‘He is lying all the time’: Ukrainian official on Putin’s ceasefire

Ukrainian member of parliament Oleksiy Goncharenko reacts to Vladimir Putin’s announcement of a temporary truce for the observance of Christmas for Orthodox Christians. CNN has observed incoming and outgoing artillery fire around the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut since the start of the unilateral Russian ceasefire. #CNN #News


    1. @The Adventures of Super Mom Lol, Ukraine’s Supreme parliament recently celebrated the birthday of a prominent member of the Nazi Party, who is Ukrainian. So, do you still think Ukraine is just?Are you a Nazi supporter?

  1. One of the reasons Vlad and The Don got along..Both are liars. Self-important with dark negative egos. Understand each other. Plus Don always needs $$$ so Vlad could work him.

    1. The reason Biden gets along with Zelensky is cause Zelensky launders the Bidens money from the crackheads illegal business deals.

    2. @Jao Bidan Really?? Where’s your proof..You wrote the same thing a few weeks ago. OR maybe you have a twin or are in a conspiracy group I ask you weeks ago for proof. FACTS MATTER TO SANE PEOPLE.

    3. @The Media Lies Proof? FACTS MATTER…Lots of investigations by leading independent professionals in addition to government officials..Think you are another conspiracy weirdo…You wouldn’t know the truth it it smacked you in the head.

    4. And yet some Americans just love the man! Personally he does nothing for me. It’s funny how we can’t even elect a Speaker of the House without Trump’s input.

    5. @John Edward Jones Where’s the proof? Why do you think Macron came to DC recently? For the pleasure of Joe Biden’s company? You don’t want proof, you want to call proof a lie, you want to call fact fiction. Best to stay under your rock.

    1. *rubbish…Angela Merkel admitted in recent interview that Germany and France didn’t sign Minsk Agreements to be implemented but to buy the time to arm Ukraine and prepare for war – HER WORDS – but you don’t know anything about that – all you have is the hate against Russia and Russian people – you have no idea how conflict started , and it goes way back to 2o14 – you are thought that Putin woke up one morning in February 2o22 and ordered two Ukrainian babies for breakfast 🤡and you suck that in your sick miserable mind – get educated*

    2. cnn is definitely a lying corporation. Putin is not a rapist. Putin is the one who stop the war unleashed by Washington and America. Today he came with a conversation to say that he wants to negotiate, that he is ready to come to a truce, but you who are fomenting this war say there are no negotiations! die on, our New York Times has not printed enough pictures of dying people in its magazine yet. You are unwell, Putin says I don’t want to kill Ukrainian, Ukraine is looking, but no America needs victory at any cost, so Ukrainians die on, no need to negotiate. America is a participant in the war and the death of people on your hands as well as on Russian and Ukrainian.

    1. @Carson just like Russia would have fallen without the west’s help in ww2 , we even used Russia as cannon fodder back then, the west don’t lose so orcs will lose

    2. @Paul Matthews The USSR was a powerful industrial power and did not need any help. The West unleashed WW2, just like now, the war in Ukraine, for the sake of its own enrichment. Previously, the West used Germans as cannon fodder, and now Ukrainians. Previously, the West armed Hitler, and now Zelensky. The West constantly attacks Russia, but always gets in the teeth.

    3. @tosa It is NATO that commits genocide of the Ukrainian and Russian people. NATO uses Ukrainians as cannon fodder for the war against Russia. The Kiev-NATO regime has been bombing, torturing and killing civilians of Donbass and Ukraine for 9 years.

    4. @ЭЮЯ utter rubbish, the west armed hitler ,so we fought hitler while giving him weapons, and check your history Russia was losing badly until the west came in , your just a lying snake of a person

  2. Remember when Putin said that Russia had no intentions of invading Ukraine?

    A wise man once said:
    “Believing in Putin, means disrespecting yourself.”

    Slava Ukraini!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇲

    1. @ЭЮЯ “you didn’t get the point”

      Oh yes I did. I got the point. I simply attempted — in relation to the point — to kick-start a few minds into considering it seriously. Failed in the case of one mind (yours), but you can’t win them all; and I’m not about to give up trying.

    2. @ЭЮЯ Ukrainians fled because Russia invaded Ukraine. Is it that hard to understand? Ukrainians fled from Russia, not from Zelensky.

