1. So, can we get PAST the idea that Trump’s Cult actually, “believes,” in Trump’s, “words”??? Can we just talk about WHY Trump fans, “Fake Believe”??? They must WANT a Putin Style, Single Party, Totalitarian State? They WANT a FAKE, “Opposition,” for, “Appearances Sake,” in a PRETEND Republic. We need to talk about the PROPAGANDA that has turned them AGAINST our Republic, don’t we? The Cult HATES, Dems (their fellow Americans, FFS!) SO MUCH, that they simply DON’T CARE about the FALL of DEMOCRACY!

    1. @AwesomeBlackDude – that’s the last dude any sane person would vote for. Sanders is a one horse show. Too old, on the verge of death. Vote Bloomberg, Elizabeth or Biden. In any case I’m voting #BlueNoMatterWho. If its Bernie so be it. Better than any Satan Republican.

    2. @Virginia Ryno Biden & Bernie are the same age. Bernie has his wits. Can’t say tgat if the coooerate shill Biden. I’d di aby weireun vire before I’d vote for him. He wouldn’t chg that nant of tRumps policies.

  2. Remembering the day that Democracy spread, and that Russian Totalitarianism collapsed? That will send a SHUDDER down Pompeo’s spine . . . Oh, wait . . . Pompeo doesn’t have a spine, does he? A chill in his Depends, then? . . .

    1. Quiet Entropy : That’s called, “Hypocrisy,” where I come from. They actually have more, per capita, millionaires in China, than ANY other country in the WORLD. Their Communism is a joke, which, like all other countries that pretended to be Communist, is just a mechanism for State control. And, every single millionaire and billionaire in China, is either in government, has relatives in government, or is doing, “work,” for the Intelligence Services. You can’t even get real news in China, without getting on a watch list, or even a hit list . . . Smh

    2. Phyllis Steging : No one’s forgetting Cuba. But, since Putin has a puppet dictator in Venezuela, now, and has control of their oil, they’ve moved down the list of American priorities. Any REAL president would have put have stop to that. We nearly had a Nuclear WAR with Russia, over them setting up nukes in Cuba, over the SAME THING. This is the first time in history, that the Russians have gotten into the Western Hemisphere. And, you can BET, if Venezuela doesn’t have Russian Nukes, pointing at America, right now, they WILL . . . And Trump is HELPING THEM . . .

    1. @AwesomeBlackDude – wont be Bernie unless push comes to shove. Blue no matter who. I do understand who I’m voting for. More than you know. Thanks for the link going to check it out now.

    2. Virginia Ryno : If Bloomberg became the running mate to Sanders, Warren, or Biden? . . . Now, THAT would be something?

    1. Andy P You are so right. Here in Canada we know this. Not just Iran. A lot of countries smell a weak, unworkable country. I don’t trust N.Korea or Russia either. If America gets attacked so do we. America in my view has never been so vulnerable.

  3. Thanks Trump for putting the Entire World in Jeopardy! As far as the Spineless Republicans that allowed this to Happen on their Clock and Senseless Decisions!! Vote them out 2020!! Obama is the Saving Grace that defused this Threat, Trumps/ Republican Party loves War!! God Save us All!!!

  4. No!! Pompeo is going there for wall research. You know, like for the southern border. I can picture Trump asking him to go there and find out why they brought down their wall.

  5. How IRONIC that Pompeo goes to Germany regarding take down of their wall, while his Moron Boss wants to build a wall. GOPs wont see that irony.
    Give me a break

    1. There’s a difference between building a wall separating two countries protecting national sovereignty and tearing down a wall that was separating people of the same nation, culture, ethnicity, etc.

    2. @Jason Smith what do you have to say of the more than 20 people that have scaled the wall already. One was a child and the others it took him five minutes with $100 saw do you think that’s a well spent 20 billion dollars I believe that they should be brought up on embezzlement charges

    1. Actually sending his daughter who has no job title or authority, would be the insult. I’m pretty sure they are happy not seeing Trump.

    2. He was the lesser evil. It wasn’t even a big fuss. So, no a big deal.
      Trump knew exactly why not to show up. We would have given him quite a warm wellcome.

