1. I remember seeing Trump tweeting that Obama would start a war with Iran to look strong and seems like the roles have switched

    1. @Bill Nevins
      He didn’t go to war with them because he considers them “friends”. They have big pockets, regularly buy out floors at Trump towers and are in discussion about possible Trump Tower in Saudi Arabia. His relationship with SA is similiar to relationship with Putin. He asked him if he did it. He said no and Trump chose to believe him despite intelligence reports from multiple agencies in various countries indicating SA government involvement.

    2. Cj Kemp….that not what President Trump said, in fact he said the opposite. Obama had Hadi-al-Amiri in the Oval office in 2011. He is the Iranian leader of the US Iraqi Embassy Protest. You can see him on YT. Obama was pro Iran and this upset the Iraqi’s. Obama made a Deal for no nuclear Development for 5 years. He passed over $150 Billion of Iranian investment money out of the US and $400 Million in a US Prisoner exchange. Obama considered Iran a friend. Iran has pushed Islam Terror into many Countries including the USA. Their goal is to make the World a place of ISLAM.

    3. If anyone cares to listen . DrUMPf accuses his apposite of his intentions. Can’t help but wonder that others are aware of this and it’s a form of covert communications?
      It happens all the time.

  2. 🍔 Studies have been done in the 70s 80s 90s and early 2000s racist people have a very low IQ covfefe

    1. Democrats are the party of the KKK genius. Democrats are also the party of segregation the party of poll taxes the party of Jim Crow laws the party that filibustered the civil rights in the 60s and the party that elevated the grand Cyclops Dragon of the KKK to its highest position….. but don’t let the facts get in the way you ignorant lazy animals

    2. @eddiejravannen At leat Antifa doesn’t grab bunch of yahoos with firarms and fire willy-nilly at anyone crossing the border. I mean. . . I’m racist against you people, but I’ll never do such a thing.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera Naw!! Trump is going to get another term and his supporters will suffer the consequences…

  3. 🍗 Trump has wasted over 13 million dollars playing golf. and he charges Secret Service for following him around

    1. Matt Gaetz congressman another lie. The money sent to Iran was their money. Frozen by the US government years ago. Learn something and stop spreading fake facts over and over again

    2. @digiboi wan
      So are you saying that 80 million was ok for Obama to waste playing golf? I don’t like either price for either President, but don’t blame one without blaming the other or the others in the future.

    3. @Matt Gaetz congressman That was their money, we seized and held on to for decades. Returning their money was part of the deal for the world to monitor their nuclear facilities. Iran went to International Court, and won a judgement, for the interest that would accrued, over that time. And the US complied but that was fair. I challenge you, to research the real fact, but you won’t. You will only listen to high paid people, who are not even real journalists. Can’t you understand what a real threat of Iran having nuclear weapons, would be to the US?

      Another issue I have is how, the right has made Obama, into an enemy, when he was elected twice, by the majority of those who voted. Either presidents, deserve respect or they don’t. It is like, we are your enemies, but Putin is your friend.

  4. 🍺 I’m like a smart person I know the biggest word to believe me I’m a very stable genius I’m the chosen one

    1. @WatchMyVideoDude Are you that fucking stupid? Trump actually said that he is recorded! WOW, just fucking wow how fucking stupid you idiots are.

    2. @William H As a Republican to a Trumper, sorry can’t call a Trumper a Republican because you aren’t however, hows is LGGTQ affecting your own personal life, your everyday life? Are you losing your job because of them, losing money because of them have they break into your house, have they shot up schools? What have they done to affect you so much? Please explain?

  5. Republicans seems to forget the value of Constitutional value when its convenient for them. Trump made a crime and needs to be impeached for it regardless of ones political leanings.

    1. @LaJuan Hughes It is not a crime to put a hold on aid. There is no proof that trump put a condition on the aid. None whatsoever.

    2. Great so you guys say nobody is above the law… So they impeached Donald Trump for obstructing Congress yet Nancy Pelosi is literally obstructing Congress number one by not handing over the articles of impeachment but also because she is trying to demand what happens in the senate. You know the whole separation of powers? You know how Donald Trump violating the separation of powers was a part of him being impeached? So it’s OK for Nancy Pelosi to engage in this activity just not Donald Trump. It sounds me like the democrats believe do as I say not as I do….

