1. “We must learn to live together as brothers or we will all perish together as fools.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    1. After the 19th amendment passed, Black women did vote and run for office in New York, as opposed to many states that passed state and local laws disenfranchising them. But Native American women and Asian American women were barred from voting due to other federal citizenship laws: Native women until 1924 and some Asian women until the 1950s

    1. @Rudi Rüttger I’m assuming you’re on the left. They make a whole lot of assumptions without really knowing the facts or anyting. That’s cool that you think this person is insecure without knowing them. That tells me you put a lot of thought in your conclusions

  2. It’s open season on murals and statues.
    I put a Hitler moustache on the ugly mug of Breonna Taylor on a local mural last night.
    Good times.

    1. @Juan Valdez Yeah maybe 500,000 years from now. Interracial marriage was illegal in over half the country till 1967.Just think how closer we would be to one race if that wasn’t so.

    1. @90s were The best Ok, that is a fair thing to say. He still lost and surrendered to General Ulysses Grant but yes he was honestly a good at his job and did lead his people well. It still means that we have statues honoring the person who lost for some reason. I guess by that logic we should put up statues of the Taliban now that they won which sucks.

    2. @RHINOSAUR I bet you started sweating profusely typing that…Well Done!! You made your point to….Nobody! Failuresaur*

    3. @90s were The best As a Mexican-American I had to wait for a Mexican American studies class in college to learn about important Mexican American figures and the genocide of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the hands of Texas Rangers and other armed groups. Conservatives don’t want history to be taught in High Schools.

    4. @Real FakeNews Respect, but your comparison is way off. You should learn more about history. There were people in the south that were against fighting a war against the north and it almost didn’t happen. It was bother against brother fighting in that war.

    1. Good point. No matter how much they are distracted by the elites with fake narratives and nonsence fake problems at the end of the day those responsible for your oppression are still in power, the elites trick has worked. Keep the people fighting eachother and they won’t focus of us, the real problem. After all a house divided cannot stand

  3. It would appear this fella needs to take a history lesson. I just love how the media takes history out of context and then rewrites history to suit themselves.

    1. @Reaching for the STARS I always hear this: To the victors go the spoils. I invite you to look up just who and what Robert E Lee was. You may change your opinion. People take things out of context and do not educate themselves.

    2. @Robert Westall not spoils, history is written by the victors, there’s a difference, and I’m aware of who he was. If you paid attention, I was actually agreeing with your original statement

    3. @Robert Read a “Recent American History” book, and you will learn that near the end of the 19th century, the “Southern” Democrats talked the North or “Republicans” into changing party names… and just after the turn of the century (1900’s) they did in FACT change names… the Slave Owners, you know- the party who started the KKK… well, they were running from what they knew they had done, and what they had become in the eyes of The People, the WORLD… and they succeeded in coercing the Republicans into changing party names… the Democrats “took” the name Republicans, and the Northern Republicans became the Democrat Party.

      So, READ a book, You Imbecile… you really should have payed attention back in High School.

  4. This ongoing to this day ..This makes me sick to my stomach literally. Charlottesville, January 6th This is ridiculous and unexpectable. Your closing was horrible…As If !

  5. Textbooks document, statues venerate. Venerating a man who betrayed his nation by turning traitor to preserve his “right” to own people is unacceptable.

    1. Oh and you are just concerned about that, right! You aren’t p… off because his horseless excellency just left with a cheerful song of good bye and good riddance!

  6. Is this guy trying to start another civil war lol? He’s almost intentionally trying to turn us against eachother.

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