    1. Virginia Ryno : And, we’re so past the point at which his Cult can pretend to, “believe,” in him. We have a massive Cult, indoctrinated by Fox and others, into hating their fellow Americans, more than they hate our foreign enemies. So, they don’t care about truth. They actually WANT a Dictatorship. They WANT a Single Party System, like in Russia, with a FAKE Opposition, for appearances, so they can PRETEND we still have a Republic, and aren’t just Putin’s Puppies. All because Propaganda has eaten away the soul of America, capitalised on greed and racism, and instilled fear and hate into the hearts of the credulous . . . Smh

    2. Logical Con: You don’t, “believe,” in anything, son. You just hate Americans. If you are American, which I seriously doubt, you’re indoctrinated, into hating your own people more than America’s actual enemies. I’ve never know you to have a, “point,” and I’m a Conservative. You’re just an Alt-Wrong NPC, and a hater, with delusions of eloquence

    3. @Ash Roskell I have seen you dozens of times. You have never brought me one logical argument. You have never disproved even one claim that I’ve ever made. Every time you respond to me, it’s nothing more than empty crying, just as it is, now. That’s just sad. I don’t care that you claim you’re a conservative. I don’t care if you tell me you’re the queen of englland. Those claims mean nothing, and they do nothing to disprove my position.

    4. Dan Mc Farland,
      All you have to do is watch Jim Jordan foaming at the mouth defending Trump. The same guy who knew “Nothing” about the serial athlete molester at OSU in the wrestling program. Ha what a bunch of crap. The Republican attacks are way more vicious and personal than our attacks. It seems that you are all ready to defend this lousy president until he gets mad and throws you under the bus. You are all so blind to the FACTS!

    5. @Ash Roskell Conservatives don’t cry. They use logic and facts. You have neither of those. For instance, your frantic claim that there’s a dictatorship, when there is literally nothing that indicates that, and everything that indicates the opposite, and if you want me to prove that, I can. I already know you cannot. Conservatives also don’t solely get their news from fake news MSNBC, so no. By all definitions, you are not a conservative, sir. You are a either a confused Leftist who doesn’t know you’re a leftist, or you’re a liar.

  6. _”The world is missing USA:s involvement in the Cold War?”_ Stupid! The Cold War was USA vs. Soviet, and we don’t miss the nightmare of the Cold War. Now there’s no Cold War anymore, thank all supernatural agents for that! Russia of today is an intermittent annoyance compared to Soviet — Putin is not important, and his days are counted anyways. We don’t need USA as a big budy threating our Enemy, we need a rich trading USA to stabilize the world market, rather than China doing that in its place!

    1. Never underestimate the quiet one. Just because Mr. Putin isn’t tweeting “I own a 4th of America & their new Pres “talks too much” – doesn’t mean it’s not. If our National Security thinks Russia needs to be watched – stay focused.

  7. What do you expect. tRump rejected the deal that President Obama made with Iran. It left them free to do this!

    1. His hideous agenda is to destroy everything Obama accomplished in office. His jealousy of Obama is way beyond belief. The sad part is he’s too delusional to see that he’ll never be the well respected man Obama is. It literally kills him inside that an African American man is so well respected in this world and that he was one of the best presidents this country has ever had.

  8. Those who voted for Trump
    I hope you are happy, we are getting another North Korea
    A rogue country with nuclear weapons
    You have deaths on your hands

  9. So puppet pompeo is in Germany to celebrate the anniversary of their wall being torn down while back here he’ll praise puppet master’s tRUMP for trying to build one? What a hypocrite!

  10. Reagan had very little to do with this. It had already been decided by the USSR’s involvement in war. They were broke. They happened to be lucky with Gorby.

    1. did yo see the news where an 8yr old girl can scale trumps “unscaleable by world class mountain climbers” wall roflmao! not only can they scale it its daily being cut through.

  11. amazing, since americans now love walls almost as much as the isralies and why reagon, the president best remembered by the people of berlin, is john kennedy…..

  12. 3:39 what deal? there was a deal which ended when the US withdrew from it and reinstated sanctions
    don’t tell me that Iran is doing in violations of a deal that no longer exitst thanks to the US

  13. *Remember when “The Chosen One” lied on Aug 17th, 2017, falsely sating “Wages haven’t gone up in a long time” when at that time of the lie, they’d been rising for at least 3 years*

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