    3. @johnny ste Don’t you just love it how the democrats assume putting a freeze on aid had anything to do with Joe Biden? I mean not a single time during that entire waste of time and money in which they had a hoax investigation did anybody ever ask the question did anybody talk to Donald Trump and ask him if he feared joe Biden question if the reason they are doing this is because he believes Biden can win. I mean literally democrats keep saying nobody is above the law but Donald Trump dares to question Joe Biden son being on the board of the oil company and somehow this is a violation of some law? So then other words it is now illegal to ask for information about a potential candidate? Lol gotta love the circle logic of Democrats

  6. Mcsally lost – she was appointed when McCain died. Don’t Treat Her Like She’s in that spot because she earned it.

    1. Republicans never earn anything, your dear IMpotus inherited Obama’s economy and is trying to take credit for the entire thing

    1. @Jim Scott
      The “slick back boys” are already on active service in foreign countries, fighting America’s true enemies: Wild animals.
      Did you know that endangered species get in the way of a lot of profitable projects?
      By killing the remaining breeding pairs, the brothers grim are just eliminating red tape.

    2. @Justin Case – No, they get high on slaightering large trapped animals in Africa and killing off endangered species in Asia with night vision and laser scopes. True bravery.

    3. None of the Trump family including his grandfather had ever served their country including their prior country Germany

    1. @Grant Kussky do you not see that other countries may veiw America as terrorist we veiw America is good better than any other country is it wrong of them to veiw their country in the same way We have lost Americans as they have losses there are fathers, son’s, brothers, uncle’s, nephew’s, cousin’s, friends lost on both sides that people loved always 2 sides

    2. Maybe to those who aren’t looking in the right places and shame on them if they are. Any adversary thinking we’re vulnerable so now’s the time to make a move will be stunned by the ferocity of our response. Trump’s a dawdling child who’ll be quickly pushed out of the way when real trouble starts. The higher ranks of the DOD know he’s dangerous and useless in a true crises..

  7. He thinks impeachment makes America look unstable? I guess prisons make incarcerated ppl look unstable too. Free them then I guess.

    1. To me, as someone who isn’t American, it seems like your president is being expelled because of a phone call.

    2. If it’s a done deal why hasn’t Pelosi goven the paperwork to the Senate? So ppl like you will believe it! He’s not impeached because it hasn’t gone thru the protocol. They know dummies like you will believe! They’ve said you were dumb as long as that party’s been around! THEY CALL YOU STUPID! AND THEY’RE RIGHT! 😂 LOW VIBRATION MOFOS WHO BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY HEAR! 😂

    3. @Lisa Hudson It’s befuddling as to why you’re insulting my intelligence when you wrongly assumed I was a Democrat.

    1. @Ben Levinelol! good luck with that, since the new war is fought in “cyber space” not bombs, that’s so nineteen century, in which you have no control. Rich or poor America can’t afford being “cyber fleeced”, especially with those trillions in the national DEBT…

    2. @combatmedic YEAH BUT REPUBLICICANS think a stained dress is much wourse then quid pro qui etc etc

    3. @MrAmmanas REALY??? read it dont just taek fuax talking points/// there is a ton of incriminiating stuff in ther and corrupt. rember mueller said at get go he was investigating not making a yes or no..

  8. I love the Fox News propaganda talking point that “They wasted 29 million on the Mueller Report.”
    They never mention the 40+ million dollars that was seized from the crook Manafort. That is a net gain for the government. Investigating crooks is a profitable tool for government.

    1. Trump has spent 115 million on just golf trips and that clown is all worked up about the 28 million spent on the Mueller report. The foolish Benghazi trial cost millions too but I’m sure the twit had no problems with that. Idiots.

    2. @Scott Hay Exactly! Just getting him to stop his golfing would be a start! He is a sick nutcase who needs to be put out to pasture, preferably in an Orange jumpsuit.

    1. Yet I seem to remember there was more to that quote that you conveniently are forgetting that that that so let me help you! Seeing that you are obviously too uneducated to do your own research here is the actual quote.
      We won with young. We won with old. We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated. We’re the smartest people, we’re the most loyal people, and you know what I’m happy about? Because I’ve been saying it for a long time. 46% were the Hispanics—46%, No. 1 one with Hispanics. I’m really happy about that.

