He was innocent. But a facial recognition 'match' got this Black man arrested 1

He was innocent. But a facial recognition ‘match’ got this Black man arrested


Nijeer Parks couldn't have committed the crime. That didn't stop police from arresting him based off of a false facial recognition match. Here's why the technology can often misidentify Black people, with serious consequences.

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    1. It should definitely not be used to find criminals, it’s a freaking Computer program that’s inaccurate

    2. and definitely the people that use it.
      solution of a crime should never ever rely only in one source of evidence.

  1. I’m from Tennessee and the dude on that driver’s license looks like 20 other guys. This is sad man…

    1. @Silent Dragon I am well aware of that. This issue is that it’s scary this can happen to somebody that did not commit a crime

    2. You guys love being scared, after covid next on the schedule is climate crisis. Wait and see. Then you can be scared all over again but this time it’s gonna be about global warming.

    3. @Shibata Katsuyori It is and has and continues to happen. The problems with the system seem obvious. We need to be putting pressure on our representatives to make the change and do it now.

    4. @Alycia Parks well you are not well informed climate crisis has been here for decades We should see water shortages by 2025. And youll want to shower.

  2. “ i shouldn’t have to prove that i am innocent , you should prove that i am guilty” well said bro

    1. @The Milk Man its innocent till proven guilty. And they couldn’t prove he is guilty at all

    2. @The Milk Man simple logic dictates that your innocent until someone proves your guilty. You just spreading that booty chatter. Anyone with a brain knows that.

    3. @Robert Wright simple logic says you defend yourself. You don’t let someone accuse you with “proof” without refuting it. If you dont offer counter arguments then of course they will see you guilty. You prove your innocence. Thats how that works. If someone accuses you then you don’t use sit in silence. Yes you are innocent until proven guilty but you still fight against it to prove yourself innocent. That’s how that works. If you want, you can tell me your info and I can call in a police report saying you killed someone. See how well not proving your innocence works out for you.

  3. I thought they got the pic from a security camera or something. An actual pic of the criminal in action. Picking a fake licence off the ground and then getting a warrant off that is pure bullshlt

  4. I thought this was supposed to be a tool to help, I didn’t know this was evidence that can convict you with nothing else is insane

    1. @Alycia Parks the reason the tech has problems identifying darker skinned people has nothing to do with lightening. This tech has a hard time accurately identifying women as well. Yet light skinned men have a near 100% accuracy rate. Yet women with darker skin have an accuracy rate of 38%. The reason behind this is due to the method of programming. The way these technologies are made is by showing the computer images and having it categorize them. They input more and more date almost like teaching child. But the issue is humans have bias. You have to ask yourself why are white men the only category that is extremely accurate? To answer that question you have to look at the people programming these technology. The tech industry is overwhelmingly male and overwhelming white. This is reflected in the technology. Is the program trying to be racist? No it’s just a program doing what it’s learned. Are the creators racist? I don’t think I can even say that. But at the end of the day, the result is racist and sexist because darker skinned individuals and women are more likely to have their freedoms unjustly taken away than light colored men. The intent is irrelevant it’s the results that matter.

    2. @The Occasional Video I know… it’s just insane that people or companies for that matter would willingly use a product that they KNOW statically has a higher failure rate than success rate. Besides the racism and sexism it’s just bad business!

    3. @BLACK PROP Way worse than 1 mistake. Many more times than once. The future is not looking good with this, for anyone. Don’t let racial discussion blur the story here. This is bad for even you too, potentially.

  5. “You’ve proven to me that you can lock me up for anything and there’s nothing I can do about it”
    Damn! That’s deep, and so true being black.

    1. It’s true for anyone that isn’t wealthy, the criminal justice system is a money making machine, from the cops to the court’s and the prison system it’s money money money

    2. @The Milk Man are you joking, the only reason he was arrested was the software, even I , as a lily white, can see face shape differences,

    3. @The Milk Man actually, we use trillions in dna matches, your back of understanding science, and statistics show you are not running on all cylinders

  6. We tried to contact the Woodridge, police director, prosecutor and judge, but it was Wash your Hoods Wednesday and they were unavailable.

    1. How about the white robes??? Don’t they wash those too??? Maybe when they’re not burning crosses on lawns, they use the robes to lay on while inbreeding. Just a thought

    2. Cleaning white clothes is hard,you know how much these reds hate any stain on those white ropes and hoods,it will take them hours to get a stain off.

  7. I work in tech, and I have read multiple articles and been to a number of seminars. They all say that facial recognition is racist, because the foundation of those systems are not set up for and by people of color. They don’t accurately account for our complexion and features!

    1. @Infinite Universe what do you mean examples? Just because this one story is about a black man doesn’t mean it’s only black people that are racially profiled. There’s a reason why studies articulate that the tech is less than 50% accurate when used on people with DARKER skin. They don’t say a specific race. The point is studies show that the darker your skin is, or the less “European” your features are, the more likely the to be incorrectly identified as a criminal. The truth is in order for you to understand this you first need to care. Research this. Watch some documentaries on the subject, read the studies and articles. You have to WANT to understand. I’d recommend watching the Netflix documentary called Coded Bias. It’s very well done and explains all this well. This topic is complex and I had a hard time understanding it in the first place too.

