He Was 'Urging Me To Believe Him': Keir Simmons Discusses Putin Interview 1

He Was ‘Urging Me To Believe Him’: Keir Simmons Discusses Putin Interview


NBC News' Keir Simmons sat down with Russian President Vladimir Putin for an exclusive interview, and Putin discusses Alexei Navalny without naming him and U.S. allegations that Russian hackers or the government itself were behind cyberattacks. Simmons joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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He Was 'Urging Me To Believe Him': Keir Simmons Discusses Putin Interview


  1. Oh lord, I can see how Putin was able to convince Trump. Trump has no *BALLS* and would fold when being ordered by Putin.

    1. Idk man, Russia wasn’t hacking the US pipelines and food suppliers until Biden was elected. Pretty sure they know Biden is a pushover and a weak, fragile old man.

    2. @FinznFowl82 Russian cyber attacks never happened before ?
      Newsmax and Q have fuked your only brain cell up.

    3. Not to mention Putin is just stroking his ego. Everybody knows that because Trump is like a child while he is a child in his mind. But this way Putin will encourage him to run again and diaper Dawn does have secrets. Which is very scary in and of It’s self

    1. @PhilLesh69 so your point is that in America news outlets decide who is guilty of murder. That’s not silly, no no 😃

    2. @grandma k. especially if the point is to accuse someone of murder without any sustainable proof and evidence. Trust mass media more, it’ll get you far 😂

    1. @Nancy Ross Here I am, waiting for all this ‘evidence’ of Putin ‘buying’ Trump. I guess it’ll all magically turn up, one day.

    2. @firestream93 It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize Trump’s verbiage comes straight from Putin’s suggestions. Sometimes, Trump changes from 1st to 3rd person in one sentence, which could be indicative of reading a direct translation from the Russian language to English. It could also just be an indication of how truly demented his thought process has become. My guess it is a combination of both.

    3. @m karas Is that the only thing you can come back with? No actual point, just idiotic rhetoric.

      I expect nothing less. Maybe next time, you could come up with some adult themes.

  2. If they would have invited Moscow Mitch to the interview Putin would have been completely forthcoming about anything and everything.

  3. Notice Putin’s left eyebrow when he is answering, or trying not to answer questions; especially about Alexei Navalny. It raises higher than his right eyebrow. Looks like a subconscious, inadvertent “tell” to me.

    1. If you like seeing Body Language.. find the several still photos (as well as the videos)–
      There are several showing former Pres at podium, as well as walking beside Putin,
      at the press conference in Helsinki.
      with what I call the “Bad Doggie” look.. slumped over, like tail between legs..
      So strange looking!

  4. For those interested in advanced psychology and criminal psychology , Putin , like others uses laughter as , one ,contagious and two , as disarming…these are basics in turning one’s mind into a weapon , stay sharp people

    1. the blond jaba the hut doesn’t know how to laugh as well as poootin, as he is still taking ‘fascism for dummies’ classes.

  5. It’s maddening to know almost have of US citizens want the dollar store version of Putin as our autocrat.

  6. Nathan Thurm: “I knew that, who told you that? I knew that. I don’t know why you would think that, but who told you I didn’t know that? I mean, I know that.”

  7. you can clearly tell, he has absorbed some tactics over the last few years… and yep, the United States does seem to own an apartment rent-free in his head, as he constantly comes back to US to justify everything he does. Let’s hope at some point we have a more powerful United Nations.

    1. usa could have nuked them off the planet yrs ago.. but as much as russia atacks the us infrastructure.. usa will do nothing to retaliate because they are ‘white”. usa has only attacked Brown countries

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