fear explained….the majority of races will be changing as Hispanic and black population expands as white Caucasian population does not. So if white people are not in majority anymore, that makes some w. P. V. Scared for their future. Not all. Just some.

    3. @Fenta Null did you get kicked out of the quack love the dumph channels? This channel is all about better days not repeating disaster of loser #45. Unless you think 500,000 dead to a pandemic that dilusional trump said would just disappear is something to brag about? Then u are nothing but a bot or lost little child. Bro Biden Pres YEAH.

  2. It’s too bad he didn’t remain that cautious. Instead he decided it would help his re-election prospects to downplay COVID-19, and push infection as a political ideology.

  3. TrumpF’s character flaws (narcissism, sociopath, etc.) dictated that he try to manipulate the numbers rather than fight the problem head on. People of his psychological makeup try to find “illegal” or “irrational” solutions to problems.

    1. Love the “trumpF”, passes screening AI. OR Ftrump. Same. Still has some devoted stupid followers.

  4. TrumpF’s character flaws (narcissism, sociopath, etc.) dictated that he try to manipulate the numbers rather than fight the problem head on. People of his psychological makeup try to find “illegal” or “irrational” solutions to problems as opposed to listening to people who have studied the subject at hand their entire lives.

    1. @Marius M I think Trump is definitely a sociopath, but I also think he veers into the psychopath lane too!

    1. “So guys, everybody has fotten tired of the bleach joke that is totally funny, what else we got?”
      “Well, we can move on since it is irrelevant and that he actually had good points on the pande-”
      “How about another lame joke with IQ numbers that we are totally not projecting?”
      “Sir, you’re a genius.”

    1. trump is ‘the MAD who would be king’.
      But like the Rudyard Kipling story, his greed caused him to fail.

    2. @Keir Winter And stupidity. Trump is so ignorant on so many issues it was/is mind boggling esp. when we look at how many people support him.

  5. What do you expect from the most incompetent person to ever hold the office of the United States? Looks at the face expression of the CDC Director – Priceless!

    1. I don’t know why he was allowed to stay in Office for 4 years. He was even allowed to run again without showing his Taxes.

  6. I thought after he was finally, mercifully out of office my hatred for him would subside. But.. nope.

    1. @Cheryl Jones Yes, most Republican politicians are scared that Trump will select one of his sycophants to take their seat in a state primary if they turn against him

    2. Maybe you’re just a hateful person? Being a failure in life and expecting others to give you free stuff does that.

  7. We must give thanks to whom ever you pray for (God for me) that we made it out alive living under this demon. He’s terrible. His followers are just as sick as he is.

  8. well said. he killed them for his election. Still does. should be arrested and put in gitmo himself. only safe place to hold him

    1. @Keir Winter if he did want people to die he probably killed his own supporters after all they were the ones most likely to follow his “leadership”. Yup definitely a very stupid man.

    2. rght…!! neglegent homicide….
      ~HE coulda handle ths waaayyy different…so many lives coulda been saved if he knew how to roll out vaccine once it was available….
      ~& the fact he(the president)knew it was worse than he(the president)let the american pple knw….he lied on purpose..!
      ~not only a stupid man…but he’s a poor excuse of a man….

    3. @Keir Winter So why do you ignore that 200k people died while Biden was president? and this is after he got a vaccine pushed through? No more death tickers on MSNBC or CNN any more?

  9. Glenn Kirshner, see his channel, prepared a petition demanding a criminal investigation of the covid response and sent it to DoJ and the governors and AGs of all 50 states/DC….

    1. @Radicaleyes That’s a lot of “you aren’t doing anything” or “they’re not doing enough”. What are you doing to help the cause?

    2. @Kteka
      I actually voted… And got vaccinatied too.
      My business survived Covid without any help from the government or banks, and I paid my employees their full time wages when they were only working part time.
      I also support the National Guard and Reserve by participating in ESGR.

      I’m not an attorney or enough of a a narcissist to take my frustration out on others with a daily video about my failures.. And starting a petition takes less than 10 minutes.. But I did do that.
      I’d link to it but it’s already done and sent.

    3. @Radicaleyes nobody gives a sh*t about your cynical opinion. You are obvioudly no better example of an “actual action man”. Did you sign his petition like thousands of us that do care?

    4. @Ted Roe
      Trumpers worship their orange god-child.. You worship your own kind of do-little, barely lift a finger kind of action.

      Petitions like that are a waste of time.. Kinda like talking to you.

  10. Would the origin of covid19 make any difference to the criminal neglect, utter incompetence, and willful disregard for life? The indisputable answer: No.

  11. “I always wanted to downplay it, and still do.” The Worst President in the history of America.

    1. @Whicker you’re talking too much sense here. The sheep don’t know any better. Bless their liberal heart.

    2. @Constance Shaw He assembled the Coronavirus task force on the 30th, you moron. What were Democrats doing in early February? Do you even remember what Democrats were doing in early February? Yeah, ignoring the virus, telling people to go outside and celebrate Chinese New Year and discussing whether or not John Bolton should testify. Just because you have the memory of a child and thus need the media to tell you what to remember, doesn’t mean others do.

    3. @Matthew Chick Anyone ever teach you proper written English? No! And your political intelligence is lacking as well.

    1. @Matthew Chick Did you bother to wear a mask or was Jesus going to protect you and if so, why would bother to own a gun?
      Too nasty?

  12. “What did the President know, and when did he know it?” We know the answer to those questions. But more importantly regarding COVID, “Did the President even care?” We know the answer to that one, too.

  13. The conservatives calls us “sheep,” while blindly following someone who was being called “Don the Con” long before he ran for President.

    1. Wrong, liberals loved him until he didn’t agree with them. The tolerant left ladies and gentlemen.

    1. Oh man! The tax cuts! Oh no, he was indirectly giving us more money to spend, how horrifying!

  14. Over 500K American’s died because of his incompetence, and the Dr.s in charge saying nothing!

    1. @Carlos P. Jr Exactly ,Honestly think everyone is getting tired of government period!! Clean both sides.Hope you staying safe ?

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