1. That Trump is still on the loose is unbelievable and unacceptable. Our country has suffered enough of his vile, vulgar, self-serving sermons. Lock him up and shut him up.

    1. @Steve Mlejnek exactly. It scares me that there’s so many ppl that still believe his lies! It absolutely makes me wonder if they’re all that stupid? It defies logic!

  2. How the F does Roger Stone and his wife get away with owing the IRS 2 million?, and not be in jail?

  3. The only “NO!” Donald Trump ever heard was from his Mother, when he asked her if she loved him.

    And that perfectly explains Donald Trump.

  4. Trump lived a privileged life where losing wasn’t normal. In business you can often turn losses into wins. But as a public servant you have rules. Rules that Trump didnt understand. He thought he could treat the presidency like his businesses. Win at any cost.

    1. It is absurd but there are people out there that want to vote for him , the Republicans know they must disassociate themselves completely from trump otherwise they will lose 2024 very badly , the gains they may make in 2022 will be totally reversed

  5. Wow two intelligent, calm caring men who believe in our democracy and using this knowledge for good. If not for John Dean we might not have removed Nixon from his presidency. George Conway never gave up telling us the truth in spite of who his wife is.
    We don’t have many heroes but these two certainly qualify!

  6. He’s getting crazier because he sees the walls closing in on him, he’s fighting like a lunatic as the straight jacket is applied.

  7. “He’s saying a lot of crazy stuff.” That begs the question: Does he ever say sane stuff?
    You want to render trump powerless? Vote Republicans out of government in 2022. Without his Republican henchmen, he will be powerless.

  8. Notice how Conway and Dean stare at each other when they speak? It’s called respect people! 🔥

    1. Exactly—they aren’t “staring” at each other, they are listening intently, respectfully, and are not afraid to look each other in the eye.

  9. Maybe in an alternative universe there is an Attorney General that sees it as part of his job to investigate these matters, and to actually charge people with the crimes they have committed, including if one of those criminals is a former president. In fact, especially if one of the criminals is a former president.

    1. He got the job as a consolation prize for not getting a hearing for his SCOTUS nomination. And Obama nominated him for his centrist stance, he’s certainly not a firebrand.

  10. He’s not getting crazier. It’s just getting harder for the people around him to hide the type of person he really is. Subpoenas and the threat perjury.

  11. “…Trump is a 76-year-old man. He is not an impressionable child. Just like everyone else in our country, he is responsible for his own actions and his own choices.” ~Liz Cheney

    1. @Ed Harris …Secret Service can’t take him into just any situation that they can’t secure…..

    2. I love how the same people rooting for him complain about how old Biden is. At least he can get on a bike

  12. NO ONE should be able to run for the same office they attempted to overthrow. Anyone involved in the attempted overthrow of the government they attempted to overthrow should be disqualified from running for any office, for life.

  13. WHY WOULD TRUMP EVEN BE ALLOWED TO RUN AGAIN??? Isn’t there something that protects the US against that??

    1. If senate Republicans would have voted to convict him during his impeachment(s), he would have been barred from ever holding office again. Sadly, that did not happen.

  14. I remember, I think it was on the 4th of January I was driving at night across I70 through Missouri, Indiana into Ohio ( I’m a truck driver) and seeing so many vehicles with Trump sayings and such all over them heading east. I didn’t think too much of it until the 6th when I heard the news. I guess they were heading to Pennsylvania and dropping down to DC from there. But vehicle after vehicle it was. Not in a convoy though, just all the same Trump stuff and same direction. I figured they were all going to the same place but I would have never guessed the insurection was about to happen.

  15. Has anyone even considered the name “STOP THE STEAL” and that it alone implies their intentions to STOP the proceedings of the day?

  16. I watched every moment of John Dean’s testimony (when I wasn’t in a University classroom) and it was riveting. The man has an amazing mind.

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