1. He should have to pay. Retract his previous statements. Apologize publicly and in writing to every major news outlet. And contribute 20,000 hours of service to the families he has damaged.

    1. @munrokpop The highest estimates of Alex Jones Networth (that i could find) are 135 Million$. Keeping this in mind i think that 150 Million $ are good start.

    2. @Merril R Honest discussions are not a bad thing to have. Its certainly better than to fall into the youtube news echobox trap.

    3. @F. W. To be honest I haven’t seen one Trump loyalist on these YouTube videos that want to have a decent conversation. They only come here to insult and throw baseless accusations. I’ve never had the uncontrollable urge to go to a Fox News, Newsmax or OAN YouTube videos to insult and argue. I’ve got much better things to do with my precious time here on earth then to do that. In my opinion that shows some kinda deep set emotional issues that can be dealt with with counseling, an intervention or if that doesn’t work maybe an exorcism. People in cult’s are very hard to deal with.

    1. @Jason Frew If they could demonstrate that their claims are right, they wouldn’t be conspiracy theories.

    2. Believing in a conspiracy isn’t professional enough to criticize. I’d shelf it in a compulsive/obsessive category of debate.

  2. I hope they get the full amount. Jones has made a fortune peddling absolute lies, and this has been going on for over a decade.

    1. @Hawks Fan you can’t claim bankruptcy if you have money. He’d have to have only what he needs to live on, that his salary didn’t cover.

  3. Any reputably jury would double that amount. Supposedly he has a lot of money, and backers. He should also have to live out his days under a bridge with an ankle monitor so he can go anywhere but to beg. No mercy for insurrectionists.

    1. @123idreamjeannie when did he do a retraction that was the size of his original claims ? Why hasn’t he sought news outlets to publically apologize for what he said ? No he is not “usually right”

  4. His actions caused people to go after victims who lost their children. They had to move and go into hiding at times. Those families deserve every cent from this snake oil salesman!

  5. Openly admitted he promulgated the lies for his personal benefit. Tried to walk it back, then doubled down to preserve his ‘fan base’ and no doubt his income. 🤮

  6. I don’t believe in public executions like Alex might. but he’s kind of the perfect example of making the case. himself.

  7. That man deserves destitution for the remainder of his life. That was the first time I noticed a conspiracy that disgusting that actually gained real traction with tens of millions of people.

    1. @Greninja10k offensive words,so that is all you see him doing,what about those poor parents who were terrorized by his followers some of them had to move several times to get away from the deranged clown that his Constant telling them that the kids were not dead but actors ,hell yes take him of everything he got,stop telling lies or else you will eventually pay.

    2. @Greninja10k they said “deserves” , they didn’t say “within the framework of the legal system and US constitution”

      He is vicious SOB and sometimes you need to inflict financial penalty to slow a person like this down. His Sandy Hook nonsense helped fuel the viewer base for the last decade that has pulled him in 50 mill per year, he is a very dangerous man and a truly awful person

      So yes he deserves it.

  8. I sometimes wish we could inflict the kinds of cruel and unusual punishment that these gaslighting narcissists put others through.

  9. Take everything that he’s worth. That’ll teach him…. He made these people suffer twice for no reason by denying that these kids were murdered by a mass shooter. So he needs to pay! The way to get these evil people to stop spreading their hate and misinformation is by hitting them in the pockets!

  10. I see no reason he should be able to keep even more $1 he raised on the backs of these victims of tragedy. The fact that anyone listens to him reveals how contemptible and pathetic this section of America is. If a quarter of Americans believe this crap, we are deeply pathetic.

  11. Justice must be served, and this will a warning for conspiracy pusher that will be accountable for their moronic actions

    1. Believing in a conspiracy isn’t professional enough to criticize. I’d shelf it in a compulsive/obsessive category of debate.

  12. It’s only about the money for Alex Jones. He couldn’t care less about whether it’s fiction or fact or painful to parents of murdered children. He is lowest of the low. So there is only one punishment, take the money from him.

  13. From the UK: I had never heard of Alex Jones until he started his conspiracies, which I found absolutely appalling. Then seeing M.T.Green literally running after that young man in the street calling him a liar. Surely she should be prosecuted too.

    1. Her time is coming. I think they are saving her for close to last. She wants to be relevant so badly.

    1. @Bruce Smith Nobody who do wath he did to innocent familys who lost their children is a hero. In Sweden he should newer be allowed to speak in tv again after saying something like that. Sweden is a real democracy.

  14. The whole ordeal that Jones caused these grieving parents to go through is just disgusting. To think that 75 million Americans actually believed Jones’s conspiracy theories to the point they would actually threaten parents that had had their children murdered. We have a very sick society and I do not see it getting any better.

    1. When trump goes away it will get better, that’s the key, trump has to be indicted and convicted and sent to prison to save this country.

  15. It’s crazy his defense is little kid arguments: “He did it too.” “I didn’t know I couldn’t do that.” “They’re picking on me.”

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