Health-care debate ignited after Twitter labels Freeland’s tweet as ‘manipulated media’

Conservative candidate Michelle Rempel Garner, Liberal candidate Rob Oliphant and NDP candidate Angella MacEwan discuss health care in Canada.

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  1. No, Justin – what’s really important here is that in the middle of a pandemic, some tool called an election.

  2. liberals are in panic mode and know that they’re rule is coming to an end!!! trudohs is frightened and regrets calling an election that’s all this is!

    1. The liberals are being pretty scummy right now, but when you turn 18 in a few years and are old enough to vote, you’ll realize Trudeau isn’t frightened, otherwise he wouldn’t be doubling down on this nonsense.

    2. Not so fast ….one week into election and liberals crashing , Election Canada Orders 5 million Mail in Ballots …see Georgia …Ballot harvesting

  3. Why do the liberals think Canadians can’t see through their little act? They are the most divisive out of all the parties.

  4. Justin Trudeau says what is important here is in the middle of a pandemic that Erin O’Toole came out supporting private health care (which he did not) but did Justin Trudeau forget that in the middle of a pandemic he decided to call an election that we did not need…..

  5. The liberals talk about hiring all these doctors. Where exactly are they going to come from? The doctor shortage in Canada is not because we can’t afford to hire them all, it’s because there are none to even hire. THAT is the problem. So they can promise all they want to hire thousands of doctors, but they won’t even hire one. They simply do not want to live and work in Canada, when they can go elsewhere (any doctor can go anywhere in the world and have a job, providing they meet the proper qualifications and standards, which we all know vary from country to country). And knowing trudeau, he will hire half azed semi qualified ones just to fill a quota.

  6. So if you think our system is not two tiered you are sadly mistaken. You have private labs, private imaging clinics, private nursing homes, private daycare homes for the mentally challenged, private cancer clinics and some might say hospitals are ran under private umbrellas. Why even the parking at hospitals are privately ran and for a huge profit I might add. Also most doctors offices are now under private clinics systems.
    These clinics are a monopoly and don’t want the competition, and do not kid yourself healthcare is a profitable business just ask your health care boards.


  7. That liberal “Elephant ” is like every liberal! Talking without saying anything,and just defending corruption!!!

  8. Chrystia Freeland reminds me of the outcasted kid with no friends in elementary school and high school that wore a pant suit, button down shirt, and tie, and claimed she was going to go to Harvard and be President one day whilst sucking up to her teachers and doing side projects for extra credit. Turns out that kid grew fangs.

  9. Don Valley West. Can we PLEASE, get Mr. Oliphant out of the office. This is just ridiculous how he’s defending this.

  10. Wow can any of them tell the truth! ??? Liberals seem so entitled to me! Conservatives want to rule with a iron fist! NDP is just out to lunch! I wish I could vote for my dog at least he’s trustworthy and loyal! I just pray my kids don’t have to pay for this current mismanagement down the road! But I’m sure they will have to!

  11. I live in France and France has a great Health Care system. Yes we have public and we private system. Both work very well together. Maybe Canada should look at the French system

  12. Ready to apologize for anyone’s mistakes but his own. Epic disconnection Justeen

    Malcolm Ottawa Valley

  13. I can’t believe this news anchor is actually being honest and not covering for their fearless leader. I’m shocked!

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