'Heading In The Right Direction': Senator Warren Enthusiastic About New Biden Agenda | MSNBC 1

‘Heading In The Right Direction’: Senator Warren Enthusiastic About New Biden Agenda | MSNBC


Senator Elizabeth Warren discusses her hopes for the new Biden administration, highlights among new staff members she is enthusiastic about, and expectations that Democrats will hold together to advance an agenda. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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'Heading In The Right Direction': Senator Warren Enthusiastic About New Biden Agenda | MSNBC


  1. I donated to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential campaign. She has tons of great ideas that our country needs to implement! I especially want to see Congress has finally pass her Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act!

    1. Ha yeah right. Why wouldn’t you be embarrassed to support someone who lied about their ethnicity to gain an advantage.
      Then continue the lie for decades?

    1. His mittens were hand made from a repurposed wool ski-sweater that was shrunk down in a hot wash and cut into mitten shapes and sewn. Just a little fun fact for you ….

    2. @K. McKee Aww thanks. I read about that too! And the woman who made them is Jen Ellis, a school teacher. I hear she’s also taking orders.

  2. Does Elon Musk have enough seats on his space craft for one-way tickets for all DC politicians and first class for Rachel ?

  3. If four years of Trump has taught us anything, its that America’s woeful investment in education has demonstrated American Exceptionalism in the worst possible way. Time to address endemic ignorance right across the USA.

  4. Yea starting out right in Portland with a new series of protests/riots complete with glass breaking ceremony yea
    do I hear a bailing out of jail plea. Wonder how Kamila and Joe will handle this.

  5. What a joke, “news”. The same girl who was crying that we all gona die of rona, littlery yesterday…….

  6. Mind Begs the Question:
    If a Nation building – Concentration Camps,
    Woman of that Nations Origin – stays Silent,
    If selected – Americas V.President,
    Is as standing with Hitler,No?

  7. This stuff is like watching a 2 year old enjoying their toy after getting their way from a temper tantrum.

  8. If EW is happy about a “new direction “, I’m sure it’s has something to do with driving off a cliff….

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