Health Canada’s update on the AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clot case

Health Canada Chief Medical Adviser, Dr. Supriya Sharma discusses the risks of the AstraZeneca vaccine potentially causing blood clots.

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    1. As CDC’s VAERS Acknowledges Deaths Following Experimental COVID Injections Greater In 4 Months Than Previous 13+ Years in the USA… you can down load an excel spreadsheet and sort on sex … it is heart breaking. there is at least 142 countries tracking adverse effects but there is a lot of effort to suppress numbers. there are more than 3000 deaths (not counting the miscarriages) but this number is total voluntarily reported you would have to sort it.

    1. look up AMAZING POLLY on bit chute- CORONA CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, … Germany, Israel … a few other countries are starting …

  1. Astra Zen is only being given to those 55 or over, which means the woman with the clot was over the age of 55. They are refusing to provide her age for a reason. And yet, they have not changed their position on giving it to over 55? It appears that for trudeau, those 55 and over and simply expendable. Not as gullible and easily bought as those under 55, so he’s not really concerned about them.

  2. But if the other vaccines dont have history of any blood clots why bother using AstraZeneca at all?

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