Health Canada’s response to cases of allergic reaction 1

Health Canada’s response to cases of allergic reaction


Health Canada’s chief medical adviser Dr. Supriya Sharma responds to the allergic reaction cases out of the U.K. and shares details about the ‘strict system’ in place for monitoring patients who receive Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine.

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    1. @true.aquarian eyes I’ve got my flu vaccination for the past 5 years. Not once have I been sick. Just a sore throat and mild sniffles when it starts getting cold out like right about now.

    2. @bruh congratulations I haven’t had a flu shot in 10 plus year I’m not dieing from influenza either nor have I contracted covid

  1. Keep close eye on the insurance policies, regarding this virus. I suspect that there’ll be alot of loopholes in the small print.

  2. I won’t say that I won’t get it, but I can tell you right now it’s gonna have to be out for at least couple years before I think of taking it. I’m not going to be no guinea pig.

  3. This will soon be like those medicine commercials on TV when they speak at light speed towards the end about all the side effects that might kill you.

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