HBO Launches The New ‘Band of Brothers’ Podcast

The HBO show 'Band of Brothers' premiered just two days before September 11, 2001, and HBO has just launched a new podcast series on the show. Host of the podcast, Roger Bennett, along with actor Ron Livingston join Morning Joe to discuss.

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HBO Launches The New 'Band of Brothers' Podcast


  1. every politician needs to watch and be tested on this great series and to qualify to run for president you must pass a written and oral test on Band of Brothers and the Pacific. that would help a lot

  2. Celebrating all those liberal Americans who stormed the beaches and stomped the trumpies, I mean fascist scum.
    Our original Antifas…
    God Bless every one of them.

    1. Antifa actually was a force for good in post war Europe. Anti- Semitism was still rampant in Europe. All the blather from the right about Antifa makes no sense. Anti means against. Antifa, against Facisim. So I guess that means right wingers are for Facisim if they rail so mightily against Antifa .

  3. I met one of these guys in the 80s at Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest. He was mad because he carved his name in the fireplace and it was gone. A guide was explaining to him how many GIs later dismantled much of the place for souvenirs and his name is likely in a house stateside. I only wish I had gotten his name back then, just his story as being in the unit that first entered it… Easy company.

  4. I just watched the movie ‘Greyhound’ about the Atlantic convoys battle against German U-Boats.
    Just imagine if the troop ship carrying Easy Co. and the 101st Airborne Division got sunk by a U-Boat while crossing the Atlantic to England… we may not have Band of Brothers.
    Thanks to the brave sailors and airmen of the American, Canadian and British navies, without their sacrifices protecting the invasion force and supplies from America, the D-Day invasion might not have been possible.

  5. Those Men sacrificed for our rights , freedoms . Mmm, I don’t know that education exists . More than so many characters , people now?

  6. Capt. Dale Dye needs recognition. Without his consultation and training of the actors BoB would not be as hard hitting.

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