Health Canada approves Pfizer shot for children 12 and older

Health Canada has approved the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine safe for children ages 12 and older.

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    1. She is not a she and has a wonky eye like they all get . Deceivers.

  1. If it doesnt work against the mutations… Aren’t you just creating drug resistant super strains?

    1. As the virus spreads, it naturally mutates. Vaccines have nothing to do with the development of mutations.

  2. Health Canada Authorizes the shot…Approval only occurs after full trials have been completed. All these shots are authorized under the emergency measures only.

    1. @Amelia Bedelia I you say so…because that’s the only evidence the government uses…hearsay. Look up the death rates for each year…nothing has changed.

    1. I read that Alberta starts Monday but Canada is focussing on hotspots so Ontario could start on Friday or Monday. If you’re in any other province unfortunately I don’t know, sorry

    1. That may very well happen if your children give you COVID19 because you wouldn’t vaccinate them.

    2. @Christopher Guy Children have next to zero chance of even becoming infected let alone dying.

  3. I guess Health Canada officials have received their bribes since there are no studies and so they have no data to back up this clearly for-profit decision.

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