    2. Daniel Glover Again Trump loves you the poorly educated. Rather you short the quote or not the statement stands. Donald Trump loves the poorly educated. Donald Trump won with the poorly educated

    3. @David Butler How about he won because Americans would rather have somebody like Donald Trump then Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton was such a badd candidate that she lost to him. Let that sink in! The democrats are so weak Donald Trump beat them. He will beat them again because there is not a single candidate that has the ability to beat Donald Trump. I mean who are you going to run against Donald Trump? Hairy legs Biden?


    4. @David Butler Joe Biden loves children rubbing his hairy legs up-and-down. He also loves children jumping in his lap… #pedophile!

      Michael Bloomberg wants to tax the poor because he knows what decisions each individual should make for their own life.

      He also said in an interview that there are no governments in the world that is not accountable to their Constituents.. Yes let that sink in… http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/12/michael-bloomberg-china-pbs-climate-xi-dictator.html

      All the democrats had to do is be normal and they would win this election. That’s it! Please tell me who is going to beat Donald Trump ?

  9. Idoits!!! The results of an elections would not show by a snap of the fingers….All the good Obama did, Trump is taking the credit for…All the disasters Trump is causing, someone else is going to pick up the mayhem fix and clean up.

    1. sibilidiot The liberals are miserable people while the Republicans are working and prospering ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

    2. @Dave Waldon Oh really?? 😂😂😂😂 and by 2022 you all will be heartbroken😂😂😂😂 Yealp!! I see a repeat!!

    1. Yeah there’s a reason we voted against her in the last election, this state is turning more blue every year. This is coming from someone who lives there

    1. Hillary is going to prison. But looks like Obama might beat her to it. All thanks to Joe and his crack smoking son, Hunter. Rip dnc

    2. @Luke Laugh my gullible son is an electrical engineer and manager for a giant Hi-Tech computer company called Intel. You may have heard of them. He speaks two foreign languages fluently.

    3. @Mike, exactly. That’s why ppl always talk s— on this country, & why we have the audacity to get offended is beyond me.

  10. It’s tiring listening to people talking about a report they clearly haven’t read… Barr’s “summary,” Fox News’s coverage, and Trump’s tweets and statements by no means reflect the findings of the investigation laid out in the report.

    1. Exactly the facts are that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats paid for that fake Russian dossier and Obama spied on an incoming Administration using intelligence agencies lying to the fisa courts. Those are called facts

    2. Yah Saves You shouldn’t believe everything Fox and Trump tells you. Their claims that the investigation of the Trump campaign started with the dossier don’t match up with the fact that Papadopolous, Trump’s then campaign advisor was investigated for secret contacts with Russians months before the FBI was informed about the Steele dossier. Even Devin Nunes acknowledged this back then, when he was chair of the Intelligence Committee. I can acknowledge that some mistakes were possibly made by the FBI leading up to and during the investigation, but Fox News and other right wing sites and networks have blown this way out of proportion and instead created their own version of the events, simply picking and choosing whichever “facts” fit their narrative best, while leaving out ones that doesn’t. So far, no evidence has been presented to suggest that the investigation was politically motivated, and it doesn’t exactly help your argument that Papadopolous plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts, which strongly suggests that he was hiding something that he didn’t want the FBI or the public to know. The FBI was in its right to be suspicious of the Trump campaign given the secrecy and endless lies about their activities and close contacts to Russians, but I’m guessing Hannity and co forgot to mention some of this in their version.

    3. @Simon Nielsen I fired the cable company fifteen years ago. Im tired of your ilk instantly claiming that rubbish. I haven’t watched Fox News in YEARS. Try again. Democrats are ready to impeach because of a HOAX about Trump being a Russian agent for YEARS but you dont seem to mind the FACTS about Clinton paying a spy for Russian bar talk and used it to spy on Trump. Now we’re supposed to forget about that and move on to Ukraine where there is absolutely zero evidence that Trump did something wrong. But that doesn’t stop your ilk from wanting to impeach the president who is brought in the best economy in your lifetime and has record stock market gains unemployment numbers that have never been recorded and for the first time in 75 years we are energy independent. But once again you fools want to impeach somebody with zero evidence and you will also ignore direct evidence about Joe Biden’s quid pro quo. You don’t seem to have a problem with a vice president telling a foreign country that they will not get a billion dollars of taxpayer Aid if they do not fire the prosecutor looking into their son….. as long as that vice president is a Democrat. It’s disgusting and you’re the Enemy Within

    1. Nevada Scared impeachment was already dead… going nowhere. Pelosi knew it which is why she will not give the articles to the Senate.

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