    3. @Olga Ukrainians fled from the Kiev regime in 2014. In 1991, there were 52 million people in Ukraine, and in 2020 – 30 million. And most Ukrainians came running to Russia.

    4. @David Wright you rant a lot, but you don’t understand the essence of the problem.

      in 2013 the United States carried out a coup in Ukraine, overthrew the legitimate government, brought the Nazis to power and ignited a civil war. The Ukrainian Nazi puppet regime, supported by the Americans, for 9 years brutally tortured and killed peaceful Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine and bombed Donbass. Russia has been asking the West to stop the genocide for 9 years, but the West only mocked and imposed sanctions. Russia has endured for a long time, but every patience comes to an end. And the residents of Donbass have officially turned to Russia for help in the fight against Nazism and genocide.
      Therefore, the Russian and Donetsk military are now fighting in Ukraine against the Ukrainian-NATO Nazi regime.

    1. @Ramadan Kadriu Over 80% of Ukraine is Orthodox though, and less than 10% are Catholic. December 25 doesn’t mean much to Ukraine.

    2. ​@Ramadan Kadriuwasn’t long ago Ukranians celebrated christmas in January.
      Do they still commenorate Stephan Bandera on January 1st?

    1. WW3 is around the corner. Nuclear war means less people and that means less carbon emissions

      We will fight till the last Ukrainians
      Long live Greta Thumberg
      -love from Canada, Slava Ukrainia 💪🇺🇦

  3. That what you get from narcissists. Lying, victim blaming, gaslighting. They are all the same, no matter what level they are operating on. It’s like they all read the same playbook.

    1. Ya we will never surrender. Fight till the last Ukrainians.

      WW3 means less people and that means less carbon emissions.

      Long live Greta Thumberg ✊

  4. every ceasefire putin has agreed to
    during the talks
    he attacks
    two hours
    after the agreement is inked he breaks it
    knowing the west
    will save it via a cover up
    rather then go back and do it all again

    kgb tactics are like
    extremely unbelievable abstract chess strategy
    makes little sense
    devious but yields results.

  5. “He is lying all the time”, doesn’t leave many places to go. Putin should just stop talking altogether.

    1. I agree but it’s not her fault. while her guest is talking she has a producer talking in her ear at the same time. The decision to cut the guest of was not hers, she did that based on what the producer is telling her.

    2. @Steen Romme I disagree, she is not a real journalist. She doesn’t write the questions herself. She a puppet who reads from prompters and has a producer in her ear steering the conversation. I do agree on the fact that she could have simply told him “I’m sorry I’m going to have to cut you off”. But other than that she has little to no control over the show.

    1. @TheDrAstrov Sovereign nation
      invaded by Mr. Putin using the same
      type of lies Mr. Hitler used to annex
      “part of” Czechoslovakia in 1938
      and to invade Poland in 1939.
      Bulls__t then, same now.
      Also, Slaughtering Stalin starved
      a vast number of Ukranians while
      ruling. They should trust a Russian
      with expansionist aims…..?
      No Fake News There, just truth
      about the thug/murderer Putin.

    2. @Djoker Dominator Who told you that Ukraine is corrupt? Do you think that American money is not going to the war? How do you imagine that? If you were given a weapon to protect your family, would you sell it to the side and take your child to die under Russian shells? Do not write nonsense! Come to Ukraine and see how our defenders lie in the trenches, how we treat Russian prisoners of war, and they defend their lives with our wounded, putting Ukrainian wounded soldiers in front of them in battle. Russia has no morals! These are fascists ready to massacre entire villages! Life is more important than money!

  6. Putin could have always announced a ceasefire for the Orthodox Christmas, which would have put the onus on Ukraine to also observe the ceasefire or look like the bad guys.
    Instead, he asks the Ukrainians for a ceasefire knowing they would refuse as they’ve experience of how the Russians honoured ceasefires called for the evacuation of civilians.

    1. The Orthodox Church supports the slaughter of Ukrainian women & children so they should not be having Christmas, they are worshiping the devil.

  7. Beauty of the Ukranian fearlessness in the fight against Russian invaders insures Victory💯
    Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦🇺🇸

    1. Don’t compare Trump with Putin. Trump might lie or twist words like any politician. Putin is a dictator.

  8. Moreover, he does everything by someone else’s hands. And when he fails, he blames everyone.
    There was one in the US recently. So he’s on his way to jail.

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