    2. @Ruby Rose Lol. There are multiple examples of black men who have been knowingly incarcerated with to the use of faulty facial recognotion software apart from this guy where evidence has otherwise proven their innocence. I merely asked for you to present some examples of other “people of color.” You replied with an essay, displaying NONE. Lol.
      I am full aware of how the dominant society uses *coded language* to divert attention from very specific issues. ESPECIALLY when it relates to African Americans specifically….which i am not, but understand the treatment they receive very well at the hands of the state being a “person of color.” Black Egyptians and Moroccans for example have been classified as “white” by the census bureau, but as “people of color” when described in the media. My wife is such a person. Brown skinned Egyptian woman, classified as white. Mustafa Heny, is another …look him up…if you “care.” He speaks extensively on this subject. Just like how white women are considered “minorities” in America, despite the fact that there are more white women in America, than there are white men. You don’t know anything about me. U do not know what I do or do not care about. So pleaae……miss me with the bulls–t virtue signaling.

    3. They train less features on these deep learning algorithms to cut computational cost down. Worked for IBM douchebags who sell these flawed systems to governments. There is never, never a 100% accuracy in what these algorithms predict. At one time, Forestry and Agriculture department was about to wipe out certain trees because the deep learning algorithm labelled 5.8 million trees as infected. It was later found that there were errors in the model…Sadly 120 000 trees were lost. These deep learning models require rich features…In image recognition, 69% predictive power is considered standard. What a joke.

    1. @Scott Parr I mean BLM CO founder worked for big tech and bought 4 houses in white neighborhoods but hey you got got

    2. @Diablo 6 9 stop believing lies. You can so easily find out how wrong you are by researching where all the money from the stimulus bill went.

    3. @Es Tim did you not hear the research fellow, stating it wrongly detects misnomers in people of COLOR, I’m assuming priveledge has placed blinders over your eyes, ears, and soul. Sheep gonna be sheep.

    1. Whether you like it or not, it’s impossible to ban facial recognition software. Anyone with decent coding skills and access to a facial database can make their own software. I’d be like trying to ban macaroni art: hard to enforce and anyone can make their own

    2. Day-um. Even i could see the facial characteristic differentials in the brief few seconds the two men were shown. Maybe the FRS’s algorithms were programmed by a “they all look the same” white dude.

    3. @visteo bman Only if who You are trying to find happens to be a white man. If not the accuracy rate is lower than eyewitnesses stats. So no. I don’t agree with that statement.

    4. Based.
      Styx pleae make a video about this. This topic affects us ALL in a very immediate sense. It completely opposes many beliefs and I believe some of your own. This topic must be met and exposed with deserved urgency.

    5. @Ruby Rose so you think police line-ups are more accurate than facial recognition software? Really?

    1. @Ruby Rose do tell me if you can identify every single difference between a group of 10 asians, a group of 10 Africans, and a group of 10 Caucasians from Poland and Russia. You can for some but some will be harder than others even for our human eyes. We don’t live that culture. We don’t easily know 1 from 2 like they would. Asians can tell asians apart better than whites. Whites can tell whites apart better than asians can. Africans can tell Africans apart better than asians. Are we all “racist” for not having the cultural ability to recognize different ethnic and racial features the way they can? We must be.

    2. @The Milk Man u wouldn’t say this if u was falsely locked up in a prison for 10 days . You’d change ur tune real quick

    3. @The Milk Man dude what even is the point you’re trying to make with that last comment? Wtf man you’re totally nuts…

  8. This is why that woman(a black womanon the AI team) at Google spoke up and was fired for pointing out this bullshit

    1. Because they knew full damn well their system was faulty and this problem was apparent. They just didn’t want it thrown back in their face from a person of color not in overall charge. Silencing yet another person of color but corrupt caucasians want to say them and THEIR rights are being censored/silenced.

    1. @Dan Pedersen I’m an actual coder. I have a degree in graphic design and I suck at math. Which is okay because math has almost to nothing to do with algorithms and what it does is not applicable to humans. 37 now. I’ve been coding since I was 16 years old.

    2. @stink finger you’re childish vague mockery means nothing other than you can’t come back with anything better. As I stated. If you have any more supporting facts in this case or a similar case from this channel that brings a different context to the situation or if you can prove they are lying in some form or fashion oh, that would be one thing, but generalizing as you were doing right now, means and proves nothing. Which I’m guessing is what you’re going for. You don’t make any direct claims and you don’t have to back anything up. Just generalizing news as a whole allows you to be childish and feel Superior, as you clearly need…

    3. @stink finger On this or any other case from this channel, do you have any contacts to add to that situation that would color it in a different manner?

    4. @stink finger On this or any other story can you prove that they were lying about any specific fact, from this channel?

  9. People should also Sue all those face recognition Camera’s companies as well. And arrest that judge who signed it, for not doing his job.

    1. Oowww.. the guy was arrested in Tennessee, then the facial recognition said to the guy he is the only ten it sees. Lol

  10. It’s a rough Life when someone blames you for something that you didn’t do when it when it comes down to your race and your skin color that’s a whole different story

  11. Facial recognition vs. A video tape(s) of a murder by a police officer. The killer officer got a 4 wee trial even though we all watched the video.

  12. He should be extremely well compensated for his time both in jail, his court time and fee’s. Plus the damage to his reputation.

    1. I agree with you. But the system is not about getting it right. It’s rigged against ppl of color.

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