'He can be a little boy': Black father explains why he and son left the US 1

‘He can be a little boy’: Black father explains why he and son left the US

Keith Magee wrote a letter to his Black son on the one year anniversary of George Floyd's death, where Magee describes the fear he feels for his son as a Black child and why this inspired Magee to move to the United Kingdom.
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  1. What a delightful, gentle, beautiful man. I pray he and his precious son stay happy, hopeful and safe.
    Much love to you & your son, sir!

    1. @Emerson Ohlson Actually i am a total free thinker. Unlike you i dont need an orange cult leader named q to make the decisions. But good for you deceive deflect and project. The complete republiquans manifesto Stay safe and inject that bleach as you were told boris.

    2. @Don nawzd Why donny/leroy/brian/chaddlalsc/miguel. etc et etc. Boris youvare gone its easy to identfy your same narrative in all these accounts. Everyone notices your inadeguacie. And just the other day yiu used that same narrative as leroy and damen. How is that possible donny. Please explain.How do all you trolls use the same narrative and tone word for word Please e plain. Oh sorry donny you wont you will repeat the chinese troll thing when there arent any out here. Sorry donny busted again..

    3. @Don nawzd Great drugs damen/leroy/brian/haag/captain/jack wilson etc etc just remarked on uiur low comment on the other thread. This comment appear frustrated and triggered. Almost sociopathic. All the losing and humiliation is getting through. But here it appears your drud addiction has taken over. Or is it just too many accounts and losing in every one of them.

  2. USA good place to make the $$$. Not a good place to raise a family, have peace of mind, OR live a full life. 20yrs to attest. There are many many places with actual freedom and democracy. Much happier living elsewhere.

  3. It’s truly a sad situation, that some Americans feel safer when they’re out of the United States .

    1. @A T What part of my experiences do you believe to be unusual? Experiences of police harassment are sadly common in the US.

  4. I wish it would be in his lifetime, everyone deserves to live the life they were gifted.

    1. @seohuyllakcuf truly the Enemy of the USA, I tell u what, they’re literally doing China’s betting

    2. @Kevin Needham yes deserves, I thought that’s what being pro-life was about? The sanctity of life? Or is that not something people believe in anymore?

    3. @Harshit Jain So? Is money everything? Glad for them but I really don’t care who has money or not.

  5. The coolest thing is that the reporter asked the little boy about his toys and when the little boy speaks the most undeniable thing about him is he is a boy, talking about little boy things in a little boy way. He isn’t black or white, he’s any boy talking about his toys.

    1. That’s all fine and dandy, Belida. You, I, and any other sensible human being can see a little boy who’s into ninja turtles and the like. The problem is, as he grows up (were he still in the U.S.) he’s going to be seen first and foremost as a black boy. As such, if he were to get in trouble at school, the punishment given to him would likely be harsher. As he becomes a teenager–especially if he’s a bigger one–he’ll be seen as a threat by some nosey, miserable Karen with 911 on speed dial or a gun-humping Chad with an itchy trigger finger. Black children in the U. S. are not seen as children, they are viewed as threats, something to beware of, even if they’re minding their own business and doing kid stuff. If you have any doubts about it, compare the outcomes of what happened with Tamir Rice vs. Kyle Rittenhouse.

    2. @Kimberly Allen got to hell Kimberly. Sick and tired of you asinine Karen’s white knighting for us. WE DONT NEED IT OR WANT IT.

  6. On a positive side. What a lovely man it is criminally sad that he feels he has to move to keep his son safe. This letter is one that the son will cherish forever. So sad that such a sweet child has to deal with such issues. Not only do all police not carry guns…but also not every crazy yahoo in town or country is allowed to have an arsenal in their home.

    1. I assume they believe that they can make a difference by making utterly stupid and unfounded statements in the comments section. What they forget is that everyone outside their Right Wing bubble no longer cares what they have to say. After trump, they have rendered themselves useless and irrelevant. That’s how they are being viewed and treated.

  7. Unfortunately unless you have a lot of money, post-doctorate degrees or immediate family living in another country, you’re not leaving the US. If you have unpaid debts, unresolved felonies, anything like that; ditto. The people who are the most vulnerable and would need to get out of here the most have no chance of moving anywhere else legally.

    1. Racism in America doesn’t respect education or money. Blacks of all socioeconomic statuses are leaving. We’ve spent the time during lock-down to research and save. Many have already left for Africa — it’s booming. We’ve learned that the stereotypes of Africa are lies.

    2. Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, and several other billionaire black entertainers and influencers certainly wouldn’t have been able to become billionaires anywhere outside of the USA.

    3. We aren’t wealthy but my cousin emigrated from Miami to Ireland because he doesn’t think his 2 little girls are safe here. He’s trying to start a security business. His wife is Irish and has family there.

