He Didn’t Make At As Judge, But Now This Former FEC Commissioner Is Switching Sides | All In | MSNBC

He Didn't Make At As Judge, But Now This Former FEC Commissioner Is Switching Sides | All In | MSNBC 1


Failed Trump judicial nominee shuts down FEC to join law firm that specializes in helping rich people and corporations influence elections in secret.
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He Didn't Make At As Judge, But Now This Former FEC Commissioner Is Switching Sides | All In | MSNBC

33 Comments on "He Didn’t Make At As Judge, But Now This Former FEC Commissioner Is Switching Sides | All In | MSNBC"

  1. The FEC has been stymied for years; Peterson’s exit is just the final nail.

  2. How is this secret organization legal?

  3. This man is a fine example of Trump’s ” Best & Brightest ” 😆

  4. Looks like he has the moral compass of a gulag guard.

  5. So many criminals. Failing upwards. It’s almost like meritocracy is a complete lie.

    • @TheAileZX2 I think I understand you, and I agree.

    • All Trumps appointees merit an amount of time in prison by the way they seem to treat the constitution as something to be ignored and the Republican party politicians together with Trump have ignored their oath of office TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, buts whats an oath to crooks.

    • These are the pawns. People like Manafort are the real criminals. They figure out what strings to pull to get the results their clients want, while making it all look like coincidence.

    • @David Shaw Sort of makes me wonder how Mitch would act if the government says “Oh and you. You’re under arrest too.” after Trump’s arrest. It would pretty much remove Darth Vader’s helmet for him as it were. He’d be done. He’d act a little…… underwhelming and a little depressing for a villain such as him to be satisfying to be sent to court…. But he deserves prison for aiding nonetheless.

  6. THE WEINIE.Hes never done a case, he’s a paralegal if that.

  7. The FEC ? OMG! He’s as DUMB as a pet rock. Hes,been asked to leave ……

  8. The greed of corporations is criminal

  9. Another incompetent person that Trump tried to hire. Of course he would, Trump is totally incompetent himself.

  10. Did anyone else feel the uncontrollable urge to burst out laughing and pointing at him? If Trump is too moron to not nominate him, he should’ve known he wasn’t qualified enough and never gotten to this stage of looking utterly stupid and mind-breakingly pathetic.

  11. Welcome to the Deep Trump Swamp!

  12. Trump had to deliberately of asked for the most unqualified people to become judges. They are just all so ignorant.

  13. Trump has effectively filled the swamp to new record heights.

    • The first step in hunting is to draw out your prey. I’m still hoping appropriate legal action will happen, but the long wait is a bit discouraging.

  14. The only thing Trump wants is a hack who will do his bidding.

  15. Blink Once on Sunday! | September 6, 2019 at 1:54 AM | Reply

    Here we go again. Another clear case of Trump and/or his lackeys abusing and trying to cheat the political system. This is as bad as it gets folks. This Constitutional crisis is a category 5!

  16. I see why Trump chose this guy. He is just as qualified as Trump.

  17. You are watching another example of your democracy being decimated by the most corrupt administration in American history. WAKE UP.

  18. Ah, I remember Petersen’s confirmation hearing! The only time I was pleased with Kennedy opening his mouth…

    Clowns like Petersen obviously think they can get any job in the day and age of trumpian sycophancy and idiocy if they only stroke trump’s ego with a series of tweets, faux moos appearances, an article or a book – this case was the glimmer of hope that they (senate trumpublicans) would stop short of putting a rusty doornail on a federal court bench.

  19. … ever watch Judge Judy? The best people… that Trump knows. He only knows grifters, morons and loser… he sees himself in them.

  20. U know, maybe he can’t count – would make sense since he was in the FEC during the last election.

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