1. Chad the Chud Show Actually Anderson’s question was a good one. There are people who want to know if the sickness symptoms they have match his.

    1. The mortality rate is pretty damn low, especially if you’re receiving medical treatment. It’s by and large only killing very elderly people (who are already on the brink of death). For the average person getting it, it’s most likely just going to be like a cold or flu. And apparently 80 percent of people don’t even show symptoms (so they essentially don’t get sick). So it’s arguably not as debilitating on the average person. The regular flu is killing way more people. It appears it’s going to become a pandemic. Harvard projects 40-70 percent of the world will get infected. But if it’s killing largely only the very elderly, it’s not really that big of a deal. The thing that’s the biggest deal is people’s reactions to it and the negative impact on the economy.

    2. What’s frightening about it moron? He got a fever and recovered.
      Go hide under your bed, soyflake.

  1. I’m so sorry people have treated you that way. I hope you and all the patients get well soon! Everyone who is threatening you, your wife, and others (unfortunately you are not the only one I have heard of this happening to) needs to grow up. This is an illness that is not anyone’s fault, and you better hope it doesn’t happen to you or anyone you love. Then you can be the one having yourself and your family threatened.

    1. Leyla Zobel
      Yes, prayers work I will join you. Forgive these rude comments because they don’t know what they are doing. They are still blind and full of hate. Pray for them also to wake up. They will find out here really soon that Jesus Christ is King.
      Jesus bless you

    2. @Leyla Zobel You ain’t care for anybody plus you just put dumb emojis like if that’s going to help you look like you’re praying but you ain’t…

    3. @Christian Mayall Why do kiddie fiddler democrats literally believe that men can give birth, menstruate and have an abortion?
      What IS it with kiddie fondler democrats and their total detachment from reality?
      Is it because kiddie diddler democrats have negative IQ?

  2. I’m glad he’s well on the road to recovery and the small number of people threatening his wife should be ashamed, but I guess in today’s time being ashamed is no longer in existence.

    1. Uncle Ed humans are violent. Political party is just another layer. We all have the choice to love or hate.

    2. @none none It is moronic to continue to compare SARS-COV-2 to a cold or the flu virus. Stop. SARS-COV-2 is 4-7 times more contagious than the flu and at least 20 and up to 50 times more deadly (WHO/CDC).

    3. @Donna Johnsonso then is it ok to threatening those Asian American?  And there is no ashamed to your people?I am really happy that he is doing well,

    4. @Tookata Patha No way, it is not okay to be threatening Asian-American people, or any Asian people anywhere. ANYONE who has been exposed to SARS-Cov-2 should take responsibility for themselves and self-quarantine.

    5. This is all going as planned. I was being recruited over a year ago to help roll this out. I could participate with anything involving the death of innocent people. I made videos naming cities before the first infected person was diagnosed 22 Dec 2019). How could I possibly have known? Do you think anyone will listen? NO. I’m so thankful immunity was negotiated on behalf of myself and my children when I switched teams. Things are not what they seem. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    1. @Maurice Gamble Jr
      I have a feeling that it is man made . But if it is from our father in heaven as a judgement so people will come to repentance than his will be done.

    2. @gore 108 the flu doesn’t test negative while walking around contagious and remember the whistleblower was a 34 yr old opthalmologist.

    1. @Harald Gmeiner the flu is actually very dangerous if it wasnt that most of us get vaccinated we would be dead within a week of having the flu. 10 of thousands will be dead within weeks most none vaccinated are 90% of the deaths these days. The rest are horrible immune system.

    2. Yeah they just get a seizure all of a sudden and that’s it that’s the last moment they’ll remember

    1. @East West you dumb fucker
      you’re probably one of assholes sending him and his family death threats

    2. @Christian Mayall you are free to worship Gandalf or Harry Potter. Avoid insulting the beliefs of others, you come across as a bit of a prick whereas the person you’re insulting is simply expressing their belief.

  3. It’s difficult to contain such an outbreak without paid sick-leave and affordable healthcare

  4. Wait!!! how is she going to work every day but is infected I thought they said she is supposed to stay home

    1. @Dalea Nolan She is not showing symptoms yet. Tests are faulty. Virus is extremely contagious and it is likely she will spread it before she even knows she has it just like her husband. I would not want to be around her either.

    2. As long as she doesn’t spit in their co-workers mouths they’re probably pretty safe if they wash their hands get over the hysteria please

    1. @The Boss if we need “the wall”, why is Drumpf only repairing the fence? You have been conned by the scammer.

  5. I had the Hong Kong flu in 1968 or 69 it was no fun at all, I was sick 2 weeks, I was coughing up green slime with BB type things in it. It sounds crazy but it’s true. Keep well!!!!!

    1. @Say What happened to me. I got it too. It was horrendous and came on very quickly. That’s all I remember. I was in church at the time when I started to feel ill

    2. @David Butler
      I said I had the Hong Kong flu in 68 or 69, does it have to be the exact detail the exact date time? How old are you and where were you 50 years ago? I know most of my friends were sick with the Hong Kong flu too it was it just me.

  6. I’m waiting for the memes “Corona won’t affect you if you say, “If you infect me you’re gay.”

    1. @borg386
      “Hi, I’m one of the corona virus victims calling you from the grave.”
      “Wish you were here.”

    2. Probably old senile nursing home patients that don’t know what year it’s it. But stay scared beta…. It suits you.

  7. HOMELESS people!! If this virus hit homeless people community GOD help us. homeless people do not go to the doctor when sick. They will be on public bus/ train/ restaurant/ public street.

    1. @Lyanna Schwimmer homeless people fit two main categories . mentally ill or drug addicts. Plenty of help for them. My significant other is a social worker. Most do not want help.

    2. @Rob Donaldson perhaps you got what Rob MM meant wrongly – homeless people won’t seek help due to mental illnesses, malnutrition and drug abuse. It’s only matter and time this bug to spread among 20 – 40 thousand homeless in which that number is LA alone. Have you ever seen a homeless with clean hands ? They go days without washing their hands in which also OCD related in most cases.

    3. Jessy Sanchez lol I’M done. I never said I based any of my knowledge off of a YouTube video. I simply recommended the Invisible People’s channel because they can give you a new perspective on homeless people which I think everyone in this chain needs. And wtf do you mean, “majority of the time people want to be homeless”. I don’t know who-in any state of mind-would willingly subject themselves to being homeless. Nobody wants to. It’s just a cycle that traps people and makes it incredibly difficult to find jobs and shelter.

  8. His immune system went to battle and won, which explains his high fever. That’s a good immune system!

    1. Or a weak blown out of proportion virus..the guy says it was nothing then CNN goes anchor tries to lead back to it being worse than it is.

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