1. Condolences to all the mothers, fathers and families who lost their loved ones in Ukraine

    1. @Usman Khattak Rather stay on topic. It’s about Ukraine and Russia. Or do you want to blather about any other war throughout history as well?

    1. I don’t feel sorry for Russia, at this point they understand they can surrender or they can refuse to fight they won’t be jailed because it’s not a war and Russia isn’t under martial law.

  2. All Russian politicians who criticize Putin and his policies do so at their own risk, they are people who love their country, and that is courageous of them.

    1. @Jorge E it’s the kind of soap that is used to wash the mouth with. It’s needed after all the lies.

  3. Condolences to all families that have lost a loved one in the mad man dictator Putin’s war.

    1. @Pat Doyle ,The reason am talking Race here because it is most English talking politics can relate to and colours when it comes to immigration anyway !!!!! What Race of people Ukrainians are and how big was Ukraine in term of land in 1654 and which Race of people joined lands with it since then atw to 1954 Crimean Korochouv Soviet leader !?

    2. @Rossi B
      Did you switch accounts? I never saw or responded to ANY comment by this one. And since “race” is a myth, I don’t gt your point.

  4. Kasyanov is right NATO is not a threat to Russia rather Russia is a threat to NATO.
    This is why you need to join NATO.

    1. @This is the way Are you saying Russia didn’t start any wars? They were even one of the aggressors of ww2 since they attacked Poland simultaneously with Germany through the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. But that was glossed over after the war since they switched side. of Are you saying Russian leaders didn’t kill millions of their own population? Russia have wonderful people but have always struggled with extremely poor leadership. Putin today is the closest we’ve been to Hitler since ww2/

    2. Right, almost all eastern European countries rushed to join NATO, including my ours, our first free president was a writer, but he said, we must choose a side, it’s essential for our survival, the problem of Russia is, it doesn’t know where it ends…so we joined NATO, it took like 10 years, but we are are there, it was the best political decision, our country, Czech Republic, made, after fall of Iron curtain, but we cannot put a blind eye on countries, who are in the the same, worse, situation, like we were in 1989, we must help them, our revolution was Velvet, but they’ve been attacked for no reason, my country gives them free all Soviet stocks, we have, T72s, BMP armored vehicles, and most recently we are sending rm-70 MLRS, upgraded in 2015, they fight for freedom and independence,Putin must loose, it’s democracy against autocracy, there’s no other way

  5. Russia is behaving stupidly. Ukraine has the right to defend themselves. Believe in the sun, even when it’s not shining. Russias invasion is not anything more than a cloudy day to a Ukrainian. Believe in love even when you don’t feel it. The whole world is sending aid to Ukraine. God will help Ukraine. 👏🇺🇦🌹

    1. @Nitto Wobs I hope so. I know this is terrible for the future of many in Russia too.
      Many brave patriots have been jailed or killed in Russia before this war.
      Anna Stepanowa Politovskaia, we remember you.

    2. @Nitto Wobs Sorry, no. It is Russia.

      Last pole taken in Moscow was 82% in favor of Ukraine Invasion, with 72% voting to expand the invasion into Poland.
      I don’t think more than 10% of Russian are actually against this. Most are in full favor of what is going on.

  6. Excellent guest, with first hand insights. Speaking out as a real patriot. Thanks for the good questions Ms Amanpour.

  7. Mr. Kasyanov, I like your discussion about Russia very much, and it is touching to know you once had the idea of Russia joining NATO. I would say it would have been even better for Russia to join Europe as an equal country. Maybe too late for that now, but it was a noble dream. I hope Russia can dismiss and recover from Putin’s evil intentions. Maybe you would be asked to play a part in the re-establishment of Russia, and some kind of democracy. Putin is almost as tragic for Russia as he is for the Ukraine! Dasvidaniya !

  8. Excellent brave guest, with first hand insights. Speaking out as a real patriot. Thanks for the key questions Ms Amanpour.

    1. Christiane Amanpour and Fox’s Jennifer Griffin are fine journalists despite the partisan branding of their respective networks. There are others.

  9. Condolences to all the Russian youth who lost their freedom and their futures. ( + condolences to the brave Ukrainians whom I admire greatly. Peace for Ukraine.)

    1. I watch a youtube channel called 1420 which interviews mainly young russians about their thoughts,their hopes etc…Most of them are bright individuals who dont hate the world and want to get with their lives..the draconian laws in russian stop many from voiceing a true opinion about recent events…Thrre are some however,and mainly women who do express their thoughts..a good channel to gain some perspective…This is not russias war…its a war waged by its “government”

    2. @Dave Burgess I agree with you. What you must know (and you probably do also) is that, for the most part of the last centuries, Russia (or the USSR) has been governed by people who’s entire reason of being was to take care of themselves and their regime.
      Its very hard, even for the younger members, to take solace for being different. They can’t see themselves as being anything else than the fruit of the authoritarianism their parents and all those before them were subject of.
      They’ll accept it, but don’t want to become like the USA. Not only for sociological reasons, but also because the USA has become so corrupt that the effort to become like them isn’t a benefit.
      What I would counsel the younger Russians is to try to become Europeans. Though Europe is not perfect, I’ll be the first to agree, it’s still better. Freedom, free education, nice cities where crime isn’t rampant… If Moscow becomes European, then all Russia will. And, like Berlin, it will be a wonderful day.

  10. Being angry at the expansion of NATO is like being mad at your neighbor for putting up security cameras around his house and locking his doors at night. The fact that you think that affects you is highly suspicious.

    1. Not really.NATO’s eastward expansion was the most fatal mistake in NATO policy, because NATO promised it wouldn’t expand eastward after the fall of Soviet Union.
      Put yourself in Putin’s position. NATO is still essentially an anti-Russia organization that just keeps moving closer and closer to Russia. Putin tried diplomacy for years and NATO didn’t listen.
      It’s like Russia wanted to put their troops right on USA doorstep, they wouldn’t like that as well.The US would never tolerate a situation like that.

  11. This guy is awesome! He started many reforms in Russia and laid a foundation for prosperous future before Putin started ruining Russia.

  12. Mikhail Kasyanov: “In fact, all these explanations that there is a danger and a threat by NATO– those are absolutely artificial reasons that Mr. Putin developed himself.” Ok, that’s what we all knew, but it is good to hear it coming from a former Russian Prime Minister.

  13. Very informative interview, thank you. Let’s not forget all the brave Russian activists like Aleksandr Valterovitsj Litvinenko, Alexei Navalny, Sergej Skripal, Anna Politkovskaya, Yelena Osipova, Marina Ovsyannikova, and many other Russian activists. To be an activist in Russia is not as easy as in the West. Let’s hope Ukraine will win the war. Slava Ukraini. And let’s hope the Russian people will have one day really a choice and voice.

    1. We remember them. I think.of them every day. It is awful to loose your country to an autoritarian imperialist regime.

    2. @Kathrin Scharrer We sympathize with you. Have hope. Light will conquer the darkness. Take care.

    3. @Natures Garlands Thank you. I was raised in the belief that if Germany could be peaceful and never again challenge its neighboors borders and sovereignty then there would be peace in Europe. Apparently not.
      I am glad Germany has learned that but it has made us blind to the fact that others have not.
      Let us hope darkness does not win. The front line is right at Mr Orbán’s and Ms Le Pen’s feet.

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