    4. Ireland will let you in. Most of our politicians didn’t even go to college, some were in prison for what the Brits called “Terrorism”, we call it resistance. Irish police (Gardai) is the largest criminal organization in the world, and unarmed. Come to Ireland on a tourist or students visa then disappear… Get a job in a pub, or hotel, do online study, get security license, car, ppsn number, GP free medical card, pay €120 a week rent in rural apartment, Dublin too expensive. Buy a 6 bedroom country manor house in Midland Ireland for €200,000. But a 13th Century Castle for €100,000 in rural Ireland. The PM of Ireland want the population to double by 2040, currently the population is below 5 million, so by 2040, with people who want a safer peaceful life, Ireland may have 10 million citizens. The people of Ireland condemn discrimination in all its forms. Ireland is the ancient land of a hundred thousand welcomes!

  8. Most of those with low esteem & hatred will never let go of the only thing they have to make themselves feel greater than!

    1. @red rum no, is China, we( USA) are in clearly and fast decline now meanwhile China has moral, ideals, a lot of money and BALLSSSS!

    2. @Jordan Carpenter Lol China wants to rule the world but it will backfire always does. China needs America not the other way so buzz off paid Chinese bot

  9. My father, still to this day, says that America is the number one, greatest country in the world.
    As he enjoys his life working in Japan with his new Japanese wife and my baby half-brother who was just born last month. He doesn’t have plans to ever return to the “greatest country in the world”.
    I cannot wait to be leaving this country for good next month myself.
    I told my father in high school that I wanted to move to another country and revoke my US citizenship; I have disliked the US since I was in middle school, due to all of the evil I saw around me.
    I even served in the military and faced injustices there.
    I now am leaving the US for good and will not miss a thing.
    I am white; I am a Muslim convert; and I am not proud to be an American.

    1. @ooo 000

      Immigrant statistics have nothing to do with it. Finland is FAR greater, and if it were easy to get citizenship people would be going there instead.
      It is just easier to get citizenship in the US compared to the other countries that hace a way better quality of life

    2. @Defund The Left

      It isn’t worth it. Many people I have known throughout my life have realize that.

    3. Wrong, we are in clearly and fast decline now meanwhile China is now the new global leader!

    4. @Jordan Carpenter

      Not the global leader yet, but at least I know Chinese from my job in the military.

      Too bad it won’t be useful where I am going.

    1. All fathers want safety for their children.
      Not once in history has it ever been guaranteed.
      Nothing new.
      If this is your narrative, learn history.
      Utopia is as fictional as rainbows with skittles falling from the sky.
      People that believe everything can be fixed with a wish might as well eat their own children…. it’d be closer to reality than whatever CNN is pushing.

    2. @Esteban Santiagothats a lot of personal baggage no one asked you to project onto this random man in London

    3. @Charlotte Seux again, learn history.
      If I want to fly, I’ll research who has done it before.
      Apparently, you seem the type that will attach feathers to your arms and dive from a 30 story building without questioning if this may have been a failed attempt before.

  10. It is deeply regretable that he should have to pen a letter like this to his son. Why should any father feel deep fear for their children because of the color of thier skin. Shamefull. Shame on us, shame on all of us for allowing this to exsist.

    1. @Rob Kenner it happens. While I am sorry for any misfortune that came your way, it happens.
      Don’t let the oppressed become the oppressor out of spite.

    2. @Rob Kenner Mixed-mut here, u could say black/brown/Arab mix. Thoe I never had the talk I did learn how lucky I have been in life when I would get pulled over. Back then I truly just thought I kept running into A-holes who just so happened to be P.D. let alone ones that had nothing better to do so they would ask lots of questions & look at everything, nerithr to say as a baker 3-4AM start shif was normal for me w/a 2AM pull over omw to work I just thought these A-hole cops were just tired thats why they all kept resting their hand on their belt/gun. Now a days just sh#t bricks! Back then I thought the most i could have lost was my perfect on-time clock-in rep. which is why later I started leaving EXR-EXR-early for work. Now I know NO it was my life to lose not my time. LOL (not really) you do get wiser if your allowed to live to get older.

    3. @Sue Howie its reality… for some. Better to live & fight for change than live & die in a bubble of disillusion….

  11. What a beautiful man inside and out. May he and his precious son will be happy and safe.Reverend Keith Magee, Zayden, Brianna and Jon thanks so much for this lovely interview. It was such a pleasure to watch. I did ENJOY EVERY BIT!!!!

  12. Everyone should find a place where they can feel safe and belong. I hope they’re happy.

  13. When I was a kid in the 80’s & 90’s I wanted to live in the US. Everything was bigger & better.
    Now i’m an informed adult… not so much!

    1. You’re better off outside of america….one state (Texas) is passing a bill to let ANYONE carry a firearm Legally……NO Background check, NO questions asked.

    2. @MalcolmRandall I can understand why, in a country where profit is valued above all else, it make sense to remove any and all red tape.

  14. U.S.A. is one big illusion. It’s a country that doesn’t practice what it preaches to other nations. Good luck to the father and son in their new chapter in life in the U.K.

    1. Britain doesn’t have an issue with gun control – the shocking numbers of people dying due to shootings is an American issue.

    2. Oh haha at least the BBC doesn’t continuously spew random videos against a guy who left office months ago. Unlike this